Favorite self care things: 16 ways to treat yourself at home

At times like this, it can be really easy to forget about taking care of yourself and giving yourself a little self care. Oftentimes when we are in survival mode, we simply put our heads down and do what needs to be done until we are out of the woods! As women, our priorities tend to disclude the one person who is keeping the whole system functioning: YOU!! But if number one isn't on point, ain't nobody else on point either. Have you heard the phrase “happy wife, happy life?” I think we can turn that into “happy mama, no drama” too!

We decided to compile a list of our favorite ways to treat ourselves, even while homebound. Hope you find one that helps you feel a little more peace right now!

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Taking a bath

One of the things I love most about this home is having a bathtub to soak in! There's just something about melting away stress in hot water that has become such a go-to for me. And (bonus!) during this pregnancy, it really helps when I start to have contractions too. It's one of my very favorite ways to just relax and be in a “happy place” for a few minutes.

Luxury bubble bath

Bath additives aren't a necessity, but they make for such a nice little treat! This Laura Mercier bubble bath adds a decadent, foamy twist to any bath! It's seriously intoxicating and I love how soft my skin feels afterwards. It's a little more on the spendy side though, so I only use this when I really want to treat myself and it's lasted about a year with just occasional use.

self care bath honey

BEST inexpensive bath salts and bubble bath

This line is one of my very favorite lines of bath products! These bath salts and bubble bath are an inexpensive way to make your bath just a little extra. Did you know that Epsom salt actually eases muscle aches, improves sleep AND reduces stress? Check, check, check. I'll take all three, please! Plus the lavender essential oil in both of these products helps restore and calm your mind and body. And I always add a few drops of my own lavender EO (more about that in a minute). I can buy both of these for under $5 a piece and take DAILY baths with both and they'll last me about a month. That's like, $0.16 per bath, or $0.32 if you use both? DONE.

best bath salts for self care

Essential oils

In this post I talked in more detail about my love of essential oils, but I'm a firm believer in their powers! I always use Vetiver right before bed, and I swear by its ability to shut my brain off and let me relax for more peaceful sleep. We love diffusing oils in our house. Whether I'm using an immunity-boosting blend or something to bring calm, diffusing oils is something my whole family enjoys.

essential oil diffuser

Read (or listen to) a book!

Reading has long been a way for me to escape, learn something new and grow as a person. Whether I'm reading a self-help book (this one is a current favorite), or an easy proper romance, I love being able to tune out the world for even just a little while. My favorite book of all time, The Book of Mormon, also brings me so much peace in these uncertain times. Request a free copy here!

essentialism book
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I'm also super into listening to books on tape. AKA using Audible to listen to a book (does anyone else still say “book on tape!?”). Or if I'm wanting some distraction but don't have time to get into a book, podcasts are the way to go!

Self-care favorites

  1. Honey bath – This is seriously intoxicating and I love how soft my skin feels afterwards!
  2. Bath Salts – Did you know that Epsom salt actually eases muscle aches, improves sleep AND reduces stress?
  3. Foaming Bath – A great inexpensive way to bring a little luxury to the tub.
  4. Essential Oil diffuser – Whether I'm using an immunity-boosting blend or something to bring calm, diffusing oils is something my whole family enjoys. THIS ONE is my other fave if you want something cute, huge and inexpensive that goes 8 hours.
  5. Essential Oils – I always use Vetiver right before bed, and I swear by its ability to shut my brain off and let me relax for more peaceful sleep. We love diffusing oils in our house.
  6. Nails Check out this post for some fun spring nail trends to try. A super easy at-home look is just using five different colors that you already have to make a colorful statement! Or, stay tuned for my updated Shellac hack post.
  7. Essentialism book – At the beginning of each year, I like to reread this book because it's such a great reset! It talks about the important things in life and how to declutter your mind and heart by focusing on the essential. It has taught me such good habits and how to eliminate things that don't bring joy!
  8. Home workout tips There have been many days when I'm feeling “off,” and I realize it's because I haven't gotten up and moved my body in a while! Exercise is such an important part of my life, but sometimes I forget just how much it does for me: body, mind and soul! Just like Elle Woods reminds us in Legally Blonde, “Exercise gives you endorphins. Endorphins make you happy!” Check out my workout tips and favorite at-home workouts products here!
  9. Journal There's something old-school yet satisfying about writing your feelings in a journal. Even if I have nothing specific to say, just writing down a list of some things I am grateful for can bring me contentment.
  10. Adult Coloring Book Along the lines of journaling, coloring in a coloring book brings me back to simpler times! These pens are perfect for coloring in the intricate shapes.
  11. Vitamins Wouldn't it be nice to just hand over your internal health to someone else? Well, we can't do that BUT we can take vitamins! When my body is balanced I can definitely tell a difference in the way that I feel mentally as well as physically. These are my new very favorite prenatal vitamins of all time, and they come in a general multivitamin too if that's better for you. They taste like lemon, yum!!
  12. BakingGrowing up with a mom who has always baked delicious homemade breads and desserts really makes me appreciate the value of a baked good! Can a warm chocolate chip cookie solve all the problems in the world? No. But it could probably make your kids stop fighting. Or make you feel like you can take on the world after eating half a dozen of them while hiding in the closet. Currently, I'm baking allllll the things with my amazing new Kitchen Aid pro series stand mixer! Here are some of my favorite recipes that get their fair share of usage around here.
  13. Snuggle Up A cozy blankie warms my soul, especially when I get to lounge on the couch and watch a good movie with it! Sometimes it takes just a little bit of relaxation time to reset, and then come out the other side of it better and more ready to tackle the to-do list. Use code MINT for 15% off at checkout!
  14. Listen to podcast/audible bookI listed a few of my favorites in this post.
  15. Mask it – I love the immediate gratification of doing a face mask. Try putting it on before the bath so the steam makes it more effective! Or use the mask on your partner as well for some spa-like bonding time. I really love this mask and this mask.
  16. Write a note Gratitude and service to others are always my go-to's when I am feeling down. I love trying to lift others because I always end up being lifted myself. Get a pack of cute note cards and write a note to a friend instead of sending a text! She will LOVE getting some happy mail and it will warm your heart to make someone's day.

A little self care goes a long way!

I've really been finding simple joy in doing one or two of these little self care ideas each day. It helps me reset my mind, and always puts me in an all-around healthier place. What's your favorite way to practice self care at home?

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  1. Thanks for the tips!! Quick question– do you like the Ritual vitamins or the DoTerra Microplex VMz better (not for prenatal)??

    1. Hey Christine! Corrine said she’s still taking Ritual and doesn’t plan to switch to anything else anytime soon! 🙂 -Kourtney

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