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What to pack in a hospital bag!

July 5, 2018

I seriously cannot believe we're down to the last TWO WEEKS  before baby sister is here!!! In some ways, it feels like I've been pregnant for 3 years, and in others, I'm freaking out a little that she could arrive any day, literally. So today I'm addressing one of the most frequently asked questions of any pregnant woman: what to pack in a hospital bag?

For starters, all 3 times I've decided what to pack in a hospital bag, I've split it up into TWO bags which I've really loved. One bag for mama and one bag for baby. It's so much easier to decide what to pack in a hospital bag for myself, like toiletries and things that will make me feel calm and comfortable and at home for a few days. What to pack in a hospital bag for a baby is TOTALLY different in my eyes, like a few outfits to wear and some swaddles and whatever pacifier you want to try to get your babe to use if you're going to do that, etc., and I love having the two separated just to keep everything organized.

So let's start with what to pack in a hospital bag for MOM:

Hospital Bag for Mom

I loved my big duffle bag so much last time, and the fact that I've used it to death since Lyla's birth 3 years ago, that I bought the same bag in another print for this time around! I know it will get used tons, and I loved that there was a matching toiletry bag too! Which brings me to my next suggestion.

Pack all your Toiletries

Make sure you pack all your toiletries!! I don't care if you're super extra or super basic about what to pack in a hospital bag, you WILL want your own toothbrush and probably face wash or moisturizer and if you have c-sections like me you'll be so happy to have some dry shampoo (this is my most recent FAVE) and some facial wipes for the first couple days you're in bed recovering, along with travel shampoo and conditioner, a razor, shaving cream, floss, deodorant and your makeup bag if you feel like freshening up a little before visitors or for pictures, and some good scrunchies or hair ties (these and these are my current faves!). Also after having a baby I just want some good chapstick (this is my all-time favorite) and lipgloss.

Extra Long iPhone Cord

I love having an extra long iPhone cord too because you never know how far away you'll be from an outlet, along with a laptop and cord if you want to be able to look anything up or maybe record your thoughts and feelings about the birth, or just a journal if that's more your style. Most hospitals will have a TV and at least some local network television if not cable stations too to keep you occupied, but if you want to be able to watch favorite netflix or hulu shows a laptop or iPad can be nice!

Now for some extra stuff that I love to pack in my hospital bag but aren't necessarily requisite!

Stripe Robe

I packed this striped robe this time that's a little shorter which, usually I prefer a longer robe but with how often I know I'll get checked for my c-section scar and I'll basically just sit with the blankets over me in bed, this is the perfect length. I'm also packing this nursing tank to wear underneath with this striped robe. I bought a couple of pretty hospital gowns from this etsy shop because last time I really liked being in my own clothes after the delivery, but the pajamas I wore were a little uncomfortable since they had a waist band and I had the c-section incision. I'm excited to have these hospital gowns this time around!

Nursing Bra

One thing you will for sure want to pack in a hospital bag if you're planning to try out nursing at all is a nursing bra! This is the bra I've recommended in the past, in my best baby registry list ever post (which I'll be updating SOON – yay!!!) but my sister who just had her first baby suggested I buy this one that she says is SO COMFY so I'm taking it to the hospital and excited to try it out!! It does seem very very comfy and it comes in a 3 pack which is great since everything gets a little leaky real fast up in there haha.

Cozy Slippers

I've also got a pair of cozy slippers packed in there along with my own towel – probably not necessary but REALLY nice since the towels at the hospital are a little rough! I've thrown in a couple pair of very cozy socks and I threw in the same pair of flip flops I brought with me last time since hospital shower floors can be a little sketchy?! Haha. And definitely a necessity for MY happiness: my own pillow. And since I know I'll be spending a lot of time with my hair against that pillow and I don't want to have the world's worst bed head, I'm bringing my beloved silk pillowcase too.

Letter Board

I'm also bringing this letter board along this time to announce baby sister's birth! Such a cute way to share her name and some stats that day when she enters this world.

Comfy Dress

And last but not least, don't forget to pack yourself something comfy to wear home! Don't make the mistake of thinking you'll be able to fit into a pair of pre-pregnancy skinnies because unless you're a straight up unicorn that's just not happening haha. I bought this dress since it's very roomy and it's a button-down dress too so I know I'll be able to wear it in the coming months of nursing.

Hospital Bag for Baby

Now for what to pack in a hospital bag for BABY:

I always start with a few cute outfits and some swaddles that I've washed at home in Dreft and are cute enough for some pictures on baby's first few days in the hospital. Totally not necessary but I really really love playing dress up and feeling like my baby is all wrapped up in clothes that feel and smell like home. Some of the outfits I have packed are here, here and here, with this bonnet and this bow.

Hospital Hats

Right when the baby is born, before they even give her a bath, they'll stick a hospital hat on her cute little head to keep her warm. I always wondered how some people ended up with the adorable little bow hospital hats and then I finally did some research and found them here for cheap! Definitely washing and bringing a couple of these with me for some of baby sister's first pics.

Noodle & Boo Wash

Smells are one of the most memory triggering senses in the body and I absolutely LOVE the smell of Noodle & Boo because it reminds me of both my girls the first day I met them, right after their first baths, and in their first few days of being alive. So I'm taking some Noodle & Boo wash and lotion with me again for sure to keep that memory-making going!

Braided Paci Clips

My two girls so far have been stinkers about taking a pacifier, but I'm still going to try with this baby so I'm bringing one I think is cute and highly rated for being natural and close to a real nipple with me to at least give it a try! I also love these braided paci clips so much.

I've packed all of baby's hospital bag in this pink fawn design bag that I love so much! It's not too big but just the right size for bringing along all the tiny things baby sis will need.

Baby's Car Seat

And lastly, although it's not really part of what to pack in a hospital bag, make sure you bring along the baby's car seat with you to the hospital! It's the ONE thing you can't leave home without because unless you can walk home, they won't let you leave the hospital without a car seat. This car seat is the newer version of what we had and LOVED last time. But now the newer version is one of the VERY lightest seats on the market and I found it ON SALE for $100 off!!! We gave away our older version so I had to buy something new for this babe, and even after extensive research I still didn't find anything I loved as much as this one.

Shot in Lyla's room
Cactus Pajamas (also available in regularpetite, tall and curve)
Photos by Arielle Levy


Duffle bag
Toiletry bag
SLIP silk pillowcase
Natural ice
Lip Gloss
Hospital gowns
Stripe Robe
Flip flops
Face wipes
Dry shampoo
Extra long iPhone cord
Comfy nursing bra
Travel shampoo/conditioner
Shaving cream
Hair crunchies
Hair ties
Nursing tank
Going home outfit


Fawn Design Bag
Hospital hat
Pink pacifier clip
Swaddle blanket
Noodle & boo travel set
Baby outfits found here, here and here
Baby bonnet
Soft, stretchy baby bow
Car seat

It's the final stretch before my hospital bags and Neil and I go to the hospital to meet this sweet girl, so keep an eye on my instagram @mintarrow or join my exclusive facebook group Mint Arrow Besties to follow along whenever she arrives!!

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Alexis J:

Our hospital always gives the baby girls the beanie with the bow tied on top. I thought all hospitals did that. I guess we got lucky. They let us take it home both times too. I like the idea of 2 bags. Thanks!


Ahh that’s so lucky! I wish the other two hospitals I’ve delivered at had offered this. Watch and this hospital will have them haha. I figure it doesn’t hurt to be prepared! πŸ™‚

Candice Gustavson:

I’m currently torn on car seats, trying to decide between the Nuna Pipa, and the Pipa Lite LX. My preference would be the Lite LX, but I’m concerned about having to have the base to latch it into the car. We would be in our own car most of the time, but how have/do you manage that (having to have the base) with vacations or needing other family members to be able to take them somewhere on occasion?? Just curious about your experience with it. Being two pounds lighter than the regular Pipa sure is tempting.


Hey Candice, I TOTALLY see where you’re coming from! I debated back and forth about this too but ultimately decided that the lightweight factor was too big of a selling point for me to pass up! Especially since when we travel to see family or even with urban areas, a lot have Uber Family or ways you can rent a car seat which is less hassle while you travel anyway, and car seats can get so beat up in airplanes! Those were my final thoughts that led me to this one … hope that helps a little! πŸ™‚


I’m due in three weeks and ordered just about everything in your post, ha! Thanks for all of the great suggestions!! But I was wondering where you got the darling pink long-sleeve onesie with the shoulder ruffles. It’s so cute & simple, I’d love to get one for my daughter!


Isn’t it so cute?! Corrine got it from @nordstrom originally, but it was sold out by the time she posted this. She looked on the receipt and found the name on IG of the brand, it’s @monicaandandy Hope that helps! πŸ™‚ -Kourtney


What stroller are you going to use with this infant car seat??


Corrine loves that it will be compatible with both their City Select and Uppababy, so they plan to use it with both! πŸ™‚ -Kourtney

Forest Smoot:

What size did you order in the striped robe? I have it in my cart on amazon but just wondering which size I should order. I hope you don’t mind me asking!


Corrine ordered the medium! πŸ™‚ -Kourtney

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