the BEST baby registry list ever!


*this post was originally written in 2013, a few months after i had my first baby girl, anabelle. since then, it’s been pinned on pinterest tens of thousands of times and even led to a feature in pregnancy & newborn magazine in april 2015, a month before my second baby was born.

now that i’ve had two three babies i’ve updated this post with new favorites. updates are marked by an asterisk (*). xo, c.


i am so excited to finally bring you a post that has been in draft mode for months, edited and re-edited, added to, deleted, and perfected. it’s really been a labor of love. this is my ultimate best baby registry list of ALL the things you will need for your baby.

when i got prego i made it my business to know about all the hottest products and researched the crap out of every baby gadget out there. i interviewed interrogated best friends, co-workers, my sister in law, neighbors, even complete strangers in public on their favorite baby everything. i joined online mom forums. i religiously followed (stalked) baby guru experts. i think i read everything on the internet ever published about every stroller, carrier, diaper, binkie, and onesie out there.  i’m only slightly exaggerating, but not much. before i even had my kid my friends were referring their friends to me for baby gear questions. if you want to nerd out on a convo about strollers or car seats, come sit by me!

as you can imagine, when i actually HAD my baby, i discovered even more what i actually like, don’t like, LOVE, can’t live without, etc. and that’s what i’m going to share today with all of you.

if you want my explanations of why i love these products, read on. if you want just the list with no explanation, click over to this simplified post.

my favorite place to create a registry? amazon baby registry because they have a generous completion program (15% off everything on your registry after your baby is born if you’re a member of amazon moms), free returns for 90 days – no questions asked, you can add things from ANY other website (not just amazon) to your amazon registry. it’s SO easy for people who shop amazon anyway to buy things off your registry, AND they have an amazing thank-you note organizer that automatically saves the mailing addresses of anyone who sends you a gift so you can easily send them a thank you note. need i say more?!

lastly, because my blog mint arrow is dedicated to deals, i promise that anytime i find a deal on any of these baby favorites and must haves, i’ll post them on my blog! so if you’re liking what you see below, make sure you sign up for my newsletter to get updates on the best deals i find on baby gear plus fashion, home decor, etc.

so, without further ado, here are my absolute MUST HAVE favorite baby items.

bumpin in style:

Mother’s Special Blend All Natural Skin Toning Oil

: i have stretch marks all over my body from growing fast as a kid, but i didn’t get a SINGLE stretch mark on my belly during my pregnancy and i believe it’s because i used this stuff daily. it smells good, helps with itching, and doesn’t stain your clothes or bedding.
*used this with my second AND THIRD pregnancy and STILL not a single stretch mark on my belly! love this stuff!!!

maternity cami: i lived in these while i was prego. SO great for underneath any shirt that won’t button, a cardi that doesn’t quite fit anymore, or to cover your cleave with your new sprouting boobies. because if you’re like me they’ve already grown two sizes. oh don’t worry, they aren’t done growing. just you wait till your milk comes in!

speaking of be maternity, their Bella Band is fantastic for that weird in-between stage where you aren’t quite ready for maternity pants but you can’t button yours either. of the brands i tried, these were my fave and (bonus!) least expensive.
*for my second pregnancy i tried out this belly band and i hate to say it but it worked WAY better! it’s just stronger, sturdier, better made, will keep your pants up all day.

*AG jeans maternity jeans: after my second pregnancy, trying everything from the cheapest to most expensive THIS is the pair i would wear every single day if i had to choose just one! so comfy and cute and flattering. 1000% worth every penny. one of my ONLY regrets from my first pregnancy was waiting so dang long to just buy maternity clothes. let me be crystal clear: THERE IS NO SHAME IN WEARING MATERNITY CLOTHES. they are awesome. AWESOME. comfy. cute. not frumpy like they were, um, a few years back. a million times better than uncomfortably trying to make your regular clothes work. just do it. you’ll wonder why you waited so long.

*gap pure body v neck tees: i seriously LIVE in these when i’m pregnant! soft, cozy, but pretty and flattering.

*caslon shirred v neck tees: another total maternity staple that has carried me through two pregnancies.

*asos maternity dresses: my favorite source for maternity dresses! you can find something for the most casual settings to the fanciest. the dress i’m wearing above came from them. it’s sold out completely now but they’re constantly adding new cute ones so check back frequently throughout your pregnancy.

in the hospital and going home:

aden + anais Classic Muslin Swaddle Blankets

: everyone told me to NOT bring my own swaddle blankets into the hospital for my baby. but i went with my gut and threw them in my bag anyway. and i’m SO GLAD I DID. i absolutely loved having my own swaddle blankets and i’m completely obsessed with aden + anais swaddles. the bamboo aden + anais swaddle blankets are my ultimate favorites and the ones i brought into the hospital.
how many: i was told you should have at least 12 swaddle blankets. i’m sort of embarrassed to say we had 20 something, BUT we used all of them! think about it, they spit up all day, have blow outs, etc, and you swaddle them in those constantly. if you want to not do laundry daily, i honestly suggest getting 16-20.

sidenote: i was also told to not bring my own baby clothes into the hospital. whatever. i’m SO glad i didn’t follow that advice! there was nothing better than dressing up my brand new baby girl in cuddly clothes that i picked out just for her. that’s just me though.

baby’s first clothes: we love gap’s first favorites collection! just remember that your little one will need to be in an outfit with legs (not a footless bundler) to ride home in his/her car seat from the hospital. also you’ll want to wash the clothes in baby detergent before you bring them to the hospital.

*i searched and SEARCHED for the perfect outfit to take lyla home in, and since we didn’t need to buy much for her i felt okay spending a little more on an outfit. i found this take me home set and it is absolutely the softest set of baby clothing i’ve ever felt in my life. runs a little big! she’s worn it well past when she grew out of her other newborn clothes, but it was still fine for taking her home from the hospital, and she weighed just over 7 lbs (pretty average). love that it comes in pink, blue or cream if you’re waiting on the gender to be surprised!

miracle blanket

: my family thought this was so mean, they even called it the straight jacket. but, this thing really is incredible! it makes swaddling so easy (and idiot proof) and helps your baby to get all cozy-swaddled for the perfect sleepy time.

gerber onesies

: the hospital will have some, but you’ll want some at home too. the basic gerber ones are awesome.

extra long iPhone cord

: if you own an iPhone, you will be SO HAPPY you ordered one of these. you won’t be able to get up out of bed very easily but will probably want to be able to use your phone a lot, and who knows how close the nearest outlet will be. i was sooooo glad i had this!

hair ties: these ones are my fave.

toiletries: bring your makeup, your favorite shampoo and conditioner, favorite lotion, deodorant, some dry shampoo (this dry shampoo is my very favorite. spendy but worth it!) and facial cleansing wipes, your toothbrush, etc. you will want to freshen up a little, i promise! it will make you feel so much better, especially if you’re in the hospital for more than a day. i was there 4, and i wish i would’ve stayed longer. you can read why in my c-section birth story here.

husband/partner’s bag: tell your hubs/partner to pack a change of clothes, and if he plans on staying at the hospital with you, his own pillow, maybe even his own sheets or a blanket he likes, his own snacks and any medication he might need, a laptop if he can do work from the hospital during down-time, and a movie or two (although our hospital had a red box).
*if you already have a kid at home, things will be a little different this time! this is how we did things: since i had a scheduled c-section, we had a planned babysitter for the day of lyla’s delivery. the babysitter brought anabelle to the hospital to meet lyla a few hours after she was born, then neil took anabelle home and i stayed in the hospital with lyla. each day after that we had a sitter in the morning come to the house and stay with ani while neil came for 3-4 hours to hang out and bond with lyla, then he went home around lunch time and after ani’s afternoon nap, early evening(ish) they both came back to the hospital for a short visit and to bring me dinner 🙂 that worked out really well for us! then the day you are discharged you for sure want to leave older sibling(s) at home with a sitter while dad helps you gather all your stuff and takes you & baby home.

hospital gown: make sure they give you one of these. being funny, but really. people made the biggest deal out of getting great/cute/comfy/stylish button downs and jammies and sweats and runway gowns (kidding) to wear in the hospital. and you know what? i wore the hospital gown the whole time. easy access for the nurses who need to check you every couple hours, easy access for nursing, baggy enough to comfortably cover everything you need and want covered while you’re recovering from just birthing a human.

*with lyla i did take a couple sleep shirts that buttoned to hang out in and i’m glad i did! it was nice for pictures on mother’s day (below) and when visitors came.

*your own robe, slippers, and flip flops: this cozy robe is SO SOFT! i’ve been wearing it for years now and it’s still like it’s brand new. and ugg slippers are my favorite.

*nursing bras: i love this one and these for hospital/sleeping/lounging at home. this bra is also a nice in-between because it has a little lining, but it’s still ultra comfy.

you’ll want something comfy to go home in too. not to burst your bubble, but there’s basically no chance in h. you’re going to fit into your pre-pregnancy pants. so plan on wearing something very comfortable, stretchy, think drawstring and what you comfortably wore 6-months prego. with anabelle i wore a velour sweatsuit home and uggs since it was winter in utah … nice and comfy.

*with lyla, since we’re in california now and it was end of spring, i wore a free people dress like this one home from the hospital that i knew i’d feel totally comfortable in. flowy, comfy, easy.

you can’t leave the hospital without a car seat so …

Peg Perego Primo Viaggio Infant Car Seat: my friend who is a nurse at a children’s hospital ER said the doctors in the ER recommend this seat as the safest possible in the event of a car accident. peg perego puts their seats through the most stringent safety tests in the world (even higher standards than US requirements) and their car seats are like tanks.
*peg perego’s updated seat (linked above) only weighs 9.5 pounds, a huge improvement over their former 11 pound version!

Maxi-Cosi Mico AP Infant Car Seat: my second favorite seat. it’s about $100 less than the peg and i love that it comes in all black. they claim to be the most lightweight infant seat on the market, only 8 pounds. this can come in handy when you’re carrying that infant around everywhere in there for the first few months!

*nuna PIPA car seat & base: we tried this new car seat out for lyla and LOVE it! it actually weighs less than the maxi-cosi at 7.7 lbs, and the privacy screen is so great! no need for a car seat canopy. it’s also extremely easy to install into a car. we use it with our city select stroller and it clicks right into the stroller base with this adapter kit.

mama recovery:

i had a c-section, so these are my recommendations based off a c-section recovery. by the way, motherhood is amazing and beautiful no matter what way you become a mother, be that a c-section, natural birth, birth with drugs, or adoption. just had to throw that in there!

mesh undies: hoard these. take as many home as you can. you will be glad you did. just trust me on this.

Always Ultrathin Pads

: you are gonna need these. for a while. way longer than you expect (probably) if you are a first time mom. these are the ones i liked best.


: take this religiously. do not forget. do not skip it. do not cheat. do not run out. do not forget to buy it. do not collect $200 and go directly to jail. no but really. just trust me on this one.

belly bandit: i was SO GLAD i bought this. it kind of helps feel like you have something supporting/holding everything in while your c-section scar heals. if you didn’t have a c-section, it will still help with pulling everything in and moving your hips back into place while your body still has relaxin in its system – the chemical that helps your hips spread to prepare for baby to come out (ha thanks a lot right!) stays in your system anywhere from at least 6 weeks to a year. take advantage of when your hips will move easily and wear this thing every day for the first 6 weeks to help your hips go back to normal. when i used this mine went back for sure to their normal size and maybe even a bit smaller!

*this time i tried out a few post-pregnancy girdles to see if i liked anything better. i tried cheaper, more expensive, etc., and i still love belly bandit the best!


diapering, laundering, bathtime and first aid:

amazon moms: if you’re die-hard into name-brand diapers and wipes, this is the best way to go. you can sign up for a membership here and it will give you three months of free 2-day shipping, a 20% discount on diapers and wipes, and other special promotions throughout the year that i’ll always post about on my blog when they pop up, like the amazon moms appreciation events where tons of gear and baby products are offered at a huge discount.

pampers swaddlers

: okay, the hospital will give you diapers. but you’ll (obviously) need some when you go home. and unless you have a really big baby, your babe will most likely be in newborn size diaps for a few weeks. and these are my favorite.

i stressed and STRESSED about how many diapers to buy in what sizes and here’s my advice: take a deep breath and don’t worry about it. buy ONE jumbo package of newborn size diapers and then just wait and see how fast your baby grows. i swear my baby was only in size 2 for a few weeks, but she’s been in size 3 for months! kids are all different and it’s a little unpredictable what sizes they’ll be in at which ages and for how long.

one of my favorite diaper tricks: i like to buy up a size and put my baby in those at night with a little diaper cream.b they’re her “nighttime” diapers and then when i realize she’s suddenly grown out of her current diapers, i already have the next size up on-hand. so for example, when she was in newborn diapers, she slept in a size 1 diaper at night.

target up&up diapers: when anabelle grew into size 3 diapers, i decided to get brave and try target brand diapers. i had low expectations but since i could get 180 diapers for $24.99 vs. 144 pampers for $37 (that was the best price i could find at walmart!) i figured it was worth a shot! and guess what. we LOVE them. so i’m still a fan of pampers swaddlers for the tiny newborn stage, but with the next baby, probably by size 1 i’ll switch to target up&up. they work just as well and they’re WAY less. hello, win-win.

*we still love target diapers! but we also were gifted lots of honest diapers this time and we really love those too! a little more spendy but they are undeniably thicker and better made, so they might be worth the extra expense to your family? definitely worth trying out!

wipes: i have tried LOTS and my favorite are the costco ones. soft and sturdy and inexpensive. pretty much all my mommy friends agree. these ones are the best.

Boudreaux’s Butt Paste, All-Natural

 is my favorite diaper cream. it just works. and we tried lots.
*for some reason i forgot about the tried and true brand desitin until just recently when my mom had some at her house and we used it when we were visiting and ani had a bad rash. it worked wonders! i’m officially converted back.

Munchkin Arm & Hammer Diaper Pail withRefill Bags, 10-Count

: many people recommended this diaper pail over the diaper genie and we love it. it’s way less expensive and the arm&hammer baking soda helps take care of the smell! i’ve heard a lot of people say they just use a regular trash can and that’s great too. if you do, get these sassy sacks. same idea with masking the smell with baking soda.

*this time we tried out the ubbi diaper pail and it’s a total winner in our book! way better looking than any other diaper pail out there, and it’s been great so far for holding smelly diapers, but we also empty it about every other day AND lyla is only on breastmilk right now. with any diaper pail, once your kid is older and pooping more and eating regular foods, you gotta be either really diligent about emptying the garbage or just take them right outside each time! i’ve learned that diaper pails are really just convenient for when they’re tiny, their poop doesn’t stink yet, and you’re changing a zillion diapers a day. that’s about it.

dreft: i love that it’s gentle enough to not irritate that beautiful new baby skin, and it smells amazing! we get it on subscription here.

Oxiclean Versatile Stain Remover

: an absolute must for getting all those baby spit up stains out. there will be a lot of them. get ready.

*fels-naptha soap: one of my sweet neighbors came to meet lyla when she was just a couple days old and brought me a bar of this soap and told me it was the BEST for getting out baby blowout stains. she was right! i’ll never go back. immediately wash any of those blowouts out in cold water and scrub with this bar of soap, then throw in the wash and they’ll come out completely unscathed.

Munchkin Arm and Hammer Diaper Bag Dispenser: SO handy for on-the-go when you need to change a stinky diaper but don’t have anywhere to throw it away! or if you need to throw a diaper away at a friend’s house. stick it in one of these suckers and you’ll never even know it existed.

Noodle & Boo Ultimate Cleansing Cloths

: so nice for when they’re a few days old and you can’t get their little umbilical cord wet. also great if you’ve just bathed them and then they spit up and you don’t want the poor thing to smell like spit-up all day. these smell like heaven.

eurobath: hands down my favorite baby bath. a ton of other moms recommended this to me and it was a million times easier to use than the tummy tub (the baby bathtub i originally bought). it also converts nicely to a sitting-up tub once they’re at that stage.

Noodle & Boo Soothing Body Wash and Super Soft Lotion

: this set is my favorite by FAR. every single time anyone picked up my baby after i used this wash or lotion on her, they said “oooh she smells so good!” it was super gentle on her newborn sensitive skin too. another classic that a lot of people love is Baby Magic Gentle Hair and Body Wash.

*my friend andrea makes this really yummy smelling wash now too called tubby todd. with anabelle we didn’t have much of an issue with eczema but lyla had it pretty bad at first. we started using tubby todd and it cleared up super fast!

SpaSilk 10 Count Washcloths

: these are ultra soft and inexpensive and perfect for baby bath time.

aden + anais Muslin Hooded Towel & Washcloth Set

: some people said hooded towels were dumb, but we LOVED ours. we were gifted several sets so i never had to buy any, but i have heard the aden + anais ones are amazing. and i love anything a+a.

*we got a little giraffe towel for lyla this time and it is THE softest towel i’ve ever felt in my life. it was a splurge (on sale during the nordstrom anniversary sale) but one of my favorite new items!

Pediacare Infants Acetaminophen Drops

: these are good to have on-hand for when your little one first gets sick (saddest thing ever). be sure to call your pediatrician to ask about the correct dosage for your baby depending on his or her weight and age at the time.

Hyland’s Homeopathic Baby Teething Tablets

: these have been a lifesaver for us when baby girl has been teething. she will go from screaming to calming right down in seconds. they are all natural.
*we’ve since converted to using essential oils for our babies when their gums are sore. read more here.

The First Years American Red Cross Deluxe Baby Healthcare and Grooming Kit

: cutting baby fingernails is the worst part of being a mommy. there’s no way of getting around it and you will feel like the worst person to walk this earth when you cut your baby’s fingers for the first time. but it’s also terrible when they scratch themselves so it’s a necessary evil. sorry. good luck. and you don’t necessarily need this kit, any of them will probably do great.

*zoli buzz b nail trimmer: we LOVE THIS SO MUCH! saves your sweet little babe from getting their skin clipped with the clippers. super gentle but it still gets the job done. worth every penny!!!

Exergen Temporal Artery Thermometer

: we started out with an anal thermometer and hated it. it was so hard to get an accurate reading, so i finally spent $30 and ordered this one instead. love it. so comforting to know your baby’s true temp by just swiping this across their forehead when they’re sick!

Crane Drop Shape Ultrasonic Cool Mist Humidifier

: we already owned a humidifier, but this one is by far the most popular and most loved for babies and small kids. i find deals on this brand all the time too! humidifiers are super helpful if your baby gets croup (sad but somewhat inevitable).

Nosefrida The Snotsucker Nasal Aspirator

: truly one of the most genius inventions ever. you will be so glad you bought this. trust me.

nursing/bottle feeding:

i nursed and pumped, so these are my recommendations based off my personal experience.

Lilypadz Reuseable Nursing Pads

: although i didn’t use these for a really long time, they were a lifesaver when i was first nursing and recovering from the cracking/bleeding. it allowed my nipples to heal in between feedings while i used lanolin cream (which i felt like didn’t do crap for me) or newman’s ointment – my absolute life saver. if you are having bad cracking/bleeding, call your OB and ask for a prescription for this. it’s awesome and will help tons.

Lamaze Cotton Spandex Sleep Bra for Nursing and Maternity

: the BEST nursing bra for sleeping, hanging out at home, and when your boobs are engorged and the size of watermelons. i wish i were kidding.

Le Mystere Women’s Sexy Mama Nursing Bra

: the BEST nursing bra for wearing normal clothes and feeling like you are wearing a real bra. i swore by this while i was nursing.

Lansinoh 20265 Disposable Nursing Pads, 60-Count Boxes (Pack of 4): you will need A LOT OF THESE. i tried washable ones because i loved the idea of being a little green but they leaked because i over-produced like mad. these get the job done. and you are going to need LOTS. don’t ever leave the house without an extra pair until you’re really confident you understand how much milk your body produces.

covered goods nursing cover: this cover completely changed my life! i went from being nervous and uncomfortable to completely confident and not worried one bit about nursing anytime, anywhere. the best part about this cover is it covers your front and back! it’s soft, stretchy, machine washable, and can be used as a car seat canopy in a pinch, too.

gerber birdseye flatfold cloth diapers

 are great for using as burp cloths around the house. a splurge that’s well worth it IMO are the aden + anais burpy bibs. they are the nicest and we use them a TON. love that they double as bibs. great for on-the-go.

Ameda Purely Yours Breast Pump

: i’m pretty passionate about pumping, because i did it almost every day for the first year of my baby’s life. so many people LOVE the medela in-style pump, which is great, but i read up lots and lots before i bought my ameda and i chose it because it’s a closed system, meaning no liquid passes through the tubing system. it’s therefore a lot easier to keep clean, and not as gross to share/sell afterward. it’s also about $100-150 less expensive. the ameda is fast and efficient. i have used it at home, on the road, on boating trips, just about everywhere. it takes aa batteries which is convenient. if you don’t think you’ll pump a lot (i know, how do you know??) you can just buy the pump without the extra bottles and carrying case for about $30 less.

*Medela Pump In Style: although i LOVED my ameda pump with anabelle, we actually lost part of it in one of our moves and i found myself completely desperately needing a pump when i had mastitis and was engorged with lyla, so i sent neil to target to buy anything he could get his hands on and this was the only all-electric one they had that night. turns out i actually LOVE my medela pump! it works even more efficiently than the ameda so if you’re going to pump tons it’s a really good option and great investment. plus most insurance companies will reimburse you for a pump but check with your insurance company first because they all have different stipulations on what they cover.

Dr. Brown’s Natural Flow Bottles

: i do really love dr. brown’s bottles, and if you are going to get them, for SURE get the dishwashing basket too. it makes dishwashing all the parts super duper easy. if you don’t want to mess with the extra parts, go for the Philips AVENT 9 Ounce BPA Free Classic Polypropylene Bottles. these only have 1 extra part that’s super easy to insert and helps prevent gassy tummies. we use both bottles and love them equally.

*Medela bottles: now that i use the medela pump, it’s SO convenient to have the bottles that work fresh off the pump! we pretty much just use these now.

Dr. Brown’s Breastmilk Storage Bags

: these are a little more expensive than the most popular milk storage bags, but they’re more sturdy and less likely to tip over and spill! i felt like the extra couple dollars was well worth it and bought these over and over.
Lansinoh Breastmilk Storage Bags: these are a lot less expensive when buying in bulk so if you’re going to be exclusively pumping or even pumping a lot, these might be the better choice for you.

OXO Tot Bottle Brush with Nipple Cleaner and Stand

: the best bottle brush ever. i read up on my reviews and this one lives up to the hype. i bought it in pink because i’m obnoxious like that. gender neutral, what’s that? ha.

Philips 2 Pack AVENT Soothie Pacifier

: the binkies they use at the hospital, and the ones most kids like.

*madeline’s box paci clips: we love these leather pacifier clips for keeping lyla’s binkies clean! cute and functional – yes please.

wubbanub: i remember seeing people whose kids had these in their mouths and thinking “those things are fugly and my kid will never use one of those.” yeah, i ate my words. they are the bomb when your baby can’t keep the bink in their mouth. the little stuffed animal has just enough weight to help hold the binkie in, and it will help them with grabbing onto something to get it back in their mouth on their own, too.

Boppy Bare Naked Pillow

: i absolutely lived for my boppy when i nursed! i bought this cover, but there are lots of cute ones on etsy too.

*i wanted a new boppy cover for lyla since my first one was covered in spit-up stains and pretty hammered. i splurged on this soft cover and love it. washes up really well and is super well made!

we bought a bottle warmer and hated it. if you’re going to breast feed and pump, i suggest just running the pumped milk under hot water (refrigerated or frozen). it’s easy, quick, and will never be too hot for your baby.

baby food feeding:

Boon Flair Pedestal Highchair

: the best high chair ever of all time, IMO. we are obsessed. no cracks or crevices for nasty leftovers to hide out in. perfect snug/comfy fit. removable tray liner that’s small enough to actually fit into your dishwasher. has a pneumonic lift like a barber chair. best purchase you will ever make.

ikea antilop highchair: the second best high chair and it’s $20. we have this at my mom’s house and love it! the boon flair still wins in my book because of the pneumonic lift, the fit (this ikea high chair has pretty big gaps for food to drop into when kids are learning to feed themselves and also to wiggle out of) but, having said that, it’s an excellent choice if you’re on a tight budget!

NUK Gerber Graduates Rest Easy Spoons

: our favorite baby spoons. love the built-in support that makes putting the spoon down without having it touch the counter super easy.

Boon Dishes: favorite baby food dishes! love the no-slip bottoms.

Bumkins 3 Pack Waterproof SuperBib

: best bibs ever!

you can read more about making your own baby food and what i use to do that in this post.


Badger Basket Company Portable Bassinet ‘N Cradle with Toybox Base – White Batiste

: i was determined to have our baby in her nursery from the first night but, having a c-section completely threw that plan off. i had no choice but to have her in a bassinet next to my bed for the first 10 days, so i was really grateful that my mom had bought this bassinet for us. it was great and cost efficient!

*this time we used the stokke sleepi mini as a bassinet and absolutely loved it!! read my detailed review here.

cribs: here are a few of my faves!
pottery barn kendall crib $349 right now, super affordable, white, and classic.
Jenny Lind Crib: charming and timeless.
ikea also carries very affordable cribs that are super popular and perfect if you are planning a clean, modern design for your nursery.

*this time we wanted something a little more modern for the nursery so we got lyla this crib. i can’t wait to show you her full nursery! you know, when we finally put it together someday (ha)!

*i also really love these babyletto cribs from target! most of them are very affordable, modern, and so cute!
Safety 1st Heavenly Dreams White Crib Mattress

: the #1 rated crib mattress on amazon

changing table: we actually bought a used changing table that had been refinished from a local craigslist-like site (KSL), but you can use any dresser that you have or find one at a thrift store and paint it, put a changing pad

 and cover on top, and voila. you have a changing table.

*again, i was going for a more modern look for lyla’s nursery so i bought a West Elm dresser that i knew we could transition into a big girl room eventually or use in almost any room in our house later if we needed to switch things up!

pottery barn kids comfort swivel glider: this glider is one of my favorite purchases because i spent so many hours nursing our baby in it, and it’s so comfy i could fall asleep in it.

*not the cheapest but i absolutely adore this nurseryworks empire rocker, and have since before i even had anabelle! i still dream about getting it . . .

bedding: my favorite place for baby bedding is restoration hardware baby & child. their stuff is beautiful, soft, well-made, and not cheesy or tacky. also, target has some cute crib sheets that are super budget-friendly.

Motorola MBP33 Wireless Video Baby Monitor with Infrared Night Vision and Zoom, 2.8 Inch

: this is the monitor we live and die by. it’s so nice to be able to see your baby clearly at night, turn the volume up or down, check the temperature in their room, even talk to them over the monitor if you need to! when you go to buybuybaby, they’ll sell you on the monitor that’s exactly like this one but it’s the $250 model because it has a pan/tilt option. IMO you don’t need this. save yourself $75 and get this one instead. it’s just as good.

White box fan

: we would not be able to live without this! this fan provides white noise so that our baby sleeps through almost anything.

out and about:

Baby Jogger City Select Stroller with Second Seat

: we have this stroller and LOVE IT. single that converts into a double, babies can face 16 different ways, travel system, best stroller on the planet. you can read more about why i’m obsessed here.

BOB Revolution SE Single Stroller

: the very most popular jogging stroller on the market. if you are a jogger, this is a must-have. we own this and lovelovelove it too.

Baby Jogger 2012 City Mini Single Stroller

: in my opinion, the very best budget-friendly single stroller out there. lightweight, patented one-hand quick fold, huge canopy, huge undercarriage basket, sometimes called the cadillac of umbrella strollers (even though it’s not truly an umbrella. it’s cooler).

*Baby Jogger City Lite Stroller: an even less expensive option, this stroller is amazing for travel!! we have an older version that’s been discontinued and it’s a must for traveling with one.

Diono Buggy Buddy Stroller Organizer

: the very best stroller organizer on the planet. $8. works with EVERY stroller out there. skip the $30-40 one that’s “made” for your stroller. i have 2 of these and i kinda want a 3rd. don’t judge.

*i now have 3 and want a 4th. no shame.
ergobaby carrier: i love my ergo SOOOO MUCH. if you ever run into me at target or costco, chances are my baby is riding in my ergo while i push the cart. so that she can’t escape like the monkey she is. need your hands for something? making dinner? getting ready? you will want one of these.

solly baby wrap: one of the only things i didn’t have but wish i would have is a wrap for when the baby is really tiny and too small for the ergo. next time i will for sure be getting a solly baby wrap. i’ve heard nothing but rave reviews.
*now that i’ve had my second baby, i can’t imagine doing anything with two kids without the solly baby wrap! it’s an absolute MUST HAVE for infants and mamas who need to be hands free. see us traveling with the solly wrap in the picture above! we also love it for trips to the beach, walking around the mall, doing housework (on the rare occasion that i get around to that!), walks around our neighborhood, and just about everything else. really.

Buggy Bagg Elite Shopping Cart Cover, Round About

: this sucker is expensive but WORTH IT. you’ll go on so many shopping trips and to enough restaurants where you want to cover the surface and keep your baby from all those germs and have them comfy and secure that you’ll be so glad you have this. i have a different cover that’s cheaper and i hate it. i wish i had this one. but i have heard good things about this one too.
once you have two kids you’re just grateful when your kid stays in the shopping cart for more than 3 minutes. can i get an amen?!

petunia pickle bottom diaper bags: i am a huge, HUGE fan of ppb diaper bags. their bags are so thoughtfully made, with pockets and compartments for everything and they all come with a built-in changing pad. these don’t go on sale that often but they’re always part of the nordstrom anniversary sale in july.

*since this original post was written i’ve tried out many, many diaper bags and have found that my very favorite one, especially for TWO kids now, is this one. huge enough to fit everything i need, anywhere i go, with two kids. but it weighs almost nothing – a HUGE plus when you know you’re gonna load your bag up with tons of crap. it’s nice enough to go with me to a nice dinner or to a casual park date and cleans up like a dream.

**we are also now HUGE fans of fawn design bags, and i’d say these get used the MOST in our home now.

other baby gear:

See Me Smile Products, Inc Bearview Infant Mirror

: super helpful while your baby is rear-facing because you can tell if they’re asleep, or figure out (sometimes!) why they’re crying by glancing back into that mirror. life-saver.

BABYBJORN Travel Crib Light: i cannot say enough good things about this amazing travel crib. SUPER light weight, super easy to install (you literally pop the legs out and that’s it. takes me 10 seconds).

4moms BREEZE: literally a breeze to set up! i mean it seriously just pops into place in 2 seconds flat. a little heavy though! read more of my thoughts about the 4moms breeze here.

4Moms 2012 Mamaroo: oh how we cherished our mamaroo! it was the only way i got an hour or two of sleep when anabelle was just a few weeks old. she napped and slept so well in it. it rocks like a mom, has multiple modes, it’s a swing and bouncer in one. it even has a car-ride mode. i seriously have an emotional attachment to that thing.
4moms rockaroo: a less-expensive swing similar to the mamaroo, although i haven’t used it myself so i can’t say for sure how it compares to the mamaroo.
*4moms bounceroo: much less expensive than its sister swings the mamaroo and rockaroo, the bounceroo is a vibrating seat for baby that we are OBSESSED with! it’s ultra light and portable, doesn’t plug into the wall (just takes aa batteries) so we even cart this down to the beach! if you’re on a tight budget, skip the others and get this one. if you aren’t, i still love the mamaroo for its superpowers and versatility of a swing and bouncer in one. read more about why we love the bounceroo here.
Fisher-Price Newborn Rock ‘N Play: a MUST have in my book. multi functions as a place for baby to sleep, or put him/her down for a few minutes while you do something (anything) for a few minutes, you know, like eat a sandwich or a bowl of cereal. great place to nap anywhere when you’re out and about and they’re newborns. folds up and travels super easily. i could sing its praises all the livelong day.

Tiny Love Super Deluxe Lights and Music Gymini Activity Gym

: your baby will play under this and love it more than you realize when you buy it at first. i thought it was a gimmicky waste of money, but we used it for months and months. helped anabelle learn to roll over, and was one of the first things she loved and interacted with.

Baby Einstein Take Along Tunes: probably anabelle’s favorite toy of all time. slightly annoying, totally worth it. instant entertainer in a car ride or when i’m desperate for her to stay happy for 5 more minutes while i check out at target.
Vulli Sophie the Giraffe Teether: every baby’s favorite teething toy. this thing has magical powers, i swear.
are you still with me? i know this was a LONG LIST, but i hope it helps some people out there who are planning for a baby and are confused by all the options! like i said at the beginning, i’ll continue to update this post as we find things we love (and change our minds about things we don’t love as much, anymore).
and i’ll ALWAYS keep you in the know with the best baby gear deals! make sure you sign up for my newsletter so you never miss a deal.
thanks for making this blog what it is, because like i always say, my blog is nothing without my readers! it’s just me and … crickets. so really, from the bottom of my heart, thanks for stopping by and sticking around and coming back.

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Nicole and Trevor:

This is awesome! I have one daughter and she is almost five and I have gotten rid of everything and now I'm glad I did so I can buy all of this next time around! You are amazing for doing this!!!

mint arrow:

thanks so much nicole! i am so glad it has been helpful for people 🙂


I read your post the first time and just went through the whole updated one! Till the end! And I just wanna say how awesome it is to have something like this to go to when you have questions. We are having our first baby girl in 2months and I’m looking for all the advice and recommendations I can get! Thanks again!!

Coco Cake Land:

corrine my eyes are bleeding! this is quite an amazing list, no wonder if took forever to produce.. i definitely would've found this helpful when i was pregnant with my little guy – lots of great picks! my ergo is my lifesaver, too… my guy loves music too and that baby einstein take along tunes thing sounds pretty darn good. going to check it out… ^__^

mint arrow:

the baby einstein toy is amazing! best $8 i've ever spent on a baby toy. i am hoping it's helpful for a lot of people! 🙂

S Foster:

awesome! Now I just need to have a baby. Oh wait.


Thank you! This list gives me confidence in being a prepared mom 🙂 thank you for putting it together to help us new moms.

mint arrow:

thanks for your sweet comment dianne! i am so glad it's helpful 🙂

Sadie Jane Sabin:

Seriously though, this list is amazing!!! The best list out there and I love that it's all specifics!! Great job girl!!! I am pinning this in hopes that everyone sees this!!!

mint arrow:

sadie, YOU are amazing! so lucky to call you my friend. xo

Ashley Maxwell:

I just went through my baby registry again and added almost everything you recommended! Thank you so much! It made it soo much thought of things I had no idea existed!

mint arrow:

ashley, i'm so glad it was helpful! 🙂


great list! i've been so tired of baby registry lists on pinterest/blogs that only have really expensive stuff! there are two things we splurged on that i definitely felt were worth it – a BOB double jogging stroller and a PPB diaper bag (on sale, of course! 🙂

mint arrow:

i wholeheartedly agree! a great stroller and diaper bag are two totally splurge-worthy items 🙂


Terrific List! Off-Topic question, where did you get the pink dress in the top picture? I must have it!

mint arrow:

mandy i'm so glad this was helpful for you! the dress is from nordstrom rack 🙂


Love the dress! Do you know who the designer/brand is? It’s no longer available from Nordstrom Rack.


hey erika! i was able to find a website selling the same dress, just a different color 😀

Sarah Beard:

I literally just spent hours pouring over your list and updating/changing my registry. Thank you SO much for being a lifesaver!

mint arrow:

sarah i'm so glad it was helpful to you!!


Thank you so so so much for putting this list together! It is one of the most comprehensive and helpful lists I have come across!

sarcastic momma:

All carseats have to meet the same federal standards to be sold. It doesn't matter that a company claims to put their seats through more stringent testing because there is nothing to compare it to. For all we know every single seat on the market could pass those same tests. The best carseat is the one that fits your baby and your car. So don't feel bad if you can't afford the

Danielle Doerr:

I&#39;m not pregnant (heck, I&#39;m not even married) but I&#39;ve already pinned this post for future reference! When that day comes, I will be SO prepared thanks to you!!<br /><br />Danielle at <a href="; rel="nofollow">Framed Frosting</a>


haha danielle! you are so sweet. thanks and when you do have a little one on the way someday we can nerd out about baby gear together 🙂


This is amazing and so helpful! I’m going to be a first time mom so I have a lot to learn. I appreciate you taking the time to write this up and include links! Thank you!


thanks so much nicole! i’m so glad it was helpful and congrats on your pregnancy! motherhood is the best thing i’ve ever experienced and i’m so excited for you 🙂


Wow, this is seriously a life saving list! I have been looking at this multiple times a week and have made some really great purchases. We’re getting ready to meet our little guy soon and I’m so thankful that you shared all of this helpful information. Thank you for sharing!


thanks so much renee, i’m so glad it was helpful! good luck meeting your new baby, it’s truly the most magical thing in the world! 🙂


this is by far the best list i have run into. i’m a second time mom, but still needed to “double check” my list. lol! very adorable baby by the way!!



thank you so much! i’m so glad it was helpful!


I’m in love with this list!! I am 8 weeks as of now and I was feeling very overwhelmed about everything that came with creating a registry, but I’m curious with all these items being at such different locations…Where exactly did you register at?? Do you recommend a place like Amazon or a store that might carry most of these items?? Thanks!!


jessica that’s a GREAT question! i need to address that on this post so i’m so glad you brought it up. i did an amazon registry and loved it. it made returns and tracking what i did/didnt still need SO easy. i highly recommend it!

Marissa Dube:

Hi there!

Would you be willing to do a product review on our Rip n Go baby or junior lines? We are a new Canadian company, and we invented 100% waterproof detachable bed sheets for babies, toddlers and adult ! We are Eco friendly, which mean our product can be washed and reused. Please email me at if you are interested.


Love this list! This is my second pregnancy and I keep referring back to it! 🙂 I missed so much with my first! Okay so random question- on the side of your blog it has a slideshow of random pictures, and there’s the cutest little white blanket basket thing with gold polka dots that your newborn was in for pictures- where did you get that?! So cute!


hi lauren! the slideshow is from my instagram 🙂 and the gold polka dot blanket & headband are from miss j handmade but she has her shop closed temporarily 🙁 here’s the link so you can bookmark it and check back to see when she repoens:


Love your registry! I am going to be a 1st time mom in August and have no clue what I’m doing. Is your Maxi Cosi car seat compatible with the City Jogger? I can’t tell from the City Jogger website if they have an adapter for Maxi Cosi.

natalie goguen:

awesome list. i just wish that you would have the links open in a new tab… i kept going to a website and purchasing the items you suggested, but then had to navigate back to your site somehow


natalie thanks so much for letting me know! i usually make it so the links open up in new pages but today i forgot to do that. i’m going back and fixing that right now. thanks again for commenting and for your readership! 🙂

Chanel Renkosik:

Hi Corrine! Do you have any recommendations for pregnancy books?!


hey chanel! yes i do – i will add those to the list! thanks so much for asking this! i don’t know why i didn’t do this sooner! 😀


This list saved me time and allowed me to breathe and stay sane! My husband and I are expecting our first child in October and I can’t tell you how much I appreciate the time you took to put this together!!!!! I feel so much better now that I have some info! And the descriptions you gave and the reasons behind why you put them on your list were super helpful! Thanks so much!!!!


jessica i’m so happy this was helpful! congratulations too – i had my baby in october and i think october babies are the best 🙂


Thanks for finally writing about > the BEST baby registry list ever!
< Loved it!


Thank you for this list!!! SO helpful in so many ways!!!


karrie i’m so happy to hear it’s helpful!! 😀 xoxo


I have been so lost on what to add to my baby registry until I found this. Seriously! This is amazing! So many things I would’ve never thought of and such great brand recommendations! Thank you!!


you are welcome! i’m so happy to hear it was helpful 😀


Thank you for this labor of love. Incredible list!


thanks for reading jen! XO


I love this list! Our first baby is due in November and I have been on bedrest my entire pregnancy. I have done exactly zero shopping. Now I know where to start.


i’m so glad it’s helpful! and congratulations on your pregnancy! 😀


Thank you so much! I’m gonna be starting my own family in about a month or so and I’m trying to be the mom that reads up and is prepared but I kept getting so upset by most posts out there for baby registry lists. I’m a nurse and I would get irritated when mom’s would put stupid advice that it would ruin anything I liked about their post. For example I’ve been really stuck about what kind of monitor I want. My sister in law says go simple my mother in law says get video it’s cool to be able to see your baby. And your list has helped out cause a lot of blogs out there say this monitor saved my babies life when they got smothered by their big fluffy blanket IMO as as nurse newborns shouldn’t be sleeping with big fluffy blankets so I felt the advice was useless. Not to bag on other moms that’s not the point lol I’m just trying to say thank you for putting together as list of stuff that makes sense and doing all the research it makes me feel confident in using your list for my registry!


thanks so much anne for the thoughtful and sweet response! i’m so glad this was helpful for you and congratulations on your pregnancy!! XOXO

Michelle Hawkins:

We just had Baby #4 & I bought new everything. I totally agree with everything on your list BUT I had this Peg Pegero carseat for Baby #3. I thought it was great. Then I bought an Orbit carseat for Baby #4. I LOVE IT! In fact, I had a problem with the Orbit handle. I used my Peg Pegero while they fix it. (Orbit actually sent me a newer mode for free in 2 days because of the problem. They were great to work with). During those few days, I really realized how much I love the Orbit. It’s so easy to get in and out of the car and easy to use with the stroller. Baby can face all directions. The handle is fabric so it doesn’t hurt your arm when you carry it. Love it! Just wanted to let all the moms out there know about it.


that’s awesome michelle! my sister in law has the orbit and really loves it too. i should add it to my list! 😀


Great list! I’m so glad I found it, my little guy is almost ready for a conversion car seat. Two items that we use and love are the Kiinde Kozi bottle warmer and Ubbi diaper pail. The Kiinde has a timer and then drains water into the resivour so the bottle never over heats, it works for bottles or breast milk bags. The Ubbi is a modern metal diaper pail that uses regular garbage bags and we’ve never had an issue with stinky diapers.
Just wanted to share a few of my favorite items!


those are awesome suggestions!! thanks so much danielle! XO


Hi Corrine,

I love the pink ruffled shirt you are wearing at the top (side profile with turquoise pants)! Can I ask where you got it? Thanks! And great job on this list!


thanks so much jenny! the pink ruffle top is actually a little ruffle vest that i bought at H&M a few years ago. 😀


I just spent a few hours updating my registry and I want to thank you so much for posting this. I cross-checked your suggestions with Amazon reviews and in most cases your suggestions led me to better and more affordable products than what I had registered for. I’m a first-time mom with limited space, and this will probably be our only baby – this list is awesome. Thank you again.


thank you so much for the sweet comment sasha! and congratulations on your first baby!! XO


This is such an awesome list Corrine…. So helpful for a lost first time mom! This has helped me so much in putting together my registry!
Do you have any suggestions on Nursing gowns/tops/robes/zippers ? How many and what all should be on our shopping list. I’m not sure what would be most useful.. I’m due in Jan and it’s going to be cold in California..


thank you so much neha! i don’t have any strong suggestions for nursing robes/tops/zippers. i wore a lot of button-downs and things that i could pull down when i nursed. i will have to keep an eye out for anything awesome to add to this list though!


Hi Corrine!

To say that I adore this list would be an understatement. I’m expecting my 1st child (baby boy, estimated due date Christmas Day) and this list is such a life saver in planning for his arrival. I’m SUCH a planner, and this list makes me feel so much more prepared!! I will for sure share it with all of my Centering girls and any future expecting friends!

Love your blog!!
Megan XO


yay congrats on your baby! and so glad ot hear this was helpful! XOXO


I was really excited to find this list! .. Until I realized I CANT EFFIN READ IT because all the important info is listed in light mint green.


so sorry to disappoint you. i’ve had my blog like this for over a year and have never had anyone complain.

Shirley Pace:

Thanks for the list! I have bookmarked the page so I can refer to it when I start registering. The only thing I was disappointed not to see were cloth diapers, I really want to cloth diaper, but there are SO many choices out there! After seeing how many diapers my sister has bought and thrown into the landfill with her baby, I just can’t imagine disposably diapering twins.


i understand. i just didn’t feel qualified to recommend any because i didn’t use them myself! but i’m so glad the rest of the list was helpful! 😀


I am 20 weeks pregnant with my first and totally overwhelmed with starting a baby registry. THANK YOU SO MUCH for putting this together! I loved reading your comments and the links to Amazon were super easy to help me quickly set up my registry. I love you. You are a saint.


oh thanks so much lynda, i’m so happy to hear it was helpful! and congrats on your first baby!!! it’s the very most wonderful thing ever! XO


Awesome list thank you so much!


Corrine, how has the mattress you bought held up after two years? My mom is telling me that I need to buy one that costs at least $100 to be good quality. I’ve never done this before and don’t believe price always equals the best quality, plus it’s a mattress so I really don’t need top of the line, but I would love to hear if it’s still working well for you. Thanks!


this us so amazing. I am a first time mom and so overwhelmed trying to get the best products. It’s like you shopped for me!


i’m so glad it was helpful angelina!! 😀


This is AMAZING!! I can only imagine how much time it took to do all of this research. I’m the first of all of my family/friends to have a baby and had NO idea what to do when it came to a registry. A friend sent me this link and I’m so glad she did!! Such a big relief!!!


thanks so much erin! it was definitely a labor of love (no pun intended ha!). i’m so glad it was helpful to you, and congrats on your pregnancy!! 😀


Thanks for the great list of recommendations! I feel much less overwhelmed now about this new parent shopping!


oh good i’m so glad!! you’re welcome, and congrats on becoming a parent! 😀

Guide Registry |

[…] the BEST baby registry list ever! – MINT ARROW – in the hospital and going home: aden + anais Classic Muslin Swaddle Blankets: everyone told me to NOT bring my own swaddle blankets into the hospital for my baby. but …… […]


Thank you so much for taking the time to put this together! I need to get cracking on my registry but so far have felt overwhelmed with all the options. I’m finding this post SUPER helpful!


yay so glad it’s been helpful to you! 🙂


Okay, when I have a baby, I’m not even registering anywhere, I’m just going to send out this list. Okay maybe I’ll register too but that’ll be a backup. Haha


I love this list! I have three kiddos, and used to be all up on all the good gear. With my last one being five, (and most of her things were well used from the older kiddos) I sold or gave away all of it after she was out of the baby stages. We’re going for that 4th little one, and the most info on the newest goodies is super helpful. Totally starting from scratch is going to be both fun and a little crazy!


Corinne, my friend Allison Z. sent me this list last year when I was pregnant. Thank you, thank you for this list — it was so helpful when I was overwhelmed with baby purchases, and I still look at it every once and a while. One thing I wanted to tell you was that the medela instyle is a closed system as well. Nothing goes through the tubes. I was stressed to get it after your review but ordered it through my insurance company and it has been great.


oh i’m so sorry to have stressed you out! so glad to hear it worked out for you, and that this post was helpful! 🙂


Thank you for this list!! Do you recommend getting the 4Moms Mamaroo and the Rock N Play? If you have any updates, please let us know. Thank you!!! By the way, I WISH I were as cute as you prego! You’re adorable!


thanks so much kelly! i’m totally planning on updating this list ASAP, especially after i try out a few new products with the new baby 🙂 i DO love having both the mamaroo and rock n play, because they’re so different! the rock n play is so great for folding flat and throwing in your car for a trip to grandma’s or even lunch over at a friend’s house. it’s super lightweight and travels well. the mamaroo is the mother of all swings though, and with the swinging or rocking or bouncing functions it’s pretty amazing. i wish i could give you a better answer to help pick between one or the other but that’s my honest opinion!! 🙂

pinteresting hacks and more – because, why not?:

[…] like this would include a big belly, and you probably wouldn’t be able to see my toes. via Mint Arrow This list is super comprehensive. There are tons of things I would never have thought of! And […]

Mariana Goncalves:

Life saver! Thank you!!!!


You are Darling & so is your Lil one ❤


thanks for this post! with our second baby coming soon, it’s nice to see what’s new & what works for two! we have the same motorola monitor and are debating about getting a second camera… what did you find works best? thanks!!!


we’ve continued to use our original motorola monitor but we did just get a couple new ones to try. if they end up being better i’ll update my post with new faves! 🙂


FYI there is an oxyclean baby and oxyclean free. Powder and stain remover, they are not as harsh chemicals and of course better for our skin and babies. According to the ewg or ecg website (where you put the names of products and it tells you what grade it is), oxyclean free and baby are and b and normal oxyclean is like grade f.


oh thanks so much chanel! i updated my post with the baby version 🙂


This is such a great post – thank you so much! Now that you’ve updated, was wondering if you still love the crib mattress you got? I’ve gotten comments from relatives that the mattress on my registry is too cheap and I need to spend more money. Would love your thoughts!

Safety 1st Heavenly Dreams White Crib Mattress: the #1 rated crib mattress on amazon


hey melissa! i listed that because it was the #1 rated crib mattress but honestly we have a pottery barn crib mattress that i have been very pleased with! but i don’t necessarily think it’s the end-all, be-all. it’s just one i got a good deal on when i was pregnant with my first baby several years ago. sorry i don’t have a more helpful answer!


That makes sense – it has tons of awesome reviews on Amazon so it must be great right!? Thanks for the reply. 🙂


Thank you so, so much! I am pregnant with my first baby, have minimal clue as to what I’m doing and am just starting to tackle the registry. I feel less overwhelmed and actually more excited to register now that I’ve read your recommendation list. So many cute things! 🙂 Thank you!!!


yay stephanie! i’m so glad this was helpful. congrats on your pregnancy!!!


Hey Corrine! I was just wondering where you got the onesie and the bow Lyla is wearing in your picture above where you guys are in the hospital? Thanks!


We just found out were expecting a girl, not sure if you have a favorite place to find hair bows. Also don’t know if you’ve heard of the puj bath tub and would recommend that over your euro bath like you mentioned??



This list has been an incredible life saver! I am 3 months along with my first and was totally overwhelmed by making decisions – thank you thank you!

Now that you have published and updated this list, are there any other items that haven’t made this cut that you still deem useful? I won’t have the advantage of knowing much before having my first, but I’d love to know if you have any additional thoughts – thank you so much!


I had a question about the belly bandit, do you think it’s better using one of those over compression panties?


hey natashya! i tried multiple products including compression panties and nothing worked for me as well as the belly bandit!

H E L L O - scyelar blayse:

[…] by Corrine Stokoe. she has written the absolutely BEST baby list registry EVER. you can find that here. ANYWHO, I really just want to begin by introducing myself and what I plan to accomplish with this […]


This is amazing! And was obviously time consuming on your part! Thank you!


Aw thanks so much Mary!


This is really really helpful- thank you so much!!


Welcome! Glad I could help!

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