Gifts for 7 year olds they’ll be obsessed with!

Finding great gifts for 7 year olds can be tricky – they’re out of the toddler stage, but not quite a pre-teen! If you’re looking to make shopping easier for your 7 year old, their classmate, or a family member, this is the perfect gift guide for every kind of kid. If you’re looking to make shopping a breeze and find fun gifts they’ll love, keep reading, this post is totally for you.

gifts for 7 year olds

Best gifts for 7 year olds

  1. Fujifilm Mini Polaroids: Fun and tiny polaroids to snap memories on (rather than stealing your iPhone)! These come in a lot of cute colors and have protective cases that your kiddo can decorate with stickers. Conveniently battery-operated, and Amazon always has tons of film to re-order, major win!
  2. Crossbody Purse: One of the best gifts for 7 year olds that love a little bling! If you haven’t gotten her first purse yet, this might be the cutest one out there. This quilted, gold chain crossbody is giving all the designer vibes and the soft purple color is everything.
  3. Karaoke Mic: They’ll love using this microphone with all their friends and siblings! This comes in fun colors and has SO many high ratings. It’s super easy to use with portable bluetooth connectivity! 
  4. Chair: A bean bag chair is like a passage to childhood, right?! This is something they’ll love using in their room to be on a tablet, read, or drag out to the living room for movie nights. It’s available in three different sizes, and durable enough for energetic kids – it even has a removable cover you can wash!
  5. Tumbling Mat: A guide for gifts for 7 year olds wouldn't be complete without something for them to do with all that energy! This tri-fold exercise mat is perfect for kids practicing their gymnastic or dance moves at home. It conveniently folds for storage and comes in masculine colors, too, if the boys in your house are active, grab this almost 5-star mat!
  6. Basketball Hoop: Under $100 deal on this weather resistant basketball hoop! Expanding from 70-82 inches, this hoop accommodates your kiddo as they grow. This is a gift the whole family can have fun with and the wheels make it super easy to move around!
  7. Microscope: One of the most perfect gifts for 7 year olds that love to explore! This JuniorScope kit comes with a microscope, petri dish, forceps, dropper, test tube, slides, guides for curious minds – shop while it’s 24% OFF!
  8. Skates: They'll be gliding into year 7 with these fun, light up roller blades! These are adjustable and made with quality material for a super affordable price. It's also amazing that the flashing, light up wheels don’t require batteries or anything extra!
  9. Gem Art Kit: One of the best gifts for 7 year olds that are full of creativity! This kit comes with everything all in one place, and the best part is the gems don’t require glue. This is a fun activity for little girls to do at a sleepover or a birthday party with friends.
  10. Dance Mat: This mat will light the way for their little dancing feet! They’ll be super entertained with jumping and dancing along to the built-in music or your own connected through bluetooth. This is battery operated making it super easy to move around!
  11. LEGO Set: Under $30 deal on this 3-in-1 fire dragon building kit! This is one of the best gifts for 7 year olds who just can’t get enough of legos. The 234 pieces will keep your kiddo busy building and putting together toys. 
  12. LEGO Ideas Book: This book will give your 7 year old all the inspiration to create big things with legos! A great gift idea if you’re traveling and need something to keep them busy, but can’t bring all 1,000 pieces of their favorite legos from home.
  13. Scooter: A razor scooter is one of the best gifts for 7 year olds with a summer birthday! These are adjustable for different heights, come in lots of colors, and will let them race all over the neighborhood with friends. 
  14. Jewelry Kit: With over 500 beads, this jewelry kit will keep any 7 year old girl happy and busy with her craft! Her creativity will come to life with countless options for bracelets, rings, headbands, and more. One of the best parts about this kit is that the beads snap together and don’t require thread. 
  15. Soccer Ball: A classic Wilson ball that'll hold up in quality for years! There are SO many ratings on this sports ball with an awesome reputation. Different sizes and colors to shop from make this gift a huge score!
  16. Amelia Bedelia Chapter Books: Young girls will love reading the stories from Amelia Bedelia in this set of four! These chapters are short and fast paced for new readers, and detail the funny stories of one young girl’s entertaining life.
  17. Magic Tree House Chapter Books: This ​​Magic Tree House set of four will capture your little reader’s imagination with a story of finding a treehouse in the woods. This has nearly 5-stars and is a classic book they’ll love!
  18. Kids Makeup: This cute cosmetics bag contains all the fun, washable makeup a little girl would love to play with! It's complete with all the essentials that'll let her have fun on products that aren’t your $50 eyeshadow pallet, but still let her get ready like mama.
  19. Frisbee: This LED frisbee is such a cool gift idea if you’re planning on summer nights outside or even work great for a camping trip toy! Made of durable material, this frisbee will be easily spotted and super fun to use.
  20. Walkie Talkies: This pair of cute walkie talkies will be another great gift for kids to use with their siblings or friends all summer long. They're small and lightweight to carry and even have a flashlight!

7th times a charm

These gifts for 7 year olds will hopefully inspire more time creating and learning how to play with others! Remember to check for Amazon Prime on most of these items, and shop while the deals last.

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