Best gifts for your nurses in the hospital!

In the five years that have passed since I started having babies, nurse gifts have become a thing. I really wanted to do something nice for my nurses and I totally loved the idea of bringing some small tokens of appreciation to all the people who helped us welcome baby Millie into the world! Lucky for me, one of my team members, Heidi, is the perfect resource! We've been friends for SO long and we work together on Mint Arrow, but you may remember from the Meet the Team post that Heidi is also a Labor and Delivery nurse so she knows exactly what gifts nurses really like!

3-pack socks
Diet Coke
Water Bottles
EOS lip balm

I reached out to Heidi a few weeks before Millie was due and she helped me come up with the socks and pens idea that you might have seen in my InstaStories. I also had big plans to do more, like bring yummy, healthy snacks, but since baby sister decided to come FOUR days early, the pens and socks were all I had ready! It still put a huge smile on the face of every nurse who came through the door during our hospital stay. Since Millie did come early the first few nurses that took care of us didn't get their gifts from me, but I kept a list of their names in my phone and once Neil brought the gifts from home I coordinated with my nurse at the time to make sure they all got them!

Since I do have access to such a great resource I'm going to let Heidi spill the deets on all of her favorite nurse gifts that she has received or that she thinks every L&D nurse would absolutely love!

Pens. Seriously, PENS! Nurses love good pens. We hoard them like squirrels. And these are the very BEST pens in the entire world. I've been using them since nursing school and they're my absolute favorite. They're so good Corrine's doctor even took one!

Socks. Most hospitals require nurses to wear a specific color of scrubs so socks are one of the few ways we get to express ourselves. So most of us really, really love socks. Like, a lot. Stance socks are totes amazing and super super cute!

Diet Coke. One of my patients once bought me a 24-pack of Diet Coke after I delivered their baby and they still might be my favorite patient! Haha! Lots of nurses I work with share my addiction so this is a great easy and inexpensive gift!

Water bottles. Another easy, budget friendly option. Hospital water isn't always the tastiest and when you're walking 10,000+ steps per shift you need to stay hydrated! We also really, really love reusable water bottles that will keep hot drinks hot and cold drinks cold for hours, because depending on the day you may get a few sips in the morning before you have to abandon your drink for hours! I'm completely obsessed with these S'well travel mugs.

Lotion. Using hand sanitizer a billion times a day and taking gloves on and off (and on and off) really does a number on your hands so we will never say no to yummy lotion. Love these Philosophy Hand & Nail Creams. They smell amazing and they're the perfect size to throw into your bag or locker.

Chapstick. Hospital air can also be really dry so we nurses are huge fans of good chapstick. This Brazilian Kiss Lip Butter is one of my tried and true favorites, but I also really love Eos lip balms.

Healthy snacks. Patient love to bring us donuts and cookies and Nothing Bundt Cakes and we totally appreciate them and eat waaaaaaaay too many of them, but we really, really love healthy snacks. A basket of nuts, fresh fruit, cheese, beef jerky, pretzels, trail mix or popcorn would be universally beloved.

Small gift cards (like UNDER $10) for Starbucks, McDonald's (for the Diet Coke!), In-N-Out, Chick-Fil-A or Sonic are always popular and appreciated.

A letter to the hospital CEO or hospital administration thanking your nurses (by name if you remember them or kept a list) and talking about the great care you received and your positive experience having a baby with us! This is the best gift of all!!

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When do you give the nurses their gifts? At the end or when they first come in?


I didn’t have mine until the second day since Millie came 4 days earlier than I expected, but after that I had each new nurse take one right when they came in, and then I gave a list to my last nurse of the nurses I had my first day who I didn’t see again for the rest of my hospital stay. Hope that helps!


I’ve been a nurse for 15 years now and still working. And we don’t need gifts. A plate of cookies for the unit is a polite gesture. But we aren’t supposed to receive gifts. And I feel badly for the expectant mother to feel she needs to purchase items to bring into the hospital. You pay a hefty medical bill already to the hospital, no need to add to the financial woe. I feel bad that Heidi is making this a “thing”. I do my job because I love it and I don’t expect anything but courtesy and respect in return.


We can totally see where you’re coming from and agree that most nurses just love what they do and feel like it’s not necessary! But these are just some ideas for people who want to give a gift to their nurses and are looking for ideas 🙂


thank you for this!! i wrote letters and sent pics to certain nurses with both my wonderful hospital births and this post made me feel SO guilty. and now i feel better 🙂 gah you nurses really do always know how to make people feel better!!


Hey Talia, Corrine here. I’m so sorry this post made you feel badly! That wasn’t my intention at all. I didn’t give any gifts to the nurses for my first two babies, so you did more than I knew or thought to do the first couple times. I honestly just wanted to give some ideas to people since Heidi helped me out, and otherwise I was just googling what to do. I think a letter and pictures is even more thoughtful than just a gift!

Katie Smith:

I love this idea of giving the nurses gifts. How many gifts should I plan on bringing? I can’t remember how many nurses I had when I had my son. And when do you give them their gifts?


Hey Katie! Heidi said to plan on 2 nurses per day, so usually about 6-8 nurses depending on how long your stay is! 🙂 Corrine had the gifts in her room (after delivery) and the nurses came and got them during their shift! Hope that answers your questions! 🙂 -Kourtney


This list is spot on!!!


We are so glad you agree!! 🙂 -Kourtney


How many nurses should I expect?


Hey Ashley! Heidi said if you’re buying individual gifts versus something the whole unit can share you want to plan on 6-8 nurses. Typically when you’re in the hospital to have a baby you’re there 2-3 days & have 2 nurses per day! Hope that helps! 🙂 -Kourtney

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