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Becoming an Ironman with Brooke Eliason: From Half Marathon to Ironman in One Year

This week I sit down with my sister Brooke from the blog Female Foodie, but we don’t talk much about food, we actually talk about how she completed an iron man, which is a 2.4 mile swim, 114 miles on a bicycle, and then a 26.2 mile full marathon at the end.

She went from being that girl in grade school who was one of the last to finish and absolutely hated the mile run in PE, to hearing the words “Brooke Eliason, you are an Ironman!”

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Millennial Faith with Kenzie Elizabeth: Leaving Church and Coming Back

This week I sat down with vlogger and youtuber Kenzie Elizabeth Piper and talked a little about what we had planned to discuss – her experience with depression and anxiety – but mostly about something we totally didn’t plan. The conversation really turned into a deep discussion about why SO many millennials are leaving organized religion, and what to do about it. We talked about how to love people as they leave and what not to say or do, what that was like for her, and what eventually brought her back to church. I learned a ton from this conversation and I think you will too!

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Fostering & Adoption with Cara Brook: Making Room for One More

In today’s episode we talk to my dear friend Cara Brook, from the booming beauty brand Maskcara Beauty, all about her experience and passion for foster parenting and her experience with fostering and adopting two of her own children. She gets real about the surprises that came with this process, how they decided that adding a third child (and pretty quickly after, a fourth) to their family was the right thing at a time when she was struggling to feel like she was enough as a mom and business owner. Come listen to her episode to be uplifted and edified and educated in the world of fostering, adoption and how this process has changed her life and her family.

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Postpartum Depression: shedding light on an overshadowed topic that so many women face

In this episode Neil interviews me about my journey with postpartum depression. We talk about what that was like for me, how I identified it, how I dealt with and eventually overcame it, some of the advice I have for other mothers struggling with it or who fear having it when they have babies, and how it eventually led me to starting my blog.

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Triumph over tragedy: the story of Dave’s death and choosing light over darkness

Today we discuss in detail the death of Neil’s brother Dave, what that was like for us, and the impact Dave had and continues to have for good. The circumstances surrounding Dave’s death were beyond tragic, but we have chosen to focus on all the immeasurable good that has come from something so difficult, and honor his legacy by telling his story and sharing his message to be your best self, love life, love each other and fight whatever personal battle you are facing. 

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Mint Arrow Messages trailer

In our podcast Mint Arrow Messages, we’re interviewing people who have risen above adversity or learned through the hard knocks of life about something that the world could use more awareness, kindness and compassion toward. We’re finding light in darkness, uncovering messages out of messes and bringing people’s stories to life that will help ALL of us be better, kinder, more compassionate humans.

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