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Authenticity with Amanda Perna: 2-time project runway contestant & fashion designer's insights on staying true to YOU

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Authenticity with Amanda Perna: 2-time project runway contestant & fashion designer’s insights on staying true to YOU

Amanda Perna is a creator of beautiful things, fashion designer, two-time project runway contestant and mompreneur who shares with me her story of evolving into her brand that’s all about making people feel happy. She talks to me about why she believes its so very vital to stay true to you no matter what the other voices or influences around you might tell you, or what you might be telling yourself that everyone else wants from you.

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Book love with Janssen Bradshaw: teaching kids to love reading and how to pick the best books

Janssen Bradshaw, blogger of 13 years at and mom of 4 teaches me some of her best tips today on how to really engage kids in reading, how to teach them to LOVE to read, how to pick the best books, and she shares some of her top must-read recommendations

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Parenting with Neil and Corrine: our favorite expert advice + q&a with our kids

Back to school everybody! This week we’re starting out with a fun little q&a with our two older girls Anabelle and Lyla, and then we dive into one of the most requested topics for our podcast: parenting. We’re sharing some of the most helpful books and resources and ideas we’ve picked up along the way from experts in the field of parenting, what REALLY works for us, and we end with our fail-proof source for parenting help and advice.

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Baby Ruby’s life and legacy with Ani Taylor: Infant and Child Organ Donation and Peace in Grief

Eight years ago, Ani Taylor’s baby ruby was fighting for her life in UCLA hospital while she waited for a liver transplant. Today I sit down with Ani and talk all about the beautiful details of Ruby’s life and legacy, why organ donation is such a tricky subject with babies and small children, and what every parent should consider about organ donation before they’re ever in a position to have to decide. Ani also shares with me a little about her grief process, how and why she felt peace, and what friends and family did that helped her the most.

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Finding direction with Spencer Taggart: getting God’s answers to your questions

Serial entrepreneur, family man and follower of God are a few ways I’d describe our friend and guest on the podcast today, Spencer Taggart. Spence is currently teaching as a professor of entrepreneurship at BYU Hawaii, but also owns several companies and has been a motivational speaker, a business strategist and ultimately shares with us today how he counsels with the Lord in all he does. He teaches us today exactly HOW he does this, and why it’s so very pivotal in making the best choices in life, even when they appear to not make much sense. He also shares his version of success versus what the world dictates as success, and how to find the most important answers to life’s questions.

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Q&A with Corrine and Neil: Your Questions, Our Answers!

This week for Mint Arrow Messages we took the topics to YOU GUYS, and asked on our instagram @mintarrow about your burning questions and what you wanted us to discuss on the podcast. We cover everything from how we met, our proposal stories (yes there were more than one!), some business advice, marriage advice, how we like to vacation, and some other funny random questions and answers.

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Healing and Helping with Alison Faulkner: How to Cope and how to Help in Life’s Greatest Challenges

You might know her as the Alison show, because Alison has the ability to electrify a room in a matter of seconds, inspire change that shifts the whole course of someone’s life in just one workshop day, but today I sit down with my friend Alison Faulkner who I’ve known since college and we dive deep into her emotional and physical healing journey after being hit by a car a year and a half ago. Alison shares with me what she’s done to heal, how she copes with hard things in life, and what she’s learned about service and how to best help others in their greatest hour of need.

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Motherhood with Si Foster: advice from (MY!) seasoned mom and blogger ABountifulKitchen

If you’ve ever wished you could fast forward your life and then be able to give your younger self advice, and especially if you’re a mom, you’re probably going to love today’s episode. Today I sat down with MY mom, Si Foster, the blogger behind the best recipe blog in the world A Bountiful Kitchen. But we didn’t talk much about recipes. Instead we talked through every phase of motherhood she’s experienced and what advice she would have given herself or what she wishes she would have known. We cover everything from milk coming in to volunteering in the classroom to how to deal with teenagers and even adult children, and how to know when it’s the right time or season to do different things in your motherhood journey.

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Comeback Story of Setema Gali: SuperBowl Champion’s Failure and Success Story

Setema Gali, former SuperBowl champion shares with us today how he went from achieving his dream of playing in the NFL to losing everything overnight and being evicted during the recession of 2008. Setema shares how he got out of that rut by working harder than he’d ever worked, doing door to door sales for three summers and what he now coaches people to do to achieve their dreams and greatest desires in life.

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Codependency with Mandi Gubler: How the 12-Steps can Free You from the Craziness of Codependency

This week we dive into a side of addiction recovery that I get asked a lot about, codependency, or in other words, what it’s like and how to deal with being the spouse or loved one of an addict. My guest, friend, mentor and sponsor in the 12-step program Mandi from vintage revivals is sharing her story or being married to a pain pill addict and how she set herself free from the shackles of addiction with the 12-steps.

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Good Pictures Bad Pictures with Kristen Jenson: How to Protect Your Kids from Pornography

Kristen Jenson is the author of the best-selling book series, Good Pictures Bad Pictures, books that help parents teach their children what to do when they see pornography.

Neil and I get asked a lot about how to protect children from developing pornography addiction and while we have a lot of experience helping adults find recovery and in our own recovery journey, we’ve really never felt like experts in the field of how to help children stay safe from pornography.

Luckily Kristen Jenson has years and years of research based experience in understanding how young minds work and teaching parents to talk to their kids about pornography and what to do if and when they see pornography. I learned SO MUCH from this interview with Kristen and I think you guys will too.

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Love One Another with Nicolette Mason: How We Can Be More Loving and Inclusive to members of the LGBTQ community

For international pride day, I’m honored to introduce you to my dear friend Nicolette mason, an advocate for inclusivity, designer and content creator at

Today Nicolette and I talk about how we can be more loving and inclusive to those specifically in the LGBTQ community, how to use inclusive language, how to make people in this community feel safe, and how it all really boils down to loving your neighbor.

We’ll have all of the resources Nicolette mentions in our show notes at where you can educate yourself more and find support groups for LGBTQ people and their family and friends.

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The Gift of Time with Jason Dunnigan: How Giving Your Time and Support to Others Leads to a Happier Life

Jason from the modern dad – do you follow him? Because if you don’t yet, he’s about to become your new best friend. Jason’s insta stories make me laugh on the daily but what I REALLY love about Jason is how well he supports others. In my interview today with Jason, the modern dad, he teaches me about giving the gift of time to others and how supporting other people can lead us to a more abundant life.

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Overcoming Opiate Addiction with Jay and Lexy: Using the 12-steps to get Sober and Save your Marriage

Jay and Lexy are super good friends of ours who’ve had a major impact on not just us but hundreds of people and couples in the south Orange County area. they’ve openly shared their story of Jay’s thousand pain pills a month opiate addiction and how they almost got divorced, to finding true recovery in the 12 steps. Jay and Lexy are sharing their story today with us as well as dropping wisdom about using the 12 steps to save their marriage and how they continue to use the 12 steps to have an incredibly happy marriage and life together.

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Positive Parenting with Ralphie Jacobs: Parenting Principles that work like magic

I’m so thrilled to share with you guys a concept that has literally changed my life as a mom: positive parenting. And I feel so grateful to have the woman who taught me the ways via Instagram stories, on the podcast today, to teach all of you too. Ralphie Jacobs from simply on purpose shares with us today her basic principles of positive parenting and how you can bring the JOY back into parenting your children as you implement these simple principles. I’ve been amazed time and time again how her teachings WORK and I cannot wait to share Ralphie’s positive parenting magic with all of you

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Self-love with Sadie Sabin: learning to fill the void in life from within

Today I interviewed my long time blogging friend Sadie from Simply Sadie Jane about her story of finding self love through mindfulness, meditation, hypno-therapy and how she’s helping so many other women and even children to find the same. Sadie shares some really personal stuff about her journey to find this self love and overcoming some pretty rough times with addiction to food, relationships and prescription pills and how she’s learned to be present and be still.

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Body Positivity with Ashley Reeves: Paradigm Shifts about the Body Positivity Movement

Body positivity is a HOT TOPIC these days and it seems like every time I turn around someone’s talking about their version of body positivity and celebrating bodies of all shapes and sizes, which is AWESOME. This week’s interview though is one that might give you a serious paradigm shift with what body positivity is REALLY all about, we’ll discuss how to talk to your kids about their bodies, and how to truly love yourself regardless of what your scale or pant size says. This week’s interview with Ashley Reeves of Ashley’s Fresh Fix is probably the most thought-provoking and eye-opening interview I’ve done so far and I cannot wait to share her wisdom and beautiful insight with all of you. 

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Pornography Addiction Recovery: Our Love Story Part 2 of 2

Welcome back to our 2 part real life love story! This week we get to the good stuff, the SOLUTION in looking for addiction recovery. We really dig into what worked for us, how it worked, why it worked, and how you (or someone you love) who struggles with addiction can find that too. Neil and I both really hope that if you’re feeling hopeless either because you struggle with addiction, or you’re in a relationship with someone who’s an addict, that what we share in this interview will help you find HOPE.

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Pornography Addiction Recovery: Our Love Story Part 1 of 2

Today we’re sharing a story we’ve shared before, OUR real life love story, of finding hope and recovery from pornography addiction. Neil and I talk about our dating journey and how he shared with me three months into dating that he had an addiction to pornography, what that looked like through our courtship and early marriage, some of the struggles we went through trying to find solution and find recovery, and what finally worked for us. Today is part 1 of 2 and make sure you come back next week to hear the second half of our story of finding hope and healing through the twelve steps of recovery.

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Macro counting with Lillie Biesinger: fueling your body in a positive way

A few weeks ago I sat down with Lillie Biesinger, someone I had only met online previously, to talk alllll about macros! But we don’t just talk mechanics or specifics about weight loss or dieting, we talk about why this movement in the health and dieting industry was such a good fit for her (and for me!), how it taught her to give her body the best kind of fuel and why she’s so passionate about putting good things inside our bodies. Lillie really does feel like just the kind of friend every girl would want when you watch her online and I think you’ll feel the same way too as you listen to her in this interview.

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Faith in business with Nicole Walters: finding God in your work and every corner of your life

This was one of the very first interviews I recorded for Mint Arrow Messages, almost a year ago when I was still pregnant with Millie, and I recorded it with one of my ALL TIME favorites, Nicole Walters. Nicole is an incredible entrepreneur who quit her full time 6 figure corporate job in front of 10,000 people on a live stream to pursue her dream of teaching others how to be profitable in their online businesses. Since then she’s built a million dollar business, fostered and then adopted three beautiful girls who she calls her tinies, and now has a podcast of her own called The Nicole Walters Podcast. You can find her at or join her community of rich friends as she calls them at

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School Shooting Survivor Cindy: Lessons Learned 20 Years after Columbine

Today’s interview is with a blog reader Cindy who was a student and survivor of the school shooting at Columbine High School in 1999. 20 years ago this week, in Littleton Colorado, the deadliest school shooting to date occurred at Columbine where two students opened fire and killed 12 students and 1 teacher and wounded more than 20, before the two shooters killed themselves.

Cindy shared with me her story of what that day was like for her, how she was kept safe during the shooting, and the tender mercies she experienced on that day. She also talks about overcoming anger and resentment over the years, and how she learned to always look for the good in the world.

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Adopt don’t shop with Hilary Sloan: changing the world one puppy rescue at a time

Today I interviewed my friend Hilary Sloan who’s an incredible advocate for animal rescuing and the human behind the ultra popular Instagram account ellabeanthedog. Hilary has fostered countless dogs and rescued three darling dogs starting with Ella bean, followed by coconut bean and most recently fifi Von bean.

Hilary and I talk through her story of finding and falling in love with Ella, coconut and fifi, the challenges they’ve overcome together, and what it’s like to adopt a dog.

But most importantly, Hilary educates me on why adoptdontshop is such an important movement and not just a cute hashtag, what we need to do better as a society to put an end to puppy mills and even what the best practices are if you’re buying from a respectable Breeder.
I can’t wait for you guys to learn from and be inspired by my friend Hilary and her furry little family.

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NICU mom Jen Hawkins: how to love and support your friends who have preemie babies

Today’s interview was with my dear friend Jen, blogger, model and mom of two beautiful little twin girls. Jen helps me understand what it’s like to be a NICU mom, after her twins were born at 30 weeks and spent three months in the NICU. She walks me through what those days were like, the many highs and lows, and teaches me some really helpful things like NICU etiquette, and what helped them the most during that challenging time. We relive all of it and I can’t wait to share her intense and beautiful journey of bringing her two babies home with you guys today.

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Remembering Steve: an interview with Neil about his brother who took his life in 1995

Many of you have listened to the podcast episode where I interviewed Neil about his brother Dave’s death in January 2019, just a couple of months ago.

But eight days before Dave passed away, we recorded this interview where I asked Neil all about his brother Steve who died after taking his own life in 1995.

Neil and I discuss what it was like for him to lose a brother to suicide, how that affected his family, what he learned from this loss, and how to support and help others going through grief. We wanted to note a couple of things, that first of all if anyone has said “I’m sorry for your loss” to Neil or me recently in reference to Dave’s death that we feel your love and that this interview was more of a reflection of what Neil’s grief was like as a 13 year old.

We also wanted to mention that if you found this podcast because you are seeking help because of suicidal thoughts or you are struggling at all with thoughts of taking your life, you can make an anonymous call to the national suicide prevention lifeline 24/7 at 1 (800) 273-8255

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Becoming an Ironman with Brooke Eliason: From Half Marathon to Ironman in One Year

This week I sit down with my sister Brooke from the blog Female Foodie, but we don’t talk much about food, we actually talk about how she completed an iron man, which is a 2.4 mile swim, 114 miles on a bicycle, and then a 26.2 mile full marathon at the end.

She went from being that girl in grade school who was one of the last to finish and absolutely hated the mile run in PE, to hearing the words “Brooke Eliason, you are an Ironman!”

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Millennial Faith with Kenzie Elizabeth: Leaving Church and Coming Back

This week I sat down with vlogger and youtuber Kenzie Elizabeth Piper and talked a little about what we had planned to discuss – her experience with depression and anxiety – but mostly about something we totally didn’t plan. The conversation really turned into a deep discussion about why SO many millennials are leaving organized religion, and what to do about it. We talked about how to love people as they leave and what not to say or do, what that was like for her, and what eventually brought her back to church. I learned a ton from this conversation and I think you will too!

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Fostering & Adoption with Cara Brook: Making Room for One More

In today’s episode we talk to my dear friend Cara Brook, from the booming beauty brand Maskcara Beauty, all about her experience and passion for foster parenting and her experience with fostering and adopting two of her own children. She gets real about the surprises that came with this process, how they decided that adding a third child (and pretty quickly after, a fourth) to their family was the right thing at a time when she was struggling to feel like she was enough as a mom and business owner. Come listen to her episode to be uplifted and edified and educated in the world of fostering, adoption and how this process has changed her life and her family.

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Postpartum Depression: shedding light on an overshadowed topic that so many women face

In this episode Neil interviews me about my journey with postpartum depression. We talk about what that was like for me, how I identified it, how I dealt with and eventually overcame it, some of the advice I have for other mothers struggling with it or who fear having it when they have babies, and how it eventually led me to starting my blog.

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Triumph over tragedy: the story of Dave’s death and choosing light over darkness

Today we discuss in detail the death of Neil’s brother Dave, what that was like for us, and the impact Dave had and continues to have for good. The circumstances surrounding Dave’s death were beyond tragic, but we have chosen to focus on all the immeasurable good that has come from something so difficult, and honor his legacy by telling his story and sharing his message to be your best self, love life, love each other and fight whatever personal battle you are facing. 

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Mint Arrow Messages trailer

In our podcast Mint Arrow Messages, we’re interviewing people who have risen above adversity or learned through the hard knocks of life about something that the world could use more awareness, kindness and compassion toward. We’re finding light in darkness, uncovering messages out of messes and bringing people’s stories to life that will help ALL of us be better, kinder, more compassionate humans.

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