It’s pretty simple. I want to help you buy the things you want, at a price you can afford.

The problem is, hunting down deals takes lots of time and lots of work. Between family, community, careers or a crazy mixture of all of the above – women today find it increasingly difficult to find moments for the little things that enrich their lives. 

That’s where my team and I come in. We take the time to find every secret sale, hot deal and too-good-to-believe-it discount. Each featured item is part of a well-curated collection designed to infuse your life with savings and style. I'm a mom of three girls and a little boy and I'm married to and work alongside my soulmate and best friend Neil who despite his love for Creed (yes the 90s band) and affinity for affliction tee shirts, I'm deeply in love with. Read our real-life story of overcoming adversity together here.

While I love sharing an insanely good deal on a stroller or pair of shoes, my greatest passion in life is my belief in Jesus Christ and sharing that anytime I can. You'll see a lot of that on social media and a little of that here.

We've also expanded to a podcast where we share weekly uplifting and inspiring stories and messages, public speaking to share those stories in live formats, and now we have a merch line of products, all adorned with meaningful messages.

My hope with this blog, and every branch of the brand Mint Arrow, is that you'll leave feeling better than you came. And my ultimate goal as a blogger, writer, podcaster, shop owner, and public speaker, is that if you ever run into me in person, you'll feel like we're friends and you'll say hi, and that the person you feel like you knew on here is the exact same girl in real life.

Corrine's Favs

LIVES: Southern California


LIKES TO: cook, travel, shop, read

FAVE FOOD: ice cream


FAVE PAIR OF SHOES: Louboutins and crocs, equally

FAVE MOVIE: Little Women

FAVE MUSIC: everything from country to classical, but especially late 90s – early 2000s boy bands

FAVE HOLIDAY: Thanksgiving


FAVE LIPSTICK: Urban Decay backtalk


FAVE SPORTS TEAM: the University of Utah Utes

FAVE WAY TO SPEND FRIDAY NIGHT: at home in sweats, watching a cheesy romcom with my husband, eating takeout sushi