mint arrow manifesto

Mint Arrow Manifesto

We believe that values are at the core of our ethos, the center of who we are, what we do, and how we do it. Our core values are hard work, integrity, faith, and beauty. We believe in getting scrappy, resourceful and going beyond an extra mile to bring you the things you want at a value that feels like a thrill, and on products that you’ll genuinely find valuable in your life. We believe in integrity at all cost over quick and easy gains, because trust built and earned grows deep roots seeded in truth that will withstand storms and gather good people. We believe in having faith in a Higher Power greater than ourselves, faith in humanity, in looking for the goodness in people, and seeing life through a lens of gratitude. We believe in the beauty of confidence and self-love, in the internal beauty of growth, and the external beauty of presenting our best self to the world. 

We are hungry, humble and smart. We show up each day ready to dig in, grateful for the work, always looking to learn and grow from our mistakes and by learning from others. We believe in valuing family time, in taking Sundays off to rest, in vacations and play time and the constant pursuit to be present in this one singular chance we have at the gift of life. 

We believe that bringing value to your life edifies our own, and that timeless truths, values, and principles will heal our hearts, homes, and change the world one good decision at a time, and that all around us, every day, miracles happen.

Meet the Mint Arrow Team

Corrine: Founder

Corrine Stokoe is the founder of the brand Mint Arrow, a blogger, podcaster, writer and public speaker. She and her husband Neil have raised their family in South Orange County with their 3 little girls and a boy (with one more on the way!). They host a top-10 rated weekly podcast Mint Arrow Messages together, focused on meaningful messages, and co-own their blog and business with 7 total team members, focused on fashion, beauty, family, and most of all, finding their readers the BEST daily deals on the nicest stuff. In 2021, they launched Mint Arrow Merchandise shop with meaningful messages on sweatshirts, stickers, and jewelry. Mint Arrow has been featured in The New York Times, Forbes, Women's Wear Daily, AdWeek, Business Insider and Allure. Corrine is passionate about sharing the gospel of Jesus Christ as often as she can and teaching others to use social media for good.

Bri: Content Marketing Manager

After initially pursuing journalism, Bri found her passion in business/marketing, and has worked in digital marketing for seven years. After attending BYU she became the Social Media Strategist for a multi-state wedding venue company, and is now the Content Marketing Manager for Mint Arrow. Bri and her husband Isaac currently live in North Georgia and have a two year old daughter. She loves to write, kickbox, add dessert to every meal, and create/style aesthetic interior spaces and outfits. Bri strives to live a life of discipline, integrity, hard work, and kindness, and feels so blessed to be surrounded by an amazing team who exemplifies all of those traits every single day!

Justina: Executive Assistant

Justina is the Executive Assistant at Mint Arrow. She joined the team in 2021 after working for a nonprofit agency that provided faith-based family style foster care for children and young adults for 7 years. During her time there, Justina discovered her true passion and purpose for serving others. Joining the team at Mint Arrow has provided Justina the opportunity to combine her love of fashion, family, and beauty with her organizational and administrative skills. Justina and her husband Teddy live in sunny south Florida and recently welcomed their first child, Theo, into their family. They love spending time at the beach, going out to breakfast, and can usually be found at a baseball game.

Abby: Digital Assistant

Abby has been the Digital Assistant at Mint Arrow since 2021. She previously worked for an architect doing drafting and interior design, which she loves! Working for Mint Arrow has been a dream come true because it allows her to be creative in so many different aspects. Abby lives in Utah with her husband, 2 year old son Norman, and 3 crazy dogs. Her family loves sports and you can find them at any ReAL, Jazz, or Utah football game.

Emily: Social Media Assistant

Emily is the Social Media Assistant here at Mint Arrow. She attended college at BYU-Idaho, and found her love for the creativity and fun social media brings about 5 years ago when she stumbled into marketing while pursuing a career in the medical field. She lives with her husband in Austin, TX but was born and raised in California. She spends her free time outdoors, baking new recipes (currently in her brown butter era), rounding up friends for a fun night downtown, and exploring new restaurants — always leaving room for dessert!

Kourtney: Digital Marketing Assistant

Kourtney received her Bachelors degree in Marketing from Utah State University and has been working for Mint Arrow since 2017 as a Digital Marketing Assistant. She lives in Utah with her husband Dillon and little girl Scottie. In her free time she likes to bake, curl up on the couch with a good book, go on walks, and travel with her family. Kourtney is a lover of anything chocolate, especially if it's combined with peanut butter and she will never turn down a good street taco! She loves being a mom and loves working for Mint Arrow and is so grateful she's able to do both!