The BEST drugstore makeup roundup!

May 20, 2019

Everybody I know LOVES a good splurge, but what is almost better than a good splurge is a save that looks like a really, really good splurge! You guys know I'm a big fan of a good dupe. I've got one for my favorite Givenchy satchel, one for the Stuart Weitzman Nudistsong sandal that I've worn to a million events, and on and on and on (you can find more of these in my Bag Guide: Splurge or Save)!!! A few months back I discovered an insanely amazing dupe for the Anastasia Brow Definer I love AT THE DRUGSTORE!! And spoiler alert: I like the dupe better than I like the real deal!

One of my most FAQ is about drugstore makeup. Everybody wants to know what the very best drugstore makeup is! Recently I have had the opportunity to quiz TONS of makeup artists at Sephora and Nordstrom and get the scoop on all their favorite drugstore priced products. I tied ALL the things and now I'm reporting back to you guys!


MOISTURIZER: Gorgeous makeup starts with a gorgeous base. I've loved Olay for YEARS! This face moisturizer is super hydrating, plumping and does an amazing job of keeping your skin soft and hydrated ALL day! It's so so nice to have that SPF 30 already included so that I know I'm protected from the sun without having to do anything else! (You can read more about my 28 days of using just Olay here)

EYE GEL: Olay deep hydrating eye gel really helps with dark circles and puffiness and TOTALLY helps give your eyes that I'm awake! look. And if you're going to do any type of baking or even just setting your under-eye makeup with powder, using a good hydrating eye gel or cream is a MUST.


PRIMER: I am a major advocate for primer. This NYX NoFilter Blurring Primer was a surprising total win, because finding a good primer can be super tricky. This one is UNDER $10, is super light and sets up your foundation really well!

FOUNDATION: I heard about this Maybelline Fit Me Liquid Foundation from a makeup artist that works with one of the very highest end makeup brands at Nordstrom. This was her pick for the very BEST foundation out there. EVER. This foundation is UNDER $6!

I'll be honest, I was pretty hesitant to try out a drugstore foundation because I've just never used one that I loved and have always kind of felt like that's one of the things you have to spend a little more on to get good quality, but man was I wrong. I see now why this Nordstrom makeup artist skips the high-end stuff for her foundation and uses this foundation instead!!

BEAUTY SPONGE: I still think the real deal Beauty Blender is king and worth your pennies. With that said, I think this $8 Morphe Highlight Contour Beauty Sponge is really great if you're on a budget, and especially if you're baking your makeup and using that technique. You can lay the angled end flat against your skin as you're baking your powder in and I love it for that. It does work very, very well for applying your makeup on the traditional side. I just think you end up losing more product in this sponge versus the Beauty Blender.

CONCEALER: I absolutely love this Maybelline Instant Age Rewind concealer. Like maybe even an all caps kind of LOVE. This stuff works miracles!! It looks super nice going on. It STAYS on. It's insanely highly rated $7 magic.

LOOSE POWDER: I really, really this Loose Finishing Powder from Maybelline and I love the $8 price point! It goes on super smooth, it's not cakey, it keeps your foundation set, and it totally helps control shine.

EYELID PRIMER: A good eyelid primer can make or break your eyeshadow game! This $10 Morphe Eyelid Primer is such a great option. It's silky smooth and keeps that eye shadow in place and crease free all day!

EYESHADOW: This Morphe Eyeshadow Palette is packed full of the most creamy, highly pigmented, super blend-able, prettiest eyeshadows! It's SOLD OUT right now which is why we had to link to the exact one on amazon but they've priced it 3x what it's worth (ouch!) so instead I would go with this one that's super similar for what it should've cost in the first place, $24 which is pretty amazing for how many beautiful, high quality colors you get in one palette!

BRONZER: Butter Bronzer from Physicians Formula is a total cult favorite. I like this bronzer better than I like a lot of department store bronzers that I've tried. It goes on really nice, it stays nice, it's a really gorgeous tone and it smells AMAZING!

BLUSH: This Milani Baked Blush is the perfect pink and it's probably THE most popular drugstore blush out there among youtubers, bloggers and makeup artists. It gives you a beautiful healthy, peachy glow for less than $8.

HIGHLIGHTER: This is another product that BLEW. MY. MIND. This highlighter from Wet N Wild is an Allure Best of Beauty Winner and according to a Sephora makeup artist who I spoke with, better than anything at Sephora! This MegaGlo Highlighting Powder is $5!!

I tried the Blossom Glow and Golden Flower Crown and loved them both. The Blossom Glow was more of the traditional highlighter look. The Golden Flower Crown has a really pretty golden tone that is perfect for summer. These are seriously phenomenal.

EYEBROW PENCIL: Still head over heels for this Anastasia dupe eyebrow pencil from L'Oreal. It's amazing. It's under $8. And while I love LOVE love Brow Wiz, if you're looking for a thicker and creamier pencil, the L'Oreal version is my vote over the Anastasia version every day of the week.

LIP LINER: This $4 Nyx Lip Liner is super creamy and glides on super smooth. I lined my whole entire lip and then applied gloss over the top. The color stays on really, really well and looks good all day (or night!) long!

LIPSTICK: These NYX Butter Glosses are under $3!!! I've tried a TON of the colors and I love them all!! They're pigmented enough to wear alone or over a lipstick or lipliner to add softness and shine.

MASCARA: I have been asked multiple times on social media what my favorite drugstore mascara is and HANDS DOWN it is this one by L'Oreal!! It's a total dupe Too Faced's Better Than Sex mascara and it is amazing! Apparently Beyonce's makeup artist is obsessed with it too so…#goodcompany?

MAKEUP SETTING SPRAY: For under $10 this Matte Finish Setting Spray from NYX is awesome! It's a fan favorite, it has thousands of perfect 5-star reviews, and it works well.


5 FACE BRUSHES: Five brushes for the price of ONE department store brush? Yes, please! This Morphe Complexion Master Collection brush set includes all the essentials! This is a great set of affordable brushes.

PENCIL CREASE BRUSH: This $6 Precision Pencil Crease Brush is a smoky eye must have!

OVAL SHADOW BRUSH: Another $6 favorite! This Morphe Oval Shadow Brush is a one brush wonder when it come to eye shadow application. The color goes on evenly. You can blend with it. It's a great, affordable option.

EYE BLENDER BRUSH: A lot of beauty bloggers and beauty YouTubers use this E.L.F. Eye Blender Brush. It's super fluffy and it great for ensuring your shadow is all blended out and smooth and pretty.

MAKEUP CARRIER: last of all, if you REALLY want a blast from the past, I'm straight up giddy about having a Caboodles back in my life because I totally had one in Jr. High and I totally loved bringing it back for $9.

Olay Moisturizer
Olay Eye Gel 
NoFilter Blurring Primer
Liquid Foundation – in 220 natural beige  
Highlight & Contour Beauty Sponge
Concealer – in neutralizer 
Loose Finishing Powder 
Morphe Eyelid Primer 
Morphe Eyeshadow Palette, less expensive similar HERE
Butter Bronzer
Milani Baked Blush
MegaGlo Highlighting Powder 
Eyebrow pencil 
NYX Lip Liner – in peekabo neutral
NYX Butter Glosses – in creme brulee
L'Oreal Mascara
Matte Finish Makeup Setting Spray
Morphe X Jaclyn Hill The Complexion Master Collection
Precision Pencil Crease Brush
Oval Shadow Brush
E.L.F. Eye Blender Brush
Caboodles makeup carrier
Photos by Arielle Levy

Did I miss any drugstore products that you're head over heels for? Share in the comments below!

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Carol L. Harlow:

Do you have a good mascara recommendation?


Hi Carol! Corrine just added her favorite drugstore mascara at the very ended of the post! 🙂 -Kourtney


What about your favorite drug store foundation for each skin type?


Corrine’s favorite drugstore foundation is Burt’s Bees, but she hasn’t tried them all to know for sure! 🙂 -Kourtney


I love Maybellines ‘Falsies’ mascara (purple ish tube). Works better than anything I’ve tried (I’m usually a Clinique girl)


Where can I see the video of Corrine putting on her makeup? I thought I saw it on Instastories, but now I can’t find it. I need help with putting on the highlighter. 🙂


Hi Erin! If you go to Corrine’s instagram and click on her “Beauty” highlight, you’ll see the saved Instagram story there! 🙂 -Kourtney

Amy Miller:

What do you use for foundation?


Hi Amy! Corrine uses THIS Hope that helps! 🙂 -Kourtney

Brenna Borup:

Do you have a favorite drug store face powder to help cover up shine and give your flawless matte finish?


Hello Corrine! Would you try a non animal tested make up and lotions and see what you think about it?✨You are a lovely person and lots of people like me follow your posts and get great things from them! But I am very upset with some news on our planet recently and I thougth maybe you could help us out❤️Then some people would spread all the kindness through your help! Xx


I love Milani baked blush and bought it after you recommended it last time. I also bought a slightly pinker color that I LOVE. Thank you for doing this post and trying these products!

Jenni Pfeifer:

I was so excited to see your Caboodle. Took me back to junior high days. I went online and ordered one.


I was just looking at this post and didn’t see the link for the eyeliner. Did I miss it or is it not listed?


Corrine just used a dark color from the eyeshadow palette to create an eyeliner in this look! 🙂 -Kourtney

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