BEST PICKS from Sephora’s ginormous sale (ending today)!

PSA to all my fellow beauty product lovers: Sephora is having a GINORMOUS site-wide sale that ends TODAY!!! You have to be a Sephora Insider to shop the event, but anyone can become a member for free! I love this sale because it’s the perfect excuse to try out some new products and get a deal on them.

I get asked about my beauty routine all the time, and although it changes a lot because I’m always trying to find the best of everything, I also have tried and true faves that I’ve loved for years and keep on loving! So today I’m sharing a mixture of BOTH to help you get all the BEST picks from Sephora’s insider sale before it ends tonight!


This shampoo is magic! It lifts all the impurities and yucky buildup from your hair and leaves it feeling shiny and new. No spoonful of sugar needed to help this hair-medicine go down. Seriously my hair feels SQUEAKY clean when I use this shampoo! It’s just the reset I need after mountains of dry shampoo 😉

And then this conditioner comes right in and moisturizes your hair without any feeling of heaviness or greasiness, which is a major bonus in the dry winter months!

My second trick for low-maintenance hair is this blow dryer. It’s definitely an investment piece, but I PROMISE it’s worth it!  When I started using this dryer I cut my blow drying time in HALF. Honestly. I’ve been blown away (HA). This version of my hair dryer is actually out of stock, but you can get the special edition hair dryer here.

Once my hair is all dry I finish it off with this hairspray that not only gives you the perfect hold without the crunch, but also smells like heaven in a bottle. Which is never a bad thing, especially during these blustery winter months!

I recently started using this curling wand and, like everything else DryBar, I was NOT disappointed. I mean the name of it should is called the Wrap Party which pretty much speaks for itself!! This wand is awesome because it’s skinnier at the top where you want a little volume, but wider at the bottom where you would want your curls naturally to fall a little softer rather than super tight. And I’m OBSESSED with the cool touch end! I’ve never had a wand with that and it’s extremely helpful in not burning your fingers! It also has an adjustable temperature setting and an auto shut-off, which I love since I’ve left my curling iron plugged in all day WAY more times than I’d like to admit!

I’ve tried a lot of different brands of foundation in my time and I’ve yet to find one that I love as much as this!! I just tried out the matte version foundation with SPF in it and it’s for SURE the new favorite child in my makeup drawer. The coverage is pretty but not thick or cakey, and my skin always looks absolutely flawless when I use this!

This concealer in one word: perfection. Did I get 9 hours of sleep last night? Did my child wake up wanting to play at 5AM? Hmmm I don’t know because this concealer is really that amazing! it hides the dark circles and brightens everything up. It’s like a version of pixie dust for tired mamas everywhere haha!

 I’ve been a longtime Nars blush lover so I admit I was a little skeptical when the girl at the beauty counter introduced me to their liquid version. Because if it’s not broke, why fix it you know? Except when it gets better and even though it’s hard to image Nars making something better than their already seemingly perfected blush, this really is better! You just dab a tiny amount on the back of your hand and swirl it around f all that creamy goodness, and it acts more like a stain than just a blush so it really lasts ALL DAY LONG.  I love this brush too because it’s designed to evenly distribute the liquid for that perfectly even look.

01. On the Rocks shampoo
02. On the Rocks conditioner
03. Hair Dryer(sold out), similar
04. Favorite hairspray
05. Curling Iron
06. Beauty blender
07. YSL foundation
08. Concealer
09. Liquid Blush
10. Robe (sold out), similar
Photos by Arielle Levy

This Sephora’s insider sale is specific for each tier of the Sephora Beauty Insider membership program. You can find out more about the different programs here, but the good news is EVERYONE can save today!!!

Rouge: 15% off with the code #YAYROUGE
VIB: 15% off with the code #YAYVIB
Insider: 10% off YAYINSIDER

Shop any of my very favorite beauty products right now below and don’t forget to use your coupon code at checkout!

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