Full review on Gigi Hadid’s secret weapon: Botox in a bottle!

Quick Version: we're sharing all about this miracle product nicknamed “botox in a bottle” because of it's amazing and fast results ,+ how to save $ on it!

We are beyond excited to share a little secret that's been transforming Corrine's skincare routine…Oliveda's F59 face serum, or now well-known as “Botox in a bottle.” Recently, a dear friend gifted her the Oliveda F59 Corrective Face Serum, and let us tell you, this stuff absolutely lives up to its nickname. And we can't stop raving about it!!

Corrine noticed a substantial difference just within a few days of using this serum. Even Gigi Hadid loves it! This amazing product has been selling out like crazy, and for good reason. Corrine's skin feels incredibly glowy, tight, and firm, giving all the same effects as Botox, but in a gentle and natural way. Keep reading for all the deets!

botox in a bottle

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Day #1

So, night one with the F59 Corrective Face Serum was a bit of an adventure. Corrine was super excited to try it, especially because some of her most trusted friends are absolutely obsessed with it. And let's be real, we're all getting older, and those fine lines and wrinkles are just part of the journey. But who doesn't want to look and feel their best?

Corrine has always struggled with some gnarly redness on her cheeks and forehead. No makeup, no filter – just her natural skin. After the first use Corrine woke up and was stunned. The lines on her forehead were almost gone! She hasn't had Botox in months, and was due for an appointment, but guess what? She's now considering cancelling it!


Fast forward to day three, and Corrine was absolutely in love with her skin. She woke up with no makeup on, no filter, and her skin was glowing. The fine lines and wrinkles have significantly diminished, and the overall texture and appearance of her skin have improved dramatically. She applied the serum at 7 a.m., and by 3 p.m., her skin still looked fresh and radiant. Just look at her glow!

Even though Corrine has had Botox before and loved the results, we all know you can't Botox your entire face. This serum helps with fine lines and wrinkles all over, providing a comprehensive solution that leaves your skin looking flawless.

Check out the before and after pictures she took after using the F59 Corrective Face Serum. The transformation is truly remarkable.

before of wrinkles
BEFORE- showing wrinkles and no makeup
before oliveda serum
BEFORE- resting wrinkles with makeup
Oliveda serum

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Final Thoughts

Corrine has tried sooo many different skincare lines and never seen faster results with anything else. The tightening, fine lines, and wrinkle reduction within just a couple of days of using this serum are truly impressive! We can’t recommend Oliveda’s F59 Corrective Face Serum enough. It’s been a game-changer for Corrine, and we're sure it will be for you too. Whether you’ve tried Botox before or are just looking for a powerful anti-aging solution, this serum is worth all the pennies.

Give it a try, and let us know what you think!

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