ATTN: delivery service lover – same day prescription delivery from CVS CarePass is here!

We're living in some of the very best of times. Why? Delivery services galore. Don't have time to make dinner? Delivery service. Dry cleaners? Delivery. Dog food? Delivery. And guess what else you can have delivered now (same day!)? YOUR PRESCRIPTIONS!!

I’m SO excited to talk about a brand that does prescription delivery (and does it well): CVS. My family has been loyal to our local CVS for eight years now – ever since we moved to Southern California, it’s been a great place for us. If you’re still going out to get your prescriptions, I’m here to tell you why you should seriously consider the CVS CarePass membership program!

pharmacy delivery

CVS CarePass Prescription delivery deal details

The CarePass membership program is an amazing deal at just $5 per month (or $48 for an entire year!), and you get to try your first month FREE! You can check out the CVS CarePass membership program at zero cost for 30 days, but trust me, you’ll want to keep it once you get started.

CVS CarePass

What I love about the CVS CarePass membership program:

pharmacy delivery

Convenience of FREE prescription delivery

One of the benefits I’ve loved very most over the last few years is having free same-day prescription delivery. There are SO MANY things on my to-do list every day. I constantly feel like there's not enough hours in the day to do everything I need. So I PRIORITIZE the things that MUST be done by me, and the things I really want to do, and then I try to sort everything else out that I can have delivered or delegated. And for $5 a month, I LOVE that I can have my prescriptions delivered to me. I've been doing it for YEARS now through CVS.

Moms don't get sick days (or Dads, or college students), so having free same-day prescription delivery that arrives the same-day is HUGE.

Whenever someone is sick and needs to start a prescription right away, the last thing you want to do after the doctor is go home and wait for a call to leave to get the medicine. CVS’s CarePass' same-day prescription delivery option has been insanely helpful for sick kiddos or if I run out of a regular prescription – there’s no added hassle for prescription pickup to our busy schedules!

The CVS CarePass membership also gets your items with 1-2 day shipping for other household staples. If you need a restock of your vitamins, supplements, or over the counter medicines – the 1-2 day shipping and prescription delivery is such a nice benefit! 

pharmacy delivery
CVS CarePass

Pharmacist helpline available 24/7

Being able to access a pharmacist at any time, day OR night, is SO nice. If you have a question about a new medication or how a prescription might work with vitamins you’re taking, you can call the helpline and they can talk you through what will work best.

It’s an amazing resource to have at those times when the unexpected happens and you need to ask a question – they’re always there! Instead of panic Googling our issues (which is always tempting), you can get peace of mind by talking with a real life pharmacist.

CVS CarePass

Added savings on CVS Health & Live Better products

Spring allergies making their way through your family? Need some bandages on-hand (we ALWAYS do) or sleep aids or floss picks (the ONLY way my kids will floss!)? You can stock up on all of these products by using the 20% OFF discount (valid every single day!) on all of the already low-priced CVS Health brand products – major win.

pharmacy delivery

Monthly $10 reward

Yep, you read that right – each month with my CVS CarePass membership I get a $10 monthly promo reward! You can, too. I LOVE that you can use this reward to treat yourself and stock up on beauty products!

This is another saving the CVS CarePass membership offers, and it's a fun way to treat yourself with some self-care products you’ve been dying to try like a new nail polish, mascara, or lotion.

CVS CarePass

Wellness refresh delivery with CVS CarePass

I love CVS and using my CVS CarePass membership for added savings and convenience! There’s really nothing like a prescription showing up to your door the same day you need it.

I hope you take advantage of this crazy good CarePass member sign up offer and get your first month FREE and the rest of the year for just $5 a month! CVS is making it easier than ever to feel your best this spring, and when you don’t, they’ve got you covered with no delay. I'm HERE for the pharmacy delivery, and I know you will be, too!

Disclaimer: Please consult your doctor or pharmacist prior to taking specific vitamins and/or supplements.

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