Do you need a beauty fridge? Read this to decide!

I have wanted a beauty fridge for like EVER. Like long enough to include it in a handful of gift guides over the last year! And after hinting to Neil a lot of times (ha) I finally just decided to get it for myself, channeling my inner Destiny's Child Independent Woman circa 2001.

It is so dreamy to have this beauty fridge right in my bathroom! Today I'm outlining all the reasons I love my beauty fridge, including why I got one, what I keep in it (and what I don't!), and why I picked this exact one!

best mini beauty fridge for skincare

Why a beauty fridge?

There might not be exact scientific evidence to back up this claim, but many people believe that storing certain products in a beauty fridge increases the product's efficacy. It is believed that cool temperatures help extend the life, improve application, and improve the overall quality of your serums, creams, and masks. Last week I interviewed Jamie O'Banion, Beauty Bio founder, for an upcoming episode of my podcast and in prepping for our interview, I was watching a bunch her highlight bubbles on IG and thought it was so interesting that she suggested putting some of her Beauty Bio products in a fridge for better results!

For me, it's more of a luxury thing. Many skincare products that I apply to my face, including masks, feel so much better chilled. Our bedroom is upstairs, so having a beauty fridge in my bathroom was a must for my end of the day laziness. Can I get an amen from all my #tiredgirls?!

Why THIS one?

Because I have wanted a beauty fridge for such a long time, I had plenty of time to compile a list of all my wants and do all the research. I was the proverbial Goldilocks and very specific about what I wanted as far as size and price point. I needed something that was large enough to fit my products, but not too large to fit in my bathroom. And I didn't want something outrageously expensive, but didn't necessarily want the very cheapest option either!

This lightweight and compact beauty fridge checks ALL the boxes: perfect size, highly rated, pretty enough to sit on my bathroom vanity, and an affordable price point. It has absolutely been worth my pennies because I have used it a TON.

beauty fridge review for skincare products
Lipstick Organizer
Makeup Brush Holder

What do I put in a beauty fridge?

Here are the products that I put in my beauty fridge:

  • Any kind of cream, especially night creams. I store day creams and night creams in my beauty fridge, but nothing beats a cold night cream before bed.
  • Facial sprays. Examples include setting sprays and toning sprays. The feel of that cool mist on your face is what skincare dreams are made of!
  • Masks. Under-eye gel masks or an overall face mask. I love being able to apply a chilled mask and settle in for some pre-bed show streaming.
  • Facial roller. My Skin Gym roller lives in the fridge. Beauty tools like this have the added benefits of helping to reduce puffiness, inflammation, and dark circles when chilled.
  • Diet Coke. How's that for a twist? There is almost ALWAYS a Diet Coke in my skincare fridge! I have also used it to store breastmilk if I've pumped but don't want to walk all the way downstairs late at night. #mommyhack

My Elemis Overnight Matrix is my #1 very favorite thing that I keep in my beauty fridge! It is next level. Applying that cold is seriously such a treat.

What do I NOT put my fridge?

Never put anything oil based in a beauty fridge! Oil based products are going to separate or harden when chilled. Think of butter in the fridge. Haha. No thanks.

beauty fridge mini
Lipstick Organizer
Beauty Fridge

Chill out beauty lovers

Having a beauty fridge is such a fun little treat! If there is someone on your holiday list that loves all things beauty and skincare, this makes an AMAZING gift. This fridge is a perfect size and has been exactly what I needed (and wanted)! Is it a NEED? Not really 🙂 Am I using it every day and so happy I have it? 100%! Let me know what you think if you have one too!

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