The top 4 BEST self tanners for your face (most are on sale)!

Quick version: when it comes to self tanner for your face, these are the 4 very best options + some are up at 54% OFF!

One of the most frequently asked questions we get is about self tanner. Everybody wants to know what the very BEST self tanner is. More specifically, everybody really wants to know what the BEST self tanner for your face is!

We love love love sunless tanner, because it means we get to keep that beachy vacation glow all year long and protect our skin from sun damage. But we know applying the same self tanner you use on your body to your face makes a lot of people very nervous. So we went out and tried ALL the face self tanners that we could get our hands on to try to find the best self tanner for your face… and we're giving you the scoop on our favorites!

Coco & Eve micromist
FROM: Coco & Eve self tanner sets on sale for 40% OFF + our review!

In a hurry? Shop our picks below:

1 – Coco & Eve  Antioxidant Face Tanning Micromist

THIS is our newest favorite self tanner for FACE! It’s so pretty, works in ONE application (you don’t have to gradually build it up over time like some!!) and best of all, it doesn’t dry out your face and start peeling, cracking or fading around your hairline halfway through the week like others we've tried. You apply it on a clean dry face, so we usually get ready for bed, exfoliate really well, and then spray this all over with no other product that night. We wake up the next day with an amazing glow!! If you sign up for subscribe and save you can get 10% OFF!

face tanning mist

2 – Tan-Luxe Sleep Oil

This sleep oil is probably on of our most used since 2022 because it combines oil that’s extremely hydrating with a self tanner that works in ONE night! We wake up looking perfectly tanned in one use, and our face feels super supple the next morning too. We love that they packed this with all the goodness of an anti-aging facial oil with a self tanner that gives us perfect results every time. This one also fades really well and doesn’t come off splotchy toward the end of the week like some other tanning drops.

It’s pricey, but we feel like it lasts us a long time because we only need to use it one time and it lasts a whole week. These drops rarely go on sale and we found them for 15% OFF making them only $44 (reg. $52)!

tan-luxe sleep oil

3 – Hyaluronic Acid Tanning Drops

Tanning drops are easy to mix into a moisturizer you love, small and easy to store, and less intimidating to apply because they mix-in to lotions or moisturizers you already have. These hyaluronic acid tanning drops are THE BEST ones we've tried because they do NOT dry out our skin!

They give the most even, pretty, natural-looking glow. If you want ONE face self tanner that has never ever let us down – THIS one is it. It's one of our top picks, hands down. Right now you can get these drops on sale for only $22.39 (reg. $49) that makes them 54% OFF!

tan luxe hyaluronic acid tanning drops
tan luxe hyaluronic acid tanning drops

4 – Alpha Beta Glow Pads

These Alpha Beta Glow Pads are the bomb! Honestly this is probably our favorite self-tanner towelette we've ever used. The color is REALLY good. Because this one was created by a dermatologist, it has anti-aging benefits that come along with that natural healthy glow! Score!

This is a great self tanner option if you have acne prone skin. You get 20 towels for only $29.50 (reg. $33.38) which means each tan is only about $1.50! Not bad if you have another self tanner you absolutely love for the rest of your body. Our vote for the very best self tanner for your face if you want to use a towelette.

Skincare Alpha Beta® Glow Pad™ for Face

Here comes the (faux) sun

Have you tried any of these self-tanners for your face? Is there one that you LOVE that's not on our list? Let us know what you thought and if you liked the same ones we did!!

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