The 10 BEST jeans of the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale

One of my very MOST popular Nordstrom Anniversary Sale posts annually is my BEST JEANS guide, so it's making another comeback! Nordstrom totally delivered again, because there is sooooo much good denim at the Anniversary Sale this year! I did all the research and tried on EVERY SINGLE PAIR of jeans included in the sale to help YOU get the very best jeans for the very best price!! Including everything from the juniors department, all the way up to the very most expensive designer pair. Are you stoked? Let's do this.

best jeans of the nordstrom anniversary sale

When can I shop the Nordstrom Anniversary sale?

There are so many rules and restrictions to shopping the Nordstrom Anniversary sale that it can get pretty confusing when you can ACTUALLY shop it, so I'm here to make sure it's nice and clear!

July 24-Aug 18: PREVIEW for everyone in lieu of the print catalog HERE
August 4th: ICON Early Access
August 7th: Ambassador Early Access
August 10th: Influencer Early Access
August 13th: Insider Early Access
August 19th: Public access begins – ANYONE can shop the sale
August 30: Sale ends!

CLICK HERE to see what status you are!

Make sense? Hopefully that gives you an idea of what to expect as far as eligibility and when you can shop! Stay tuned for all of our posts throughout the sale so we can provide you with the BEST advice and my honest reviews on each item!

How this guide works

We know most of you are exclusively shopping the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale online and those of you shopping in-store might only have a quick hour or so to shop. So we categorized all the Nordstrom women's jeans included in the Anniversary Sale on a numeric rating scale so you guys could see exactly which jeans will give you the very best bang for your buck!

I've only included jeans that were at least an 8 out of 10. Everything 7 or below I didn't take pictures of, so this is literally the BEST of the BEST jeans. Let's get started so you can have all your favorites ordered and ready for you to pick up (or shipped to your house!) before they sell out in your size — because they totally will!!

*All photos of each pair of jeans are BELOW the description

#1: KUT from the Kloth

#1 KUT from the Kloth (Attitude), (Black)- Sale: $58.90 (Orig: $89.50) Score: 9/10, runs TTS

These jeans are crazy, crazy comfortable. They have these secret slimming pockets inside so they're also crazy flattering. At just $58.90, they're also crazy affordable.

I also tried these skinnies on in black and they are a MUST BUY. I love the length and the raw hem. They are an absolute steal in addition to being stretchy and comfy and oh so good.

kut from the kloth jeans
KUT from the Kloth

#2: MOTHER Ripped High Waisted

#2 MOTHER Ripped High Waisted Jeans – Sale: $158.90 (Orig: $238) Score: 8/10, runs TTS

I really like these jeans and feel like they are very flattering. They're high-waisted with a raw hem and ripped knees, which is totally my jam. These are more of a splurge jean, but during the Anniversary Sale you're saving nearly $80!

MOTHER ripped high waist jeans nordstrom anniversary sale

#3: WIT & WISDOM Luxe Touch

#3 WIT & WISDOM Luxe Touch – Sale: $49.90 (Orig: $78.00) Score: 9/10, run big size down 1 size

Absolutely LOVE these jeans! They are super stretchy and super slimming-especially through the waist! If you've had kids, you know it's important to flatter that “mama area!” But don't worry, they're super flattering from the back too! These are crazy comfortable jeans and the gray tone is amazing for fall. Also a very very budget friendly buy at just $49.90.

WIT & Wisdom luxe touch jeans
Wit & Wisdom

#4: Rag & Bone Nina Skinnies

#4 Rag & Bone High Waist Ankle Skinny Jeans – Sale: $129.90 (Orig: $195.00) Score: 10/10, runs TTS

These skinnies have been an Anniversary Sale favorite of mine for YEARS, and they are FLAWLESS again. They are a high-waisted, flattering from every angle, super comfortable, 10/10 skinny win. Buy these! At $129.90 during the sale, they are not cheap, but if you're going to buy this brand anyway, this is 100% the way to go. Plus I have pairs from previous years that I still wear, so the quality and value is really unmatched.

Rag & bone skinny jeans nordstrom anniversary sale
Rag & Bone
best jeans nordstrom anniversary sale rag & bone
Rag & Bone

#5: PAIGE Hoxton Skinnies

#5 PAIGE Skinny Jeans – Sale: $125.90 (Orig: $189.00) Score: 10/10, runs TTS

Another 10/10! This skinny is super flattering and runs true to size. If you are in-between sizes, I would probably size down. These are a full-length jean versus a crop, so they're a great pick for fall and winter. I own this exact jean in a different size from before baby #4, so I'm very excited to have these in my current size and save $63 doing it.

paige hoxton skinny jeans
paige skinny jeans nordstrom
skinny jeans

#6: Good American Good Legs

#6 Good Legs Skinny Jeans – Sale: $116.90 (Orig: $175.00) Score: 8/10, runs TTS

While these are super super comfortable, I don't think the fit is quite as flattering as some of the other pairs in this guide. 10/10 for comfort and that gorgeous distressed hem, but 8/10 for fit.

good american good legs denim
Good Legs
good american good legs jeans
Good Legs

#7: FRAME Le Skinny

#7 FRAME Skinny Jeans – Sale: $133.90 (Orig: $200.00) Score: 9/10, runs TTS

I love the light wash and flattering fit of these FRAME skinnies. They're comfortable and look cute from the front, AND from the back. The only tricky part is the split hem and cropped length. Those features make these feel seasonal and maybe not the best bang for your buck heading into fall and winter.

FRAME le skinny skinny jeans nordstrom anniversary sale
FRAME Le Skinny

#8: FRAME Le Crop

#8 FRAME High Waist Jeans – Sale: $146.90 (Orig: $220.00) Score: 10/10, runs TTS

Okay, I LOVE these! Plus they are proof that you absolutely can do a crop jean for winter. They're so cute and so comfy. The flare was just made for showcasing a winter bootie and I DIE over the super cute, flattering pockets.

FRAME le crop high waisted jeans
FRAME le crop jeans

#9: FRAME Ripped Skinnies

#9 FRAME Ripped Skinny Jeans – Sale: $146.90 (Orig: $220.00) Score: 9/10, runs TTS

This pair runs true to size and fits really well, while also being really comfortable. I love the distressing and think the whiskering has a super slimming effect on the legs. YES, please!

FRAME ripped nordstrom anniversary sale
FRAME Ripped

#10: Madewell

#10 MADEWELL Skinny Jeans – Sale: $84.90 (Orig: $128.00) Score: 8/10, runs TTS

Everybody loves this brand of jeans and with a price tag of $84.90 during the Anniversary Sale, it's not hard to see why. This jean fits comfortably and sucks everything in. However, to me, the button fly is just okay and the bum is just okay. Not my very favorite, but a very good and pretty flattering jean.

Madewell skinny jeans

BONUS #11: Free People Skinnies

#11 We the Free by Free People High Waisted Skinnies – Sale: $49.90 (Orig: $78.00) Score: 10/10, runs TTS

I got these ones in the mail because they weren't available in store to try on, and they are SO GOOD. They fit TTS with just the perfect amount of stretch. These skinnies are also SO flattering and super affordable.

Free People skinny jeans
Free People

Add To Cart

I tried on EVERY pair of jeans that my Nordstrom store carried when I shopped on one of the Icon Level days. As I mentioned above, I only included my 8/10, 9/10, and 10/10 finds. Trying on and documenting my feelings and fit recommendations for every single pair of jeans took me SO MANY HOURS, that I started skipping taking pics and recording my feelings about all of my finds rated 7 or below. So if you don't see a pair in here you're thinking about purchasing, it's pretty safe to assume they weren't good enough to make the cut for this post!

Having said that, I know there were a few jeans that my Nordstrom store didn't carry, so if/when I get a chance to try those on (like the 10/10 Free People skinnies), I'll definitely add them to this post with my honest recommendation. So come back for updates throughout the sale!

I hope this guide helps you snag the very BEST jeans of the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale for your body type, budget, and personal taste! Now hurry before your size sells out!!

LIVE jean try-on

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  1. which DL1961 jean is darker? On line they look too similar to tell. I’d like to order the darker on on your recommendation. Thank you

  2. This is so helpful! Can you share how tall these girls are so I can get a better idea of how the jeans would fit me?

    1. Of course! Jaquie (long dark brown hair) is 5’5, Auna (short dark brown hair) is 5’1, and Jenn (light brown hair) is 5’8. Hope that helps! 🙂 -Kourtney

  3. The Rag & Bone raw hem skinnies are listed both in 4 stars & 2 stars with different reviews but it’s the same link. Can you clarify the difference in jeans?

    1. Oh I’m sorry about that, I can totally see how that would’ve been confusing! Auna who is petite rated them a 2, and we concluded after that MOST petite girls don’t love Rag & Bone. However, Jaquie who is 5’5″ LOVED these and rated them a 5, and I always feel like Rag & Bone fit amazing on me at 5’10”! Hope that helps 🙂

    1. Oh no, I did and I really liked them! Not sure how we missed including them in this post, I’ll see if I can dig up those pics and add them in 🙂 But those are a big YES for me!!!

  4. I loved that you tried on so many jeans and this post is helpful but I really loved how last year you had other people of different sizes ( especially diff heights) try on the jeans and give their opinions.

    1. Hey Jenna, thanks for your feedback. I know, last year it was fun to be able to show different heights and body types. It was a tremendous amount of extra work though outfitting several different people, which was necessary since I was almost 9 mo pregnant and couldn’t fit into 90% of the clothes! This year, with the things going on in our family (Neil’s brother’s pre-murder-trial hearing etc. and having to travel and plan for that right in the middle of the Anniversary Sale opening week) I knew I wasn’t going to be up for extra work on top of whatever we needed to do to get our content ready for the blog. I hope you can understand and that what I did provide was of value to you! 🙂

      1. Oh my goodness. I am so sorrry and I feel terrible, Corrine! I definitely wasn’t trying to be critical. I thought this was a great post and I appreciate the energy and work you put into this sale (and your blog in general). I just thought last year’s was helpful and fun in a different way. I never even considered how it would be more work. I actually told my husband that I can’t believe how much time you must have spent trying on so much stuff! And, now that you’ve mentioned it, I completely see how it would be so much harder to have more people involved. You did a great job with this and it was valuable to me–and probably tons of other people too. Also, I’m very sorry about your loss and I’m sending lots of love your family’s way.

        1. Oh no please don’t feel terrible!! I just wanted to give an honest and transparent answer so that it didn’t seem like I was blowing off whatever would be most helpful to people. I really do appreciate your kindness and understanding, and even the fact that you’re here as a reader in the first place!!! Can’t tell you how grateful we are for you 🙂

  5. Your jeans guide has been so helpful! I prefer a higher waist jean, so I took a chance on the Wit & Wisdom high-rise jeggings. Per your recommendation, I ordered two sizes down. You were right on the money! The smaller size fits perfectly. They are very flattering and comfortable. I can’t wait to wear them. Thanks again!

  6. Were there any wide leg jeans that you liked? I see that these are all skinnies. Aren’t wide legs a thing again?

  7. I love these!! And what a task you took on!
    You look great, especially right after having Harry! I know the #10 pair (Madewell) made your top ten, but weren’t your favorite, but I have to say from the pics they stand out as the most ultra flattering on you!
    Thanks for the great recommendations; this is so helpful for next week’s shopping!

  8. Thank you for all the time and effort you put into this Nordstrom favorite Jean hunt! I love all your honest-talk of how things fit! Nordstrom Anniversary Sale is definitely a highlight of the year for me and your hunting down all these best jeans saves me a ton of time! Thanks a bunch! ❤️

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