I tried on ALL THE JEANS in the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale – these are the BEST.

One of our very MOST popular Nordstrom Anniversary Sale posts annually is the BEST JEANS guide, so it’s making another comeback! Nordstrom really knocked it out of the park this year with sooooo much good denim at the Anniversary Sale this year. I really did seriously try on EVERY.SINGLE.PAIR of Nordstrom anniversary sale jeans to help YOU get the very best jeans in the sale, depending on what you’re looking for and your budget!

Your best bet to shopping the 2023 Nordstrom Anniversary Sale is online – so it’s a good thing you’re here! I did all the trying on for you so I could tell you how these jeans fit, and which ones are worthy of a 4 or 5 star rating. Ready? Let’s do this.

nordstrom anniversary sale jeans

When can I shop the sale?

CATALOG: Coming soon!

ICON early access: July 9th, 2024

Ambassador early access: July 10th, 2024

Influencer early access: July 11th, 2024

Open to the public: July 15th, 2024

Sale ends August 4th!

How this guide works!

There are so many different categories when it comes to jeans, so I included the best pick for EACH category. Whatever you’re looking for, the anniversary sale has it, and I took the time to try on every pair of jeans to figure out which ones are the most flattering, comfortable, best bang-for-your-buck, won’t give you camel toe, WILL make your booty look good and legs look long, and even finds depending on how much stretch you do (or don’t!) want.

I really employed Essentialism in crafting this guide, so I ONLY included jeans that were 4 or 5-star (out of 5) and didn’t bother taking pictures of anything where I went “ugh!” because of an uncomfortable, unflattering, camel toe inducing, low rising, not meant for a lady over 30 kind of fit!

My recommendations will most likely be helpful for a woman who’s had babies or needs jeans that flatter the lower-abdominal area.

I tried on each pair of Nordstrom anniversary sale jeans in my normal size and will tell you which are true to size (TTS), or if you need to go up or down a size.

I’m 5’10” and, for context, I have not lost the “baby weight” from having Bobby (my 5th baby via c-section) 6 months ago, so I need my jeans to give me all the help I can get!

Alright, let’s get started so we can get you all your favorite Nordstrom anniversary sale jeans before they sell out in your size!!

You can watch this video too and then read about each pair and find the links to each of the winners below the video too.

Highest sell-out risk jeans

good american jeans

Highest sell-out risk jeans: Last year this pair sold out REALLLLY fast because they’re one of the most affordable pairs of designer jeans at just under $100! They’re also constructed with slimming pockets in the front and back, and they’ve got just the right amount of stretch to be comfy but medium structure too. 5-star, TTS!

Fit like a glove jeans

best bootcut cropped jeans

Fit like a glove jeans – cropped: if comfort is your top priority, well then, say hello to your new best friend. These 5-star jeans literally fit like a GLOVE. Crazy comfy and true to size. Very cute in this crop version or if you’re more into full-length, the pair below is the same exact jean just a blue wash and full length.

best bootcut jeans

Fit like a glove jeans – full length: blue wash, full length, raw hem, TTS! CRAZY comfy. 5-star.

Most slimming jeans

most slimming jeans

Most slimming jeans: absolutely hands down THE most slimming pair of jeans in the whole sale. These were my trusty favorite pair of black jeans for YEARS in the same cut but skinnies, and having to retire these in the skinny version (temporarily – I’m keeping them for when they come back!) was the saddest part of the death of skinny jeans for me in the fashion industry. Enter the FLARE VERSION! Cue happy tears!! I was seriously ELATED to see these, have high hopes, and then have those hopes met with that same SUPER slimming effect of these magical jeans! You WILL NOT regret this purchase. 5-star and TTS.

The gateway jean (if you’re trying to quit skinnies!)

mother denim nordstrom anniversary sale

The gateway jean (if you’re trying to quit skinnies!): I named these the gateway jean because they almost feel like skinny jeans, they’re fitted all the way down to the knee and only slightly open up from there down to the ankle! You’ll stay on-trend with this pair, but you’ll FEEL like you’re still wearing your beloved skinnies! TTS, 4-star jeans.

Comfy but conflicted

mother jeans at nordstrom

Comfy but conflicted: this pair of jeans is for sure extremely comfy, to the point where I put it in the running for “fit like a glove” comfy, but I ultimately came away conflicted because there’s something about the wash in the mid-section that I feel like draws attention to that area and isn’t as flattering! If you have a perfectly flat tummy then this does not apply to you. For me, they were 4-star jeans but very comfy and TTS!

Wide-leg winners

Wide-leg winners: I actually forgot to take a proper picture of these so the best I have for you are a couple of screenshots from the video I took of them! But these were definitely by far the winner of the best wide-leg pants of the Anniversary Sale this year. Comfy, cute, flattering, all the right hugs in all the right places! These fit TTS and fully earn a 5-star rating from me.


best jeans at nordstrom

VERY BEST OVERALL: When I told my stylist at Nordstorm that I was on the hunt for THE very best jeans (and that’s why I was trying on literally every pair), as she helped me gather all of them, she said, “let me go get you my FAVORITE pair.” She was right! Spot on! These are unreal. SO good. So slimming. So comfy. Pretty enough to wear to a fancy-ish dinner where you can wear nice jeans with a nice top, but comfortable enough to wear in everyday life too. On a scale of 1-5, these are a 6! Seriously!! They do run slightly big so go down a size for sure.

Best vintage jean

levis vintage jeans

Best vintage jean: this pair of jeans has been around for-like-EVER because they’re just classic. They have ZERO stretch, so IMO they aren’t the most comfy, and comfy is kinda my love language. But I do think they’re very cute and flattering! The pocket on the bum is big (but not too big) and a little angled so they make your bum look reeeeal good. And they’re definitely one of the most affordable picks too! 4-star jean for me. OH! And go up a size, they run a little small.

Best baby flares

baby flare jeans at nordstrom

Best baby flares: baby flares. They’re a thing. And these are ULTRA comfy, cute, flattering, fun for summer, and a DREAMY fit! I feel like the lighter wash and crop baby flare on these jeans makes them the ultimate summer denim! They run a tiny bit big so take these 5-star jeans one size down.

Best basic, affordable denim

madewell denim

Best basic, affordable denim: if you just want a good SOLID pair of jeans that won’t break the bank, that WILL look awesome with everything, get these. They’re a solid choice and they’re $89 (reg $140) so you’re saving a LOT on designer jeans that don’t stretch out and you’ll be able to wear over and over again all year long. 5-star and TTS.

Best Nordstrom Anniversary Sale picks!

There are sooo many pages of things to scroll through during the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale and that’s why I did all the dirty work of trying on EVERY SINGLE PAIR OF JEANS so you don’t have to! I’m working hard with my team to bring you even MORE quick guides for the NSale so stick around and keep coming back in the next few days and all throughout the sale if this was helpful to you, for more bestie recs. Happy shopping!!

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  1. which DL1961 jean is darker? On line they look too similar to tell. I’d like to order the darker on on your recommendation. Thank you

  2. This is so helpful! Can you share how tall these girls are so I can get a better idea of how the jeans would fit me?

    1. Of course! Jaquie (long dark brown hair) is 5’5, Auna (short dark brown hair) is 5’1, and Jenn (light brown hair) is 5’8. Hope that helps! 🙂 -Kourtney

  3. The Rag & Bone raw hem skinnies are listed both in 4 stars & 2 stars with different reviews but it’s the same link. Can you clarify the difference in jeans?

    1. Oh I’m sorry about that, I can totally see how that would’ve been confusing! Auna who is petite rated them a 2, and we concluded after that MOST petite girls don’t love Rag & Bone. However, Jaquie who is 5’5″ LOVED these and rated them a 5, and I always feel like Rag & Bone fit amazing on me at 5’10”! Hope that helps 🙂

    1. Oh no, I did and I really liked them! Not sure how we missed including them in this post, I’ll see if I can dig up those pics and add them in 🙂 But those are a big YES for me!!!

  4. I loved that you tried on so many jeans and this post is helpful but I really loved how last year you had other people of different sizes ( especially diff heights) try on the jeans and give their opinions.

    1. Hey Jenna, thanks for your feedback. I know, last year it was fun to be able to show different heights and body types. It was a tremendous amount of extra work though outfitting several different people, which was necessary since I was almost 9 mo pregnant and couldn’t fit into 90% of the clothes! This year, with the things going on in our family (Neil’s brother’s pre-murder-trial hearing etc. and having to travel and plan for that right in the middle of the Anniversary Sale opening week) I knew I wasn’t going to be up for extra work on top of whatever we needed to do to get our content ready for the blog. I hope you can understand and that what I did provide was of value to you! 🙂

      1. Oh my goodness. I am so sorrry and I feel terrible, Corrine! I definitely wasn’t trying to be critical. I thought this was a great post and I appreciate the energy and work you put into this sale (and your blog in general). I just thought last year’s was helpful and fun in a different way. I never even considered how it would be more work. I actually told my husband that I can’t believe how much time you must have spent trying on so much stuff! And, now that you’ve mentioned it, I completely see how it would be so much harder to have more people involved. You did a great job with this and it was valuable to me–and probably tons of other people too. Also, I’m very sorry about your loss and I’m sending lots of love your family’s way.

        1. Oh no please don’t feel terrible!! I just wanted to give an honest and transparent answer so that it didn’t seem like I was blowing off whatever would be most helpful to people. I really do appreciate your kindness and understanding, and even the fact that you’re here as a reader in the first place!!! Can’t tell you how grateful we are for you 🙂

  5. Your jeans guide has been so helpful! I prefer a higher waist jean, so I took a chance on the Wit & Wisdom high-rise jeggings. Per your recommendation, I ordered two sizes down. You were right on the money! The smaller size fits perfectly. They are very flattering and comfortable. I can’t wait to wear them. Thanks again!

  6. Were there any wide leg jeans that you liked? I see that these are all skinnies. Aren’t wide legs a thing again?

  7. I love these!! And what a task you took on!
    You look great, especially right after having Harry! I know the #10 pair (Madewell) made your top ten, but weren’t your favorite, but I have to say from the pics they stand out as the most ultra flattering on you!
    Thanks for the great recommendations; this is so helpful for next week’s shopping!

  8. Thank you for all the time and effort you put into this Nordstrom favorite Jean hunt! I love all your honest-talk of how things fit! Nordstrom Anniversary Sale is definitely a highlight of the year for me and your hunting down all these best jeans saves me a ton of time! Thanks a bunch! ❤️

  9. I don’t see the brands of jeans in your post. Just the pic and your description, but I don’t see what brand they are. Am I missing something l?

    1. Hi Jill! If you click any of the pink underlined words, it will take you to the correct jeans! 🙂 -Kourtney

  10. Thank you!! Is there anyway you could also link the coral button down you wore in the first photo?! I love the color?

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