For collaborations, partnerships and business inquiries please contact my manager laura@thedigitalbrandarchitects.com; for anything else, email me corrine@mintarrow.com or you can connect with me on twitter, facebook, instagram or see my unfiltered life on snapchat! I'm @mintarrow everywhere :)
When my oldest daughter Anabelle was born in 2012, I absolutely LOVED becoming a mama but also found myself struggling with postpartum depression. My very wise mother, friends and family all encouraged me to just get OUT of the house each day, but it was winter time in Utah so there weren't a lot of places I could take a newborn in snowy below freezing weather! We wound up at the mall a lot and I was finding deals left and right. I figured I should post them in case somebody needed that deal on that thing. That led to me posting the best deals I found on my personal instagram with the hashtag #someonegobuythis, and after some encouragement from friends and family, I decided to take that weird but useful talent and start a blog! You can read more about that here.
I love finding my readers just what they were looking for, at the best prices! But I'm also a stay-at-home mom of two with a full time blogging career and a husband and church responsibilities and I even try to wash my hair a couple times a week (ha!) so if you'll do me just a little favor and leave your request right here, I can keep an eye out for the deals my readers want the most! We review these requests daily.
My big list is coming SOON, but for now here are a few faves! Settebello in Newport Beach for the most authentic Italian pizza you'll eat on this continent, The Beach Comber for a picture perfect beachfront breakfast (get there early on the weekend!), a frozen banana on Balboa Island for an iconic and delicious treat, Crystal Cove for the most beautiful beaches in Orange County, our favorite resorts for staying are the Montage if budget is no issue, the St Regis Dana Point for reasonably priced luxury, and the Pacific Edge Hotel for a steal of a stunning beachfront deal. MORE SOON on this topic!
Neil and I are extremely lucky to both work from home! I run the blog while he runs our doTERRA essential oil business, which is funny because in a million years neither of us would have ever thought of that as a possibility! He was a huge hater of essential oils and anything direct sales. We used the oils for 3 years though and fell in love with their products, took a leap of faith trying out the business, and fell even more in love with the mission of the company. We are proud to be part of a company that does SO much good around the world.
At this time I'm squeezing every spare second of time I have into enjoying my two tiny but growing girls and staying in love with my man, so for those reasons I am currently not accepting mentees (such a funny word!) but I hope to find a solution for this in the future, because I would love to help people out who are wanting to blog! For now, some general advice: post about what you really love, not what you think everyone else is going to love. Post often - daily, weekly or a few times a week, however much is possible for your schedule - but keep it on a consistent schedule. That means if you know you can only blog once a week, pick one day and stick with that, so that people know to come back that same day each week. Never, ever accept sponsored opportunities to talk about products or companies that you wouldn't naturally love and talk about anyway. Trust me, you'll be so glad if you stick to this! And finally, don't do it because you want to make money because most bloggers, like me, made about $0.25 an hour for a very long time before their blog became profitable. Do it because you love it, do it often, and if you're real, you're passionate, and authentic, and committed, the money will come.

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