Blackstone Griddle guide: why it’s the BEST backyard addition this summer!

Quick Version: Corrine recently got the Blackstone Griddle from Walmart and it has been a total LIFESAVER to help with meals during her kitchen reno!

We've been so excited to share the deets on Corrine's latest backyard addition from Walmart that seriously saved the day: the Blackstone Griddle! If you've been following along, you know that Corrine has been knee-deep in the chaos of her kitchen renovation. With everything in disarray, cooking meals for her family of seven turned into quite the puzzle. Enter the Blackstone Griddle, a culinary hero, transforming the backyard into the ultimate makeshift kitchen. Whether it's flipping pancakes, eggs AND hashbrowns for breakfast or grilling burgers and veggies for dinner, this powerhouse has not only made mealtime possible but downright delightful! And of course we scoured the internet for the best priced one…keep reading for the details!


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What makes the Blackstone griddle different?

The Blackstone Griddle stands out in the crowded market of outdoor cooking for several compelling reasons. It has a flat top griddle design, unlike the traditional grill grates found on most barbecues, that provides a smooth, even cooking surface to eliminate the common issues of flare-ups and uneven heating ensuring consistently well-cooked meals. The griddle style also allows you to cook foods that would normally fall through grill grates, such as eggs, small vegetables, and even delicate fish. Plus, the large cooktop space makes cooking for large families or groups SO easy. The Blackstone comes in sizes from 17″ all the way up to 36″. There is a size to fit every need and space! We also love the price on these griddles! They are priced REALLY well in comparison to a lot of other grills. The 36″ size that Corrine has is less than $300 and the best price on the market right now!!

blackstone griddle 36"
Blackstone Griddle
Outdoor Egg Chairs
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Accessories Galore

One of the great features of the Blackstone Griddle is the wide array of accessories available that can enhance your grilling experience. From custom-fitted covers to protect your grill from the elements, to a variety of cooking utensils specially designed for the flat top, there’s something for every grilling need. Add-ons like the breakfast kit with pancake dispensers and bacon presses make morning meals a breeze, while a griddle toolkit with spatulas and choppers is perfect for expertly flipping burgers or dicing veggies right on the grill. There’s even a pizza oven attachment for those who want to venture beyond traditional grilling. These accessories not only maximize the functionality of your Blackstone Griddle but also make outdoor cooking convenient and FUN!

What to cook on it?

The Blackstone Griddle is seriously perfect for almost any meal you can imagine. Breakfast enthusiasts can whip up everything from fluffy pancakes and crispy bacon to perfectly cooked eggs all at once. For lunch or dinner, it's ideal for grilling burgers, hot dogs, and steaks to perfection with that desirable charred flavor. Vegetables and seafood also cook beautifully on its expansive surface, making it easy to serve up a complete meal. The flat top even makes it possible to try your hand at more adventurous dishes like stir-fries, quesadillas, and even teppanyaki-style foods, turning your backyard into a gourmet kitchen!

blackstone griddle
blackstone griddle

How to clean it?

Keeping your Blackstone Griddle in tip-top shape is key to ensuring it remains your go-to for outdoor cooking, especially after whipping up a feast. The cleanup process is surprisingly simple! Start by heating the grill to burn off any leftover food particles. Then, use a grill scraper to gently remove debris from the surface. Once the grill is cool, wipe it down with a cloth and warm, soapy water. For a finishing touch, apply a thin layer of cooking oil to the surface to protect it and help maintain its non-stick properties. Regular maintenance like this will keep your Blackstone Griddle perfectly seasoned and ready for your next summer meal!

outdoor griddle

Summer BBQ's ahead!

Are you in love with the Blackstone Griddle yet?! With its unparalleled versatility, easy-to-use design, and a slew of handy accessories, it's ready to handle any dish you dream up. Give it a try and transform your outdoor cooking game! Here’s to delicious + EASY meals and more memories made with the Blackstone Griddle!

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