Jumping back into school!

back to school kohl'sIn case you cant tell this is one little girl who’s  super duper excited that it’s finally time to go back to school!  We put her in a little summer school for a week this summer and she would come home everyday begging to go back.  It’s such an exciting time for kids, and I keep thinking it probably won’t last too much longer before she gets old enough to NOT want to go to school, so I’ll take it!  One thing I think EVERY kid can get on board with is back to school shopping because it’s a lot like workout clothes, sometimes your outfit is the best part haha!  And to make it more fun for you parents? Well, right now Kohl’s has a super great sale going on for all of their kids back to school clothes and accessories!


The BEST Toddler Rides at Disneyland!

Since I’m sailing on a Disney Cruise this week I’ve got Disney on the brain!  And I feel around here my love affair with all things Disney is pretty well known haha.  So it’s no surprise when I say Disneyland is basically our home away from home. And before the kids run off to school for the new year, this is the time to get your whole family in on a trip to visit everyone’s favorite mouse. Taking littles along can be equal parts magical and stressful if you don’t have a game plan. Which is why I’ve got a rundown of all our favorite rides for toddlers along with a few tips to getting the most out of your day AND my girls’ favorite activity that involves sitting. Yep, you read that right…SITTING!


Sale alert: for the girl who needs a new dress or two


I think every girl occasionally falls victim of the “I have nothing to wear!” syndrome but for some reason that especially happens to me on Sundays before church! For some reason, knowing that I have to wear something other than jeans and a tee or (let’s be honest) leggings can sometimes put me into that “I have nothing to wear” mood! SO I’m pretty excited to do a second dress roundup today (see the white dress roundup I did a couple days ago here!) and share details with you on this perfect stretchy dress and a bunch of others that are all ON SALE!!


Amazing deal on Elemis anti-aging skincare

QVC elemis skincare

Most things I know about life come from my mama. Always say thank you. Respect your elders. Underbake your cookies. But every once in awhile I find out about something I love and get to share it with her, and that’s exactly what happened with Elemis. You can read where my love affair with Elemis started here (it involves choosing between buying sample sizes of a new skincare vs. using a hotel bar of soap to clean my face!). And once I became a die-hard Elemis fan, I made sure to tell my mom (who’s an amazing food blogger!!) about the amazingness that Elemis is for my face, and (of course!) let her know when I found an amazing Elemis deal, and the next thing I knew she was hooked too. So today we’re introducing you to a new anti-aging line they just released for an unbelievably incredible deal!


Prettiest white summer dresses!

I know they say you shouldn’t wear white after Labor Day.  Not really sure who “they” are but I’ve always kind of disregarded this rule as one that was made to be broken. But also, it’s not after Labor Day quite yet and I’m determined to squeeze every last sunshiny day out of this summer that I can!!  One of my favorite things to have on hand in my wardrobe is a classic little white dress.  It’s just one of those pieces that you can always dress up or down depending on the occasion and just create so many different looks with.


Backyard reveal + huge outdoor furniture sale!

hayneedle sale
One of my favorite parts of summer is being outside.  There are few things better (to me) than an all day beach day followed up by all night chilling outside under the stars in warm summer weather.

So when it came time to decorate the backyard I knew there were some must haves on my list: a classic look with durable pieces. I wanted to create a relaxing vibe but definitely with pieces durable enough to withstand my girls (and Winnie!) running around.  I wanted plants that brought even more greenery into the space.  And brighter neutrals.  I decided to work with Hayneedle because I’d heard such great things about their products, not only visually but also in terms of quality which, like I said, is huge for me.  And right now is one of the best times of the year to get outdoor furniture because Hayneedle is having a sale this month with some of the season’s BEST deals!


HOT! Huge Nike sale!!!

Looking for some smokin deals on Nike in your life? Today might just be your lucky day!! We’ve found you a sale that’ll help your entire family out on the tried-and-true brand that EVERYONE in my family is in love with: NIKE. Everything from a pair of new running shoes for you or basketball shorts for the guys, to new kicks for your littles heading back to school. The gang’s all here and all here ON SALE.


LAST CHANCE: Nordstrom Anniversary Sale things won’t go on sale for another year!

nordstrom anniversary sale last chanceAnother Nordstrom Anniversary Sale has come and ALMOST gone and I’m so sad to see it go!!  It’s my go-to for getting brand new items on the NICEST brands at prices you’ll only see once a year. So to wrap everything up and tie it off with a nice little bow, I’m giving you one last roundup of all the best buys of the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale that won’t go on sale again for a year!


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