What to buy FIRST at the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale

nordstrom anniversary sale blush sweater

The Nordstrom Anniversary Sale just went LIVE to the public and I’m here to hold your hand and walk you through all of the things I think you should jump on very first before they have a chance to sell out! There are so so many cute things in the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale that you can only get on sale for a limited time, and unlike many other sales where older items are finally discounted, the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale has all BRAND NEW items at lower prices for just a couple of weeks, or until they sell out! That’s the tricky part, because these prices are SO GOOD that many things do sell out on the first day. So that’s where I come in, with years of experience researching and tracking all of the best selling items, to show you what to buy first at the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale as it opens to the public.

Let’s get started.


Cutest wear to work clothes from the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale

wear to work nordstrom anniversary saleOne of my favorite parts of the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale this year are all the fun wear to work options. It’s always one of my TOP requested posts too! Gone are the days of mandatory panty hose and skirts so uncomfortable you’re counting down the hours until you can go home and jump into your jammies.  This year’s sale has everything from feminine and flattering tops to tons of chic and classy skirts to pants that sorta feel like your sweats but a bit more acceptable in the office! And let’s not forget about the accessories. Bags, shoes, everything you need to walk into the office Monday morning with the swagger of a champion.  But maybe leave the Britney Spears lyrics at home haha! (more…)

Finding the perfect mattress + favorite BEDDING sale!!

perfect mattress favorite bedding So a couple months ago I sat on an airplane next to a very nice man who turned out to be an executive in the mattress industry. So of course, I took that opportunity to chat his ear off about what he really thinks is THE BEST mattress since (gulp) my husband has had the same mattress on our bed for the past 8+ years. And after he asked some questions about budget (we were willing to spring for nice, but not a million dollars) and whether we wanted to shop in store or have it shipped in a box (hello, dropship is my life!) he knew just what to recommend.

You want to know what he said?

I know you’re dying to know.


The BEST bra at the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale

nordstrom anniversary sale best braI listed this bra in my best deals of the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale, but I seriously love it so much I had to do a separate post about it so we can really have a girl chat about this. It’s LITERALLY the best bra I’ve ever worn. And I was super happy to see I’m not the only one singing its praises. This bra is Nordstrom’s highest rated, with more than 1,000 almost ALL perfect reviews. Let’s have a little chat about why. (more…)

The self tanner and makeup that will have everyone asking where you just vacationed

Macy's summer makeup lookWe’ve all heard of vacations and staycations, but what about a fauxcation? This summer makeup look is so glowy and bronzed people will be dying to know where you’ve been! And I’ve got a new self tanner on my bathroom counter that blows every other self tanner I’ve tried out of the water. You know I love to keep things simple, neutral and natural looking when it comes to makeup, but these beauty products take that look to 100.


Nordstrom Anniversary Sale best women’s clothes under $100

pink sweater pictured
skinny jeans pictured

Can you believe Early Access to the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale is FINALLY here?! All my budget loving babes are really going to LOVE this post. I hope your clicking finger is ready, because this a roundup of Under $100 Women’s Fashion. UNDER $100?! Are you ready to start clicking “add to cart,” because if you saw yesterday’s Facebook Live you know I like the clothes better this year than I have in a few years!

Because of the price points on these Nordstrom Anniversary Sale items I suspect some of these are going to sell out FAST The best way to make sure you get what you really want is to order your favorites immediately. I promise you do not want to wait! (more…)

Nordstrom Anniversary Sale best men’s picks!

It is a truth universally acknowledged that men’s clothes are freaking expensive! The Nordstrom Anniversary Sale is really one of the best times of the whole year to get new jeans or shoes or shirts for men that are the highest quality at the best discount. This is the ideal time to stock up on wardrobe staples and items that won’t go on sale again for another year.

All our men’s favorites from the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale are listed below, courtesy of my very fashion savvy brother Jake! He picked through THOUSANDS of items for hours to find you guys the very very BEST deals and most hot trends for men in the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale. I highly suggest buying anything you’re dying to have NOW! Yes, even if you’re planning to shop the sale in-person, because you can have anything waiting for you for in-store pickup OR if you prefer online shopping you can have it shipped free to your doorstep. Yes please!


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