everything you’ll want to give your besties for Christmas!

shopbop holiday gift guideThanksgiving is in less than a week and Christmas is in five! The holidays are here!! Can you believe it? Five weeks seems like a ton of time to get all your shopping done, but it always goes by in a blink! Don’t worry,  Shopbop and I are here to help! I professed my undying love for Shopbop a few weeks ago and I’m at it again for the holidays! They have perfect presents for everyone on your list! And I mentioned the FREE shipping and FREE returns, right? That’s risk-free holiday shopping right there!


7 minute chicken noodle soup & my review of the Crock-Pot® Express Crock Multi-Cooker

crockpot express cooker chicken soupEvery year as we get closer to the Holiday season I try to really pay attention to the trends and hottest items and there’s no doubt this year that pressure cookers are a major hot topic!! I mean I’ve been trying to make everything in a pressure cooker lately and there’s a new kid on the block that I really think you guys are gonna love. She’s sleek and quick and priced JUST right.


my latest beauty obsessions!

Winter beauty faves RobeIf there’s a question universally acknowledged as the one I get asked the most it’s always about my beauty routine. And it’s seriously such a great question, that I love getting, because as girls we know – it’s always changing! That’s the fun of it right? I’m always wanting to try new products for my hair and skin and different makeup depending on what time of year it is! Summer is all about bronzed baked and breezy fun while I feel the Fall and Winter months are all about moisture and more coverage. So here’s a little guide to everything I’m loving right now that makes getting ready for the day super easy!


HOT: Ugg flash sale!!!

Where are my fellow UGG lovers at? I KNOW you’re out there, because there are just way too many girls like me who hate having cold toes in the winter time. I love when the weather starts to turn chilly so I have an excuse to bust these out. (more…)

Twinning is winning with the Mommy and Me sneakers I’m OBSESSED with!

Kate Spade Keds Collaboration sparkly shoes
I love that my girls are still in the phase of life where twinning is winning haha! And that matching with mom is even cooler.  Because I know our days are numbered until kissing us goodbye before school is embarrassing and they want to go to a movie with friends on a Friday night rather than snuggling with us and watching “Frozen” (although will “Frozen” ever go out of style? I think not!). So I’m going to soak it all in while I still can, which is why I went a little crazy over this new Mommy & Me collaboration between Kate Spade and Keds! Also glitter. Everywhere. So I’m in. All. The. Way!


cutest black sweaters for UNDER $100!

favorite black fall sweatersIt’s November 8th. I’ve pre-gamed with (a lot) of Diet Coke and I am totally ready to get my holiday shop on! Have you guys started yet? Finished? Wish I would stop talking about it? Ha! Like it or not (and I like it, because hello, most wonderful time of the year!) Christmas is only six weeks away! That means you need the perfect outfit to tackle all those holiday errands and gift exchange brunches that are headed your way!


Nordstrom Sale guide: best men’s and kids picks!

With holiday shopping right around the corner (or now if you’re super on top of your elf-game) tons of you have requested clothing guides to help you shop for the men and kids in your life this time of year!  Depending on if snow is falling on the ground where you live or rain or just more hot air (helloooo California Fall haha) this is definitely the time of year to get some more basics for all your people. And a few fun things too!


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