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Best products for tangly and fine hair!

Hairs the thing, maintaining your mane can be hard work! The blow drying, the curling, the dry shampoo. Sometimes it requires a lot of time and a lot of product to have a good hair day-especially if you also have super fine hair that is prone to tangles! This is one of the most common hair problems I used to hear girlfriends complain about and then I ended up with a daughter with this hair!

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The BEST things to do in Orange County: a local’s guide

We’ve lived in South Orange County for about five years now, and I lived in North Orange County for about a year and a half 10 years ago, and I LOVE IT HERE. We love it here. There’s so many beautiful places to go, fun things to do and AMAZING food, and hello – THE BEACH! And it seems like every time I have a good friend or family member coming into town, they hit us up for our recommendations on favorite places to eat, or where to stay, or what the best beaches are and I end up sending them a text that would rival War and Peace in length! SO today I’m finally putting together my local’s guide to what to do in Orange County, including some of our favorite things to do other than the beach, yummiest food, best places to stay, and of course, a treasure map to the best beaches.

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The prettiest AFFORDABLE dresses from ASOS right now

It’s that dreary time of year when the sky is gray and the weather is frigid but there aren’t any fancy holiday parties or mistletoe adorned hallways to walk through on your way to a festive night out. BUT that doesn’t mean you don’t have anything left to dress up for in the next few months! Whether it’s a fundraiser or church or a fancy brunch or a funeral (hey, they happen) you might just want a new dress or two hanging in your closet. And today we’ve found you some of the cutest AND most affordable dresses that will ship quick to your door for an easy at-home try on session. No babysitter or parking in the cold required.

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AMAZING deal on the BEST ever Elemis night cream!

I just found out about a deal on truly one of my very favorite products and I am DYING!! The Elemis night cream I am beyond obsessed with is more than 40% off today you guys!!! This is the type of deal I want to shout from the rooftops, call every single girlfriend I’ve ever known, and make sure any living breathing person who cares about getting an amazing deal on super nice skincare doesn’t miss! Keep reading for all the details!

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Personal shopping experience that comes straight to your door!

It’s NO secret how much I love shopping and finding a great deal. But real talk: I know not everyone shares this passion. I’ve heard from lots of people over the years that they don’t enjoy shopping at all. It can honestly be hard to fill your closet with things that make sense for your style and life! When you don’t like matching clothing or you hate heading into the mall, putting a wardrobe together can be daunting.

​SO today I’m sharing a secret that will help you outfit your entire family in less than 10 minutes. Yep, seriously. 10 MINUTES. Let me show you how.

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HOT! Crazy good Levi jeans code today only

Raise your hand if you need just ONE pair of affordable but super cute new jeans!! If that’s you, you’re gonna LOVE today’s deal. Levis are probably THE most classic and iconic jeans out there and it’s clear they’ve lived up to their reputation by sticking around every retailer from Nordstrom to Urban Outfitters. And whether you’re a tried and true fan or you’ve been eyeing a pair for a while now, today’s deal is about to knock your socks off.

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