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Hi, I’m Corrine and it’s pretty simple. I think you deserve to buy the things you want at a price you can afford. Here you can find the best deals and steals on high end fashion, as well as beauty and wellness tutorials.

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Gifts for 1 year old babies who already have everything!

Is anyone else shocked that Harry is ONE?! Fastest year ever, even considering the fact he was born in a pandemic. This birthday feels even more fun than usual because: WE HAVE A BOY. We will never get over the fact that, after three daughters, we have a son. Buying him toys and clothes has been such a different experience, but I have loved it. And it's been so fun watching how Harry immediately loved balls and trucks (things I haven't bought much before now!). Such a BOY, from day one.

Anyway, buying gifts for 1 year old babies can be harder than it seems, and that's why I wanted to create a killer gift guide for any baby-turning-toddler in your life!

Oh, and don't worry! If you're looking for 1 year old baby girl gifts, we have toys for both genders in this gift guide! Trust me – I've had my fair share of girl toys in this house over the years, too!

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