Most comfortable bra on planet earth and why you need one NOW

thirdlove classic tshirt bra
Let’s be honest a good bra is hard to find! And if we’ve learned one thing from all those years of watching Oprah it’s that a bad bra is not doing us any favors (am I the only one that remembers that episode as being totally life changing?!). I had heard great things about ThirdLove from the customized shopping experience to the actual product, but was a little skeptical at first because I’m always so weary about trying new bras! But let me tell you, once I tried these bras it’s been an absolute love affair! I’m just sad I waited so long to start! They really and truly ARE as amazing as everyone says and I’m about to tell you why.


the very BEST Halloween costumes for your entire family!

My girls are sooo excited for Halloween this year!  Lyla keeps asking me when it’s going to be time to celebrate Halloween’s birthday haha! We had so much fun dressing last year up as the Wizard of Oz that when it was time to come up with a new theme for this year’s family Halloween costume I had no idea where to start! I asked everyone for opinions but my girls got to make the final decision on who we would be.  And this year I have to admit I can’t wait to show you guys what we have planned.  In fact, we got super into the holiday spirit and decided to do two family costumes because why not?! Haha!  But after we were done choosing we still had so many options left over that I wanted to a few quick and easy idea guides for you guys in case you’re having some decision making dilemmas.


Our wellness routine for staying healthy all Fall Winter season!

You guys, it’s here. Fall/Winter season. I’m already seeing my friends drop like flies with sickness over and over but I’m DETERMINED to keep my family healthy this season!! I’ve had several people reach out to ask about our wellness routines and how we keep everyone healthy around here and I figured it’s time to hop on here again and share those details with you.  (more…)

Anthropologie’s dress game is better than EVER and they’re giving us a discount to make it even sweeter

It’s NO secret that I have an obsession with Anthropologie but right now their dress game is ON POINT. So so so many cute dresses I’m having a hard time choosing between all of them. And they’ve totally spoiled us this weekend with SEVERAL discounts and I’m breaking them all down for you below, including the biggest one of all on DRESSES!! Plus a quick guide to the very cutest dresses out of 359. We did all the work for you.


how to create your Fall uniform

I’m calling it now. This outfit is my official Fall uniform. Start with a tried and true base, add some killer booties and fun accessories and you’re ready to tackle your day in a flash! I’m all about outfits that are easy to throw on and just work. Every single time. This outfit is ready for anything-from brunch to the pumpkin patch! Bring it on autumn!


33 birthday thank yous and 33 giveaway winners

  I’m here in NYC with my bae (that’s teenage speak for lover, husband, take your pick) on a spontaneous trip to the City for a few meetings, some birthday fun like Hamilton (FINALLY!!) and, as always when I’m in the big apple, LOTS of good eats. Today I have a little birthday surprise for some of the people I love in my life, and a BIG birthday giveaway to all of you guys.


the BEST date night dress for under $100!

blue velvet dress under $100In case you missed it: velvet is back. Seriously. Velvet is one of the biggest trends of Fall 2017 and I am loving it. I wore this LVD for the Create Cultivate speaker dinner in Seattle and it was perfect. But do you know what makes it even more perfect? That it’s now my go-to dress for date night this Fall!  Because I don’t know about you, but these day’s I’m all about anything that’s comfy AND I feel like a million bucks in during a party for two haha!


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