Top Kids Picks Of The Nordstrom Anniversary Sale

July 22, 2019

It's mid-July and summer is in full effect around here. We're totally living that swim, eat (Otter Pops), repeat life right now and LOVING it! But blink and it's going to be time to go back to school! We can't decide if we're thrilled or terrified – I always want summer to last FOREVER.

The very best part about going back to school is back to school SHOPPING. Duh. During the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale you can get ALL THE THINGS for your kids at super incredible prices. All in one place! We rounded up all our top Nordstrom kids picks from from the sale right here!

Ugg Boots

The second Anabelle saw these Uggs she squealed, “TIE DYE BOOTS!!!” From now until forever that's what we'll call them because kids just say it better! I love buying new Uggs every year for my girls at the Anniversary Sale to wear all fall and winter long as we travel to the snow and cold at Gaga and Gra-Most's house. But let's be honest, these Uggs will get worn year-round and that's a battle I don't mind losing! They're plush on the inside, super cute on the outside and easy for even the littlest kid to put on themselves!

High-Top Sneakers

Anabelle became quickly OB-SESSED with these light up sneakers that she found at the sale this year. They do check off all the requirements for her to wear to school – close toed, easy to put on, and durable for tons of play!!

Donut Tee (sold out)
Ugg Boots
Leggings (sold out)
High-top Sneakers
Leopard baby dress
Leopard women's dress
Slingback heels
Photos by Arielle Levy

Leopard twinning

HI leopard – you've been EVERYWHERE in the Anniversary Sale this year and I'm not ONE BIT mad about it! Give me an opportunity to twin with Millie?! Okay fine, twist my arm! We did a couple weeks ago to church and I can't wait for another excuse.

The best part about Millie's little leopard dress that I discovered after grabbing it in-store and taking it home is that it actually comes in ALL the toddler and little girl sizes up to 8T so you better believe I'll be getting one for both my big girls too!

You'll see this grownup leopard dress in my upcoming wear to work post, but it's been selling out like hotcakes so let's all cross our fingers and toes that it comes back in better stock by the time we sit down and have a real chat about it! I'm loving the slingback pumps I wore with it too. Super comfy and I LOVED that they were a cooler toned neutral!

Best kid undies

The past several years I've stocked up on these kid undies because they're seriously just THE BEST!! So so comfy. My girls prefer these WAY over any other underwear I've ever bought them, and they're made so well they've lasted great for Lyla to wear Ani's old sets. They get SUPER high ratings so we're obviously not the only ones who think they're amazing!! These are the same kids undies I talked about in my youtube video when I gave an in-store tour of the whole sale!

We've obviously only bought the girl briefs but the boy underwear get 160+ incredible reviews too! These are the best deals you'll see on this underwear all year.

Kids coats

The Nordstrom Anniversary Sale is one of the very best places to grab a super high quality kids coat for a serious deal! The two coats I have my eye on this year are still in pretty good stock and have crazy high ratings!

This little boy's coat gets 83 stellar reviews and my favorite little girls coat that's still in stock in small and medium has 42 near perfect reviews!

Our TOP Nordstrom kids picks from the Anniversary Sale

We may have gone a little overboard, but here a few more of our top kids picks from the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale! Kid, mama and Back to School approved!!

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