ROUNDUP: the best blue light blocking glasses for adults AND kids

Screen time: love it or hate it, it's a huge part of almost EVERYONE'S daily life! But did you know that screens can also cause headaches, sore eyes, dry eyes, and insomnia? I've got a legit solution for you and it's called BLUE LIGHT GLASSES.

Keep reading to find out why I LOVE my blue light blocking glasses (and why I think you will, too). Plus a roundup of all the cutest and most highly rated glasses on the internet for both adults AND kids.

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Why blue light glasses?

First of all, what even is blue light? Blue light's everywhere and most of it comes from the sun. But all our modern gadgets and gizmos aplenty like televisions, smartphones, tablets, and computers emit blue light. Staring at all these screens all day may cause eye strain, headaches, and difficulty sleeping.

Bye bye eye strain

A MASSIVE amount of my day is spent in front of a computer or a phone screen. Research has shown that spending 6+ hours in front of a screen daily may cause digital eye strain, dry eyes, and blurry vision. Wearing blue light blocking glasses may help lessen these effects!

I feel so much better when I wear them diligently. It helps a TON and I can typically work longer and work more comfortably when I remember to wear them.

blue light blocking glasses
blue light glasses

Fewer headaches

There have also been several studies that show exposure to blue light can induce headaches or migraines – especially in people who are prone to headaches. The blue light may even make headache pain and migraine symptoms worse. NOT what anyone needs when they're already having a bummer of a day with a headache.

Wearing blue light glasses makes me feel way better and results in way less headaches when I'm disciplined enough to remember to put them on!

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Better sleep

Did you know that too much screen time at night may result in difficulty sleeping? All that exposure to late-night blue light suppresses the secretion of melatonin, the hormone that helps regulate our sleep cycles. So wearing blue light glasses during your Netflix binge might actually help you sleep better and drift off sooner!

blue light blocking glasses
quay glasses

#1 tip for picking glasses

This tip applies to all glasses – sunglasses, blue light blocking glasses – they MUST be lightweight. Anything that's too heavy is going to result in a headache, because it's uncomfortable sitting on your face. One of the major selling points of blue light glasses for me is fewer headaches, so you won't want to cancel out that benefit by choosing something heavy.

Plus, if they're too heavy on your face you won't wear them as frequently as you should, resulting in NO benefit at all!

quay glasses

This pair is my #1 recommendation because they're ultra-lightweight and ultra-cute! I can wear these for hours and hours and be totally comfortable. They're super highly rated and UNDER $100.

Here's a super similar option for less that has 23,000+ amazing ratings!

I also bought this pair because I wanted to try a pair that were really well made with high ratings.

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Kids need blue light glasses too

When my kids were staring at screens for long periods of time during distance-learning of 2020, I allowed my girls to pick out blue light glasses on Amazon that they liked the look of, and Ani picked this purple pair of kids blue light blocking glasses while Lyla picked these pink kids ones with round frames. They've both loved the pairs they chose!

kids blue light glasses
Ani's glasses

Blue light blocking besties

We rounded up all the cutest and most highly rated blue light blocking glasses for you to shop NOW. From higher end to budget friendly, we've got you covered. So now the only question is, what show should we binge next?


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