The FIVE BEST bras at the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale!

In past years this post has been dedicated to one bra that I had deemed to be the very BEST bra at the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale. However, this year Nordstrom totally stepped up their intimates game, because now there are FIVE Nordstrom bras I think you need to add to your cart ASAP!! This is probably the only time this year you'll see these amazing bras at these prices, so snag them while your size is in stock!

nordstrom bras

Natori Feathers

This bra is FOREVER one of the verybest deals of the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale. It is LITERALLY one of the best bras you'll ever wear, and we're not the only ones singing its praises! This bra is Nordstrom's highest rated, with nearly 3000 almost ALL perfect reviews. We've jokingly called this bra the #1 supporter of the Mint Arrow team because we all love it so much.

natori bra

Having the right bra on can totally make or break your day. This bra is so incredible that you'll literally feel like you're wearing nothing while actually being supported by the prettiest lace you've ever seen. AND it's totally smooth enough to not show through if you are having a t-shirt and jeans sorta day (which is my favorite kinda day, really).

The functionality of this dreamy bra is totally on point. The flexibility of the cups make it super easy to move around in, but it won't lose its shape or look like it's been through the war after a month of wearing it. Seriously, there's nothing worse than realizing your favorite bra is faded, stretched out, and pilling. The quality of this bra is totally next level. And what I love even MORE? The price! During the Anniversary Sale this amazing bra is under $45!

Natori Rose Dream

This bra (pictured second from the top) is EVEN more comfortable than the Feathers bra and like, MIND BLOWN, people! During the Anniversary Sale this dreamy bra rings in at just $47.90 (reg $72). It is crazy, crazy buttery soft and if you're worried about the lace on the Feathers (which, again, PINKY PROMISE isn't visible through clothes or itchy!), this one might be better because it's smooth all around. The Natori Rose Dream is super dreamy and just disappears under clothing. Plus it's so comfortable it's like being Team No Bra, but better!

best bra nordstrom

Spanx Bra-llelujah!

A fan favorite and one of MY new favorites in the past 6 months! This front closure bra is really highly rated and has THE softest, smoothest back. It's honestly a ridiculously smoothing bra. You can wear a super fitted shirt and will get zero ripple in the back. ZERO!! The bra is full-coverage, lays really nice, and is really comfortable. So much YES!

nordstrom bras

Spanx Undie-tectable

YOU GUYS. This bra (pictured 4th in the stack) is kind of the bomb. It's like Spanx and the Natori Feathers bra got together and had the most beautiful baby of all time. It is super super smoothing on the back and sooooo comfortable, but also pretty super pretty. Seriously, crazy comfortable. It's technically a push-up bra, but in the most low-key, flattering way possible. During the Anniversary Sale this beauty is $44.90 (reg $68). Another feature of this bra that I totally love is that the straps are convertible and adjustable, meaning it can be worn traditional or x-back. Translation: you get more bang for your buck, because it's like getting TWO bras in one! I'm kind of newly and completely obsessed with this bra!

best bra nordstrom anniversary sale

True & Co. True Body Lift V-Neck

Have you heard the buzz on this bra? I kept hearing about it during early, early access and my stylist told me that TONS of women are head over heels for this bra. It's super soft, super supportive and lifting, and completely wire free. You could sleep in this bra it's so comfortable! If comfort is your #1 priority when it comes to bras this is 100% THE bra for you.

With that said I didn't love it, because the straps are very wide and lay very close to the neck. This means the straps would be visible in a LOT of things I wear which would drive me nuts! But if that wouldn't bother you or you wear a lot of turtlenecks, collared shirts, or shirts with a narrow neck line you should absolutely give this bra a whirl!

BONUS: My Shapewear Obsession

I can't believe this Spanx Shaper bodysuit is included!! This is super rare and such a good deal! I have worn the Spanx Power Shorts underneath dresses and skirts for years, but this is way better! My one beef with the Power Shorts has always been that they have a tendency to roll down and then you end up with a roll or bulge around your midsection or on your back! Obviously the whole reason you wear Spanx is to eliminate rolls and bulges!

This bodysuit is AMAZING, because it doesn't roll down and you can still wear your own bra! It's so comfortable, it stays perfectly smooth in the back, and completely sucks you in in all the right places! Shapewear win!!

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  1. So I just have to tell you that discovering these Natori bras at the sale this year has been life-changing! Like for real!! I have never been so excited to put on a bra, but these are so comfortable and flattering. (And getting fitted was actually a pleasant experience.) So THANK YOU a million times for this recommendation!!!! I love reading your blog and suggestions cuz I know you only share the best. 😘

  2. The bra in the sale doesn’t look like the on in the pictures on this post. The cup looks way different and not as much coverage or as supportive looking!

    1. The ones that are linked are the same brand, different style 🙂 But we just added the link to the blue bra in the blog post for you!

  3. Agree with the above comment— the bra I see when I click the link is not the same bra in the photos above. The photos show a bra with a gold clasp closure in the front and the one via the link clearly does not have that closure. Is the linked bra a different style from the same brand? I’d like to buy the one you have pictured in the photos above!

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