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You may be one of the many people starting to think about what Dyson Nordstrom Anniversary Sale deals you’re going to score on this year – can’t WAIT!! Keep reading for all the details on the 2022 sale, and what Dyson items I love (as a preview for hopefully what’s to come this year!). As I get more info I’ll continue to update this post with everything Dyson Nordstrom Anniversary Sale, so make sure to subscribe to our email list here to be the first one in the know.

Dyson Airwrap review and deal
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When can I shop the sale?

ICON early access: July 11th

Ambassador early access: July 12th

Influencer early access: July 13th

Open to the public: July 17th

Sale ends August 6th!

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2022 NOTE: The Nordstrom Anniversary Sale hasn’t started yet so some of these items are either unavailable or not currently on sale, but keep reading for all the reasons I love these Dyson products + find the best option for you!

how to use the dyson airwrap

Why I’m hoping for a Dyson Nordstrom Anniversary Sale Airwrap deal

Once I finally gave the Dyson Airwrap a spin, I was BLOWN AWAY (ha!) at how magical this little device was. The attachments will round brush dry or curl your hair.

It does take a minute to figure out the curling process, but once I did I was ELATED by how smooth the process was! It really does smooth out your hair while curling each section and gives you crazy good volume as it curls.

One Dyson Nordstrom Anniversary Sale tool to rule them all

The Dyson Airwrap is so good and such a great combo tool for drying, curling, waving, or smoothing your hair! It dries AND styles all in one shot so it’s a MAJOR time-saver. It’s super quick and super easy and you. will. LOVE it. I am really hoping it’s a Dyson Nordstrom Anniversary Sale deal this year!

best curling iron

Save the hair

It also uses MINIMAL heat to protect your hair. If you’re trying to damage control your hair like I am, you’ll love using the Dyson Airwrap to dry OR curl your hair.

How to use it

Ever since I first used the Dyson Airwrap I’ve been in love. It’s the easiest way to style my hair start to finish, with the least amount of damage! This set comes with a smoothing brush, curling attachments, a round brush attachment, AND the blow dryer attachment. You’re getting SO many options and attachments with this set, it’s so worth the investment for this Allure Magazine’s Best of Beauty winner for 2020!

I personally like to air dry my hair about 50% to avoid as much heat as possible, BUT with the Dyson Airwrap I can literally rough dry my sopping wet hair with the blow dryer attachment AND finish drying it and curling it at the same time in MINUTES. Wet to styled in no time flat!!

hair curling tutorial dyson nordstrom anniversary sale
Dyson airwrap curls
FROM: 6 tips for scoring the BEST deals on eBay gifts
Photos by Arielle Levy 

Crossing my fingers for a Dyson Nordstrom Anniversary Sale deal on the best straightener ever

This! This! This!

I wish I could put neon lights on this title! The Dyson Corrale is the VERY BEST HAIR STRAIGHTENER I’ve ever used. Period. Hands Down. It’s a Dyson Nordstrom Anniversary Sale deal I’m crossing my fingers for!

dyson corrale straightener
FROM: Hot deal on FIVE of my favorite Dyson products
Photos by Arielle Levy
dyson nordstrom anniversary sale hair straightener

Hair so smooth

I’ve LOVED my Dyson Corrale like it’s my 5th child. It makes an immediate, visible difference that even my friends notice! I was with a few girlfriends a little bit ago, and they asked me what I did to my hair…they’d assumed I’d had a salon straightening treatment, like a Brazilian Blowout! This straightener makes it THAT smooth.

Regardless of the salon treatments or even hair products you use, the Dyson Cordless Hair Straightener will transform your hair into the most glossy, smooth version of itself. In true Dyson fashion, it has innovative technology – including flex plate technology and intelligent heat control – to simultaneously shape to your hair and lessen damage.

Curved edges

Unlike any other flat iron I’ve ever used, it has curved edges. My own hair doesn’t hold curl easily, but it does with a flat iron better than anything else. These curved edges make it so simple to maneuver without getting crazy kinks in it and having to pass heat over your hair multiple times.

NO cord!

If you’re not already sold, IT’S CORDLESS! For those of us getting ready in obscure spots to chase natural light (me!), you don’t have to worry about an outlet location.

dyson straightener sale

Why I’m hoping for a Dyson Nordstrom Anniversary Sale hair dryer deal

There are SO many reasons to love this powerhouse of a hair dryer – I really hope it’s a Dyson Nordstrom Anniversary Sale deal this year! Here are just a few reasons I love it!!

Cuts drying time in half

I talked about my obsession with this Dyson Supersonic Hair Dryer in this post a while back and I’m still just as in love. It really did cut my dry time IN HALF. All the attachments are magnetic (amazing right?!) and stay cool so you can swap them out mid-drying.

Crazy powerful

The Dyson Supersonic Hair Dryer is hands down the MOST powerful blow dryer I’ve ever used in my life, and I’ve tried a TON of high-end dryers out of desperation to find something that will dry my hair faster and more efficiently.

I have thick, long hair that I swear takes me HOURS to dry. Every time I go to the DryBar, I always hear “Wow! Your hair takes a long time to dry!” Mind you, that’s with ZERO extensions and I’m definitely grateful for that but it’s just so crazy how much my hair LOVES to retain water.

The Dyson has become a GAME CHANGER for that reason because it literally has cut the time in HALF to dry! (Can I get a hallelujah?!)


Another plus about the Dyson hair dryer is how gentle it is with my hair. Sometimes in the past using other blow dryers, I’ve noticed my hair getting damaged from the extreme heat. But, nope! Not with the Dyson! It uses a minimal amount of heat while still giving a VERY powerful and quick blow dry.

It’s great for ALL hair types and produces amazing results with increased shine and minimized frizz! It’s seriously a-ma-zing. Your hair will LOVE you, and you’ll love it right back!

supersonic hair dryer
dyson supersonic hair dryer

Dyson Nordstrom Anniversary Sale deals

Okay, we’re READY for the Sale to start, are you? Again, remember to stay in touch and check back here because as soon as we get any Sale info we’ll be updating all our posts – including this one! Scoring on Dyson Nordstrom Anniversary Sale deals is the best feeling ever, so get ready to get some amazing products at unbelievable prices.

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