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Our love for the Ninja Creami is still going strong! We fell hard for this multi-tasking wonder of a kitchen gadget…and so did the rest of the internet! It has been SO hard to find the Ninja Creami Deluxe on sale, and we are so excited to share this deal with you!

If you've had your eyes peeled for one of these or the idea of countless homemade frozen concoctions sounds good to you, don't sleep on this deal! Your wallet and tummy will thank you!

Plus read through to the end to see our current fave ninja creami protein ice cream recipes.

ninja creami ice cream

In a hurry? Shop the deal below!

Deal details

Right now you can get the Ninja Creami Deluxe 11-in-1 XL Ice Cream Maker + 4 (24oz) deluxe pints for ONLY $199! (reg. $279.98) That's 29% OFF and an INSANE deal on a kitchen staple that you will use all year long! This will for sure sell out, so make sure to add to cart ASAP!

Why it's amazing

This TikTok viral dessert machine is seriously genius. Make your own at home desserts in actual minutes – we're talking ice cream, sorbet, gelato, smoothie bowls, and most importantly lately – DELICIOUS protein ice cream that tastes actually SO creamy it doesn't even taste slightly healthy. TRULY. SUPER hard to find right now but we found it in stock and on sale here for $80 OFF and we're seriously so glad we scooped (HA) it up while we could get our hands on it!

ninja creami deluxe

Ninja Creami vs the Ninja Creami Deluxe

The main difference between the two different models is the size. The deluxe model is slightly larger overall but more importantly it makes WAY more ice cream in each container. The regular model comes with 2 (16) oz containers, and this deluxe model comes with 4 (24) ounce containers. If you have a larger family or group that you will be making ice cream or frozen desserts for you will LOVE the larger Ninja Creami Deluxe. The deluxe model also has the capability to only spin half of your container (and can even create “mix-ins” in just half too!) if you want enough for just 1 person and save the rest for later!

One other big difference between the two versions is that the Ninja Creami Deluxe has more settings on it to make different types of frozen desserts. From 11 “one-touch” programs that can create gelato to slushies, it can do so much more than the 5 “one-touch” programs on the regular version. But honestly, you really can't go wrong with either one in our opinion!

FAVE protein ice cream recipe

Corrine came up with this Peppermint Bark Creami recipe and has been making it on repeat lately! SO delicious and so simple:

1 cup + 2T Fairlife Chocolate Milk 2%, separated
1 scoop Clean Simple Eats Peppermint Protein Powder (code CORRINESTOKOE for 10% OFF!)
2 Ghirardelli Peppermint Chocolate Squares

Whisk 1 cup chocolate milk with 1 scoop protein powder. Freeze 24 hours. Run 1st spin “lite ice cream” in the Ninja Creami. Then add 2T chocolate milk and select the “respin” button on Ninja Creami. Add 1 peppermint square, broken into pieces, select the “mix in” button on Ninja Creami. Top with 1 additional peppermint square, broken into pieces.

More fave protein ice cream recipes

Ninja creami chocolate PB cup
Bear Lake raspberry shake dupe
Thin Mint Chip Cookie Protein Creami
Ninja Creami Protein Chocolate Ice Cream

Sweet treats ahead!

There's SO many reasons to love the Ninja Creami! Finding the deluxe size in stock AND on sale is SO rare. Right now you can get it for only $199, regularly priced at $279.98. This deal is super limited so don't miss it while it's in stock!

See it in action!

See the Ninja Creami in action below!

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