The best mattresses on the market & a 30% off code for the #1 pick

Quick version: My very favorite mattress + sheets are on MAJOR sale! Use code VDAY30 to get 30% OFF site wide.

One of the BEST purchases you can make for your life is buying an amazing mattress. If you take one “buying tip” away from Mint Arrow, let it be this! Good sleep makes everything else in life better – so, BUY THE MATTRESS. Did you know you spend one third of your life sleeping? Because of that, I truly believe that although a good mattress is usually an investment, it is ALWAYS worth the pennies!

In this post you’ll find my “good,” “better,” “best” ranking, in hopes that it’ll help you decide which mattress is best for you. (And to top it all off, I have a 30% OFF code for the “best” option, so make sure to keep reading all the way to the end!!)

cariloha mattress

A little background

For years our favorite mattress was Tuft & Needle – if you’ve been here a while, you probably recognize that brand and remember us raving about it! But since you are supposed to change your mattress every six to eight years, in 2019 it was time for us to go on the hunt for something new.

During that year, we went on vacation to Maui. One day while we were there we were walking in one of the downtown areas, and we went inside a Cariloha store. We have been MASSIVE Cariloha fans for years because of their sheets. Honestly, they’ve made us pretty big sheet snobs…We do know of an Amazon sheet that is pretty decent, but if you can swing it, Cariloha sheets are out. of. this. world!

Anyway, while we were in the store they asked us if we needed any information on anything, and we told them we were already number one fans of their sheets. But, I saw a mattress in there, which totally shocked me because I had no idea they made mattresses.

We laid down on it, and from that moment we were AMAZED. It was heavenly. A few months later, we replaced our old mattress with a Cariloha and we are still 110% obsessed with it! But more about that later – now that you know why our fave mattress has changed, here are my top three mattress recommendations ranked from “good,” “better,” to “best!”

If you’re ready to shop now, make sure to use code VDAY30 to get 30% OFF site wide!!

The GOOD mattress – Linenspa Spring Mattress

We got a Linenspa mattress from Amazon when my girls started sharing a bunk bed. This mattress is unbelievably cheap, and it is highly rated with over 64,000 reviews! I’m not going to tell you that this is an insanely comfortable mattress, because it’s not. But is it good? Is it decent? Yeah! Anabelle sleeps on it and has never complained. When I lay down on it, I can definitely say it’s no where near as comfortable as my mattress, but that being said, it’s the highest rated mattress on Amazon.

So if you’re just looking to get a good, functional, decent mattress for your kid’s room, and you don’t want to spend a ton of money, this is a very good option. We bought just the spring mattress, but they have upgraded versions you can buy as well (gel memory foam, or a hybrid of both!).

linenspa spring mattress
FROM: Exclusive beddy’s code + Ani & Lyla’s room reveal
Bunk Bed sold out, similar
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Area Rug
Starburst Light Fixture sold out, similar

The BETTER mattress – Allswell

If you’re looking for an affordable mattress that is still REALLY good quality, Allswell is my second favorite! This mattress is extremely comfortable. We originally got it for Lyla’s room (which is now Millie’s room), and we usually have our guests sleep there when they come into town.

The Allswell mattress has a medium-firm support – so it’s a good amount of firmness while still being comfortable. When I lay down on it to read my girls stories at night, I always end up laying there longer than I anticipated because it’s so nice to lay down on after a long day! I really do love this option a lot, so if your pocketbook won’t allow for the “best” option below, you can feel super confident in buying an Allswell mattress.

best mattress allswell
allswell mattress
best mattress

This bedding collection from Allswell is also comfortable and plush!  It’s SUPER cozy and I love that it’s neutral enough to go with pretty much any decor.

bedding allswell
guest bedroom decor
FROM: My favorite Mother’s Day tradition

The BEST mattress on the market – Cariloha

Use code VDAY30 to get 30% OFF our FAVE mattress right now!!!

I can only describe this resort mattress as (by far) the most luxurious, wonderful, perfect mattress of all time. It’s the very best mattress I’ve ever slept on – period, end of story!

Our old favorite mattress was a little too firm on its own, so we added a really plush, cushy topper on it. After that we ended up loving it, but I don’t know that it was best for our backs. In fact, we’ve had my mom and sister come watch our kids while we’ve been out of town a couple of times, and we always have them sleep in our bed while we’re gone. They BOTH told me at separate times that our old bed was too soft, and that it was bad for our backs.

Enter: the CARILOHA RESORT MATTRESS. This mattress is the perfect amount of really plush (like, “you can’t wait to climb into bed every night and it becomes your happy place” plush), but it’s not so soft that it ruins your back. I used to wake up in the morning with pain in my back and neck, and I should’ve known better, but I just really wanted that plush feeling when I crawled into bed at night. NOW, I get the best of both worlds where I still feel like I’m crawling into my own personal cloud (seriously, my happy place), but it’s not SO soft that I regret it the next morning!

Neil feels the exact same way about the Cariloha mattress, too, which is such a win! How often do you find a mattress that both you and your S/O absolutely love in every way?! We honestly kind of have a hard time traveling now because we’re so picky about our sleeping situation (thanks Cariloha), but all joking aside, it’s a pretty great problem to have if you ask me!

(Side note: the Airbnb we traveled to at Lake Arrowhead a while ago had ALL Cariloha sheets and mattresses – soooo just ANOTHER reason you should totally book a getaway there if you can! Also, it would be such a great way to go try out a Cariloha mattress before you buy!)

bamboo sheets
Airbnb Details Here
cariloha bamboo resort mattress
cariloha resort

NEW – adjustable bed frame!

I really thought there was no possible way that the adjustable bed frame that we just got would be included in this 30% OFF discount, but it is!!! (Use code VDAY30 at checkout).

It’s by far been the very most helpful thing for me being on bed rest for the past 10 weeks, with potentially another 16 weeks to go. I absolutely love that you can put it into zero gravity mode, that’s super comfortable for lounging, I can raise the back for eating, reading, working, anything where I need to be sitting up and supported. And there’s even a snoring mode where you can sleep with your head elevated slightly so that someone who snores a lot is less likely to snore. I’ve actually tried it with Neil and it remarkably works well.

It also has a vibration mode for your back, your feet, or both at the same time. You can raise the back to support pillows, or to not support pillows. You can just raise the back, or just raise the feet, or raise both. It also has a light feature at the bottom, for illuminating the floor just enough to get out of bed safely.

best mattress
Adjustable bed frame: FLAT MODE
adjustable bed frame
Adjustable bed frame: just back raised
best mattress
Adjustable bed frame: ZERO GRAVITY MODE
adjustable bed frame

There’s even MORE to love about Cariloha

Here’s all the general info on the Cariloha mattress that you may be wondering about:

  • How is it for your back and neck? AMAZING. It adapts to your body shape, alleviating pressure off the body’s main contour points – plus the firmness is just right.
  • Does it get hot? Not at all, and this is coming from someone who runs hot! This mattress comes with a Flex-Flow base foam which improves airflow to help you sleep cooler.
  • Is it clean? Yes! How cool is this?…Cariloha mattresses naturally eradicate dust mites, and repel odors. *Adds to cart immediately*
  • Shipping costs? Shipping is FREE!
  • Do they have a trial period? They sure do. Try it out for 30-100 days and, if you’re not completely in love with it, it’s fully refundable and returnable! Only available in the contiguous U.S.
best mattress

A little more info about Cariloha sheets

We’ve been sleeping with Cariloha sheets on our bed for YEARS now and I’ve tried soooo many (and seriously I mean SO. MANY.) other good sheets out there, but none compare to the amazingness of Cariloha. I’m talking silky, soft, slide into bed and feel like you’re straight up IN HEAVEN bamboo sheet PERFECTION.

They’re also three degrees cooler than other bamboo sheets which, like I said above, is A BIG DEAL because I run HOT so I need my bed COOL!

We’ve owned both the classic and the resort and the resort are just more luxurious and definitely my fave! But I’m definitely not mad about it when we wash our resort set and use our classic sheets. I love them too and even the set we bought years ago is still soft and wonderful.

PRO TIP: don’t use fabric softener on these, it will actually ruin the softness of the bamboo!!

Use code VDAY30 to get 30% off Cariloha sheets right now!

cariloha sale

30% off discount code!

Cariloha discount: make sure to use the code VDAY30 at checkout to get 30% OFF until 1/25!

Our exact mattress is the Resort Bamboo Mattress in a California King. If you buy the same one as us with the discount, you’re getting almost $690 OFF! Huge savings!

cariloha master bedroom
FROM: Quick bedroom facelift ideas + all my favorite bedding!
Bed sold out, similar
Ruched Bedspread sold out, similar
Dot Artwork
Mother and Baby Artwork
Dressers sold out, similar
Lamps sold out, similar
Photos by Arielle Levy

Sweet dreams are made of this!

I hope this post helped you decide on the best mattress for your life right now! We truly can’t recommend Cariloha more, but Allswell is a GREAT, affordable option – and Linenspa is a good, super cheap mattress – perfect for something like a kid’s room. And while you’re bed shopping, make sure to check out our favorite kids’ bedding (Beddy’s for life!), and the bedding we put on top of our Cariloha sheets that we absolutely love in our bedroom.

And don’t forget you can get 30% OFF our fave pick, Cariloha, with code VDAY30. Cheers to sweet dreams, friend!

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