My favorite Mother’s Day tradition

May 12, 2018

Growing up, Mother's Day was so special in our house. Every year we let my mom sleep in (or pretend to, ha!) while we made strawberry waffles with whipped cream (this is our family recipe!) and then brought her breakfast in bed. While I don't remember many of the gifts we bought her, I do remember snuggling up in her warm bed and stealing bites of those delicious waffles. 

We've had Lyla in a crib for a REALLY long time (see her old nursery here) but she has definitely been ready for a big girl bed for a while now, so we finally got her a real bed and decided to get a queen size so that when guests come into town and we need a couple rooms for them to stay in, we'll have both our guest room and Lyla's room available!

Here's a couple pics of Lyla with her new Allswell bed. She was SO EXCITED to be more of a “big girl!!”

While we made this transition I thought it was the perfect opportunity to try out a new mattress company I've heard super good things about: Allswell. They've been getting better reviews than all the boxed mattress companies out there, and they're definitely on the more affordable end of all their competitors. PLUS they have more than just super comfy mattresses, they have the prettiest bedding!!

This bedding collection is so comfortable and plush!  This bedding is SUPER cozy but I love that it's neutral enough to go with most of the decor we already had in Lyla's nursery. It made the transition super easy, and I'm not gonna lie I'm a little jealous of her bed now! Ha!

Allswell mattresses are 12″ tall (I really don't know how it fit in a box!), and they have a memory foam plush topper that feels comfier than a hotel bed.

Whenever Neil asks what I want for Mother's Day, the first thing I think of is strawberry waffles in bed with the people I love most tucked in around me. It is truly the most special gift I could receive! I hope my girls look back on Mother's Day and remember that what I wanted most was that cozy time with them.

Giving loves to mama AND baby sister!!

And now for the fun! My girls were SO EXCITED when they saw me pull out the whipped cream because …

They know this not only means whip on the waffle …

And bites for everyone …

But the best part … whip in everyone's mouth!!!

Yep, even Mama.


This Mother's Day, Allswell is encouraging moms everywhere to ban the brunch, stay home, relax, and enjoy the comfort being in bed, dressed in jammies, surrounded by the people you love most. I can't think of anything better!!

    This Mother's Day I hope you get a chance to snuggle up to the ones you love most and remember that no matter how much you feel like you may fall short sometimes as a mom, you're the best mom in the world in their eyes.

Allswell Luxe Classic Memory Foam Mattress
Bed Frame
Bedding Collection
Basket Weaved Side Table(sold out), similar
Feather decor piece (sold out), similar
Little Baskets
My Pajamas
Girls Pajamas
Serving Tray(sold out), similar

Thanks so much Allswell and ShopStyle for sponsoring this post and giving us an excuse to eat strawberry waffles in bed more than just once this Mother's Day! My baby birds and I thank you!! 😉


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That decor piece on the wall, chandler and the bed everything just looks perfect. Thanks for sharing.

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