Nordstrom Anniversary Sale 2019 {Complete Guide!}

August 2, 2019

Nordstrom Anniversary Sale is live!! I'm here to equip you guys with THE BEST guides to show you all the best buys this year!!

I'm talking best guides for yourself, your kids, your husband, your house, all the things that you can ONLY get on sale during the most wonderful time of the year — the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale of course!

Click on a topic below to jump right down to exactly what you need to know about the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale!

Icon level sneak peeks

Because I do SO MUCH shopping at Nordstrom to create blog content, I qualified for icon level early access shopping on Tuesday, July 9. I spent 11 hours (yes ELEVEN!) looking through, trying on and matching up all THE BEST stuff in the sale! I spend all that time so that I can tell you what fits best, HOW it fits, if it runs big or small, what's most comfortable, most flattering etc.

I put together a youtube video on the very first Icon level shopping day (it's not pro status so be kind haha!) of what I thought were some of the BEST things in the sale this year, along with some of the things I think you can probably skip! Watch below:

Quick guides

My team and I have been hard at work creating QUICK GUIDES for you guys to shop the very BEST picks in the most fast, efficient way possible so you know what's really worth spending your money on at the Sale.

Shop our full guides below!!

Under $100 faves

All the best BUDGET FRIENDLY Women's clothes of the anniversary sale under $100 and under $50!

Under $100

Under $50

Top 20 BEAUTY picks

The best 20 BEAUTY items from the sale, and why I recommend each one!

Top 10 favorite shoes

The 10 best pairs of shoes in the Anniversary Sale

10 best BABY deals

From a baby gear EXPERT, these are the 10 best baby deals of the sale this year!

What to buy first

Here is a list of the hottest items that will sell out fast!

Ultimate Jean Guide

The best jeans of the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale!

The 5 best bras

Here are the best intimates that are part of the sale!

Fall wardrobe checklist

A checklist of all things Fall, and our recommendations for each!


Here is the cutest activewear from the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale.


Here are the BEST pajamas from the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale.

Top-Rated + Open to Public

Here are all the top-rated items from the sale that will sell out quick!

Top Kids Picks

Here are all the top kids picks from the sale that will sell out quick!

Best Men's Items

Here are the TOP men's items from the sale!

Cutest finds to wear to work

Here are the Cutest finds to wear to work from the sale!

Coziest blankets + BEST home deals

Here are the Coziest blankets + BEST home deals from the sale!

Best Nordstrom Sale Investment

Here is the Best Nordstrom Sale Investment from the sale!


The Anniversary Sale is infamous for selling out and restocking all our faves throughout the sale! It can be MADDENING to try to search for these hidden gems daily in the sale, so we're making it EASY for you. Soon, you will see all the best restocks, UPDATED DAILY, below!

You can trust me

This is my SEVENTH year blogging about the best of the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale!! Can you believe?! So I think I'm safe to deem myself an expert and someone you can trust at this point!

I was also recently featured in Business Insider as a Nordstrom Anniversary Sale expert so that makes me a little more legit, right?!

Today I'm sharing all my BEST tips and tricks for getting the very most out of the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale with YOU! I'll be giving you all the juice on which days the best deals are available, how to make sure you get what you really, really want from the Anniversary Sale before the good stuff gets picked over (or sells out!!), and talking restocks!

What is the Anniversary Sale?

The Nordstrom Anniversary Sale is the BIGGEST and the BEST Nordstrom sale of the year!! The very best (and trickiest) part of the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale is that the items are all BRAND NEW. Unlike the Nordstrom Clearance Sale or Nordstrom Half Yearly Sale where they discount things from that season or the previous season (like putting Spring or Summer items on sale now), you'll only see new things!

The only downside is that it's mostly Fall styles and you may have to wait a bit to wear a coat or boots, but it's worth it to get super cute, high quality clothes that will last all season at insanely great prices!

Stay Updated

During the sale, we'll be updating you guys DAILY on restocks, highly rated items, things I've tried on and worn and loved, and any other pro insider tips that you won't find anywhere else. If you're wondering what's been restocked that day, just come back to THIS POST and we'll have that updated for you DAILY.

You can sign up below to be on our EXCLUSIVE insider email list where we'll ONLY email you about the best tips, secrets and quick-guides to things that will sell out fastest and the hottest, highest rated items of the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale:

I'm going to give you guys ALLLLLL the details about the very BEST buys during early access of the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale, and continually coming out with helpful guides so you can quickly shop sections of the sale easily without having to pick through thousands of items. Make sure you're following me on Instagram @mintarrow so you don't miss out!

Leading up to the sale, we'll also be updating this post every day to share our top tips that will be useful for you during the sale!

Game Plan

Every pro-shopper knows you can't go into a sale without a good game plan. There are literally tens of THOUSANDS of items included in each Anniversary Sale and HELLO that basically spells automatic overwhelm.

You can watch my youtube video above to get a little bit of an idea of what you want, but the most important thing to remember with your game plan is that EVERY STORE has different inventory, and the only way to know you're for sure seeing everything is to look online! That's the one place you will see EVERYTHING, and can see which stores are carrying the exact color and size of the things you want. Then you can reserve them for in-store pickup, or have them drop shipped to your front door. EASY!

We wouldn't be besties if I didn't make sure you had allllll the sale details. So here come my tips, tricks, and hints for maximizing your Anniversary Sale experience. Ready?

Important dates (HUGE changes!)

Nordstrom is REALLY changing things up this year with their dates for the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale, especially regarding when everyone can shop and how early different levels of cardholders will gain access. Here's everything you need to know:

July 9 – 11: ICON status early shopping in-stores
July 11th – Pre-sale for Icon and Ambassador status starts online and in-stores
July 12: Early access begins for ALL Nordstrom Card Holders
July 18th – LAST day of early access!
July 19th – Public access begins – HAPPY SHOPPING!
August 4th – Sale ends!

If you've shopped the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale in the past, you know that whole saying in life about the early bird getting the worm is totally true!

The past THREE YEARS Nordstrom has not guaranteed a restock on anything after the presale, so it's becoming more important than ever to be a card holder if you want full access to the best stuff when the presale launches.

Top tips for the sale

  1. SHOP EARLY: My biggest recommendation is to be totally prepared to shop the sale RIGHT when it opens to early access, and the only way to do this is with a Nordstrom card. As you can see in the timeline above, the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale opens early to Nordstrom Card holders up to 10 days before it opens to the public, depending on the status of your card! 
  2. CASH IN: If you apply and are approved, Nordstrom will give you a $40 Nordstrom Note toward your first purchase at the sale!
  3. EACH STORE IS DIFFERENT, BUT ONLINE IS KING: Next, just remember like I mentioned before that each store will carry totally different stuff since they all have their own individual buyers. That's why we work SO HARD to give you guys the guides that will show you all the best stuff in one place, including how things fit and whether to size up or down, what's most flattering, etc.
  4. KNOW WHAT YOU NEED: look at your closet, see what you really need right now. Is it one good pair of jeans? Is it a staple bootie that will get you all through the winter? Is it a good new pair of shoes you can work out in? If you need to stick to a budget, go through your wardrobe FIRST so you know what to spend on and what to skip! Also, we'll have our Fall wardrobe checklist updated SOON with my picks from the Anniversary Sale this year.
  5. CHECK BACK FOR RESTOCKS: things will sell out fast, and tomorrow we're going to have our “buy this FIRST” blog post up with the things we think are the most popular and will sell out first. BUT, a lot of things will restock throughout the sale. Check back here DAILY for a list of things that have restocked that day. And don't lose hope if something you love sells out in your favorite color or size, because there's a good chance it might come back!

The Catalog

The Anniversary Sale catalog is LIVE!!! You can view the digital version here or go pick one up at your local Nordstrom! Be prepared to drool, because it's full of so so much cute stuff!

I'm pretty excited to see the return of some of last year's favorites! (I'm talking Hunter boots, Barefoot Dreams cardi, and Zella leggings!). This early access catalog is just a taste of the many items that will be on sale during the sale. There is SO much more to come, but it gives you a good idea what to expect! You can see all the very best stuff in this post.

The items in the catalog are also the only items guaranteed to restock during the sale. Everything else is a gamble so you want to snag items not featured in the catalog FIRST!

Online vs In-Store

I get the question a lot: is everything online available in-store, and vice versa. The answer is: EVERYTHING from the anniversary sale is available online, but only SOME things are available in-store.

Insider tip: Each store has different buyers, so each store will carry different inventory.

If you shop at home for the things you're dying to get, you can always do in-store pickup and grab the colors and sizes you REALLY want, and then add on whatever you find that you love in-store. But your only guarantee to see absolutely everything is online!

Also, if you're worried about packages sitting on your doorstep, you can STILL order online and do in-store pickup.

Nordstrom Card Secrets

My biggest recommendation is to be ready to shop the sale the SECOND it opens for Early Access. The ONLY way to do this is with a Nordstrom card. The Nordstrom Anniversary Sale opens early to Nordstrom Card holders up to 10 days before it opens to the public, depending on the status of your card! Regardless of your status, Nordstrom cardmembers shop at least 7 days before everyone else!!

If you apply and are approved, Nordstrom will give you a $40 Nordstrom Note for a future purchase! Are you doing your happy dance yet?

If the Nordstrom credit card isn't really your thing, let's talk about the Nordstrom Rewards program. Its's completely free to join and super easy to sign up, and you'll earn a $20 Nordstrom Note for every 2,000 points you accrue.

Important note: signing up for the Nordstrom Rewards program does NOT get you early access to the Anniversary Sale. You have to be a Nordstrom cardholder for early access. However, you do get access to perks like Curbside Pickup which is awesome during this sale!

What About a Promo Code?

There are NO promo codes for the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale. There's no secret code that will allow you to shop early. The only way to get Early Access to the biggest fashion event of the year is to become a cardholder. If you're not a cardholder, you have to wait for the sale to go public on July 19th! But once YOU have access to the sale, the price you see is the price you pay-no codes necessary!! YAY!

Rewards Points

Nordstrom cardholders and rewards program members earn points for any purchases made at Nordstrom. As long as you're at least Insider status you can schedule Personal Double Points Days! Schedule a Personal Double Points Day during the Anniversary Sale and you earn 2X the points on your purchase! If you're a Nordstrom credit cardmember that's 6 points (versus 3) for EVERY dollar you spend!

What About Restocks?

The most FAQ I get about the Anniversary sale is: Will Nordstrom restock everything after the pre-sale? The first three years I blogged about the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale, almost everything that was available during the pre-sale was restocked completely when the sale opened to the public.

HOWEVER, the past three years, I've noticed that many of the items that were available during the pre-sale are not restocked once the sale opens to the public. Everything in the catalog is guaranteed to restock, but anything else is a gamble on whether you'll see it again once the sale opens to the public.

So if you're DYING to have that Tory Burch bag or a really nice stroller or some beautiful riding boots for an incredible deal and they weren't featured in the catalog, your best bet is to grab them during early access!!

BUT ALSO, bookmark this page, because we'll be updating you on restocks throughout the sale RIGHT HERE!

Avoid Anniversary Sale FOMO

If you see one of those red-hot sell out items that makes your heart flutter like Jonathan Taylor Thomas did in the 1990s, stick it in your cart and buy it online immediately. Even if you plan to shop the sale in person, you can still just have it waiting for you at in-store pickup with zero risk that your size or favorite color is out of stock by the time you get there.

We already have some of our guides LIVE (outlined below) but we're going to continue each day with COMPLETE coverage of the sale in every category and tons of helpful shopping guides and personal recommendations on our favorite Nordstrom Anniversary picks from handbags to shoes to dresses to everything in between!

Current LIVE Guides

If you're as excited as I am (three Diet Cokes deep and standing outside of Disneyland levels of excited) then let's dive in together! Here are all of our guides that are LIVE RIGHT NOW for the 2019 Anniversary Sale:

  1. 10 things that will sell out first,
  2. Ultimate jean guide (I tried on EVERY PAIR!)
  3. 10 best baby deals
  4. 20 best value & most recommended beauty deals
  5. Budget friendly faves (under $50, under $100)
  6. 10 best shoes of the Sale
  7. 5 BEST bras of the Nordstrom Anniversary sale
  8. Nordstrom Anniversary Sale: Fall wardrobe checklist!
  9. Cutest Activewear of the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale
  10. The BEST pajamas of the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale
  11. Nordstrom Anniversary Sale TOP-RATED items + open to the public
  12. Top Kids Picks from the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale
  13. Nordstrom Anniversary Sale Top Men's Items

And TONS MORE to come!

Can't WAIT to crush it with you guys this year at the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale!!!

Final Words of Wisdom

One good knife. This is a principle I learned from my chef mama A Bountiful Kitchen, “I'd rather have one good knife in the kitchen than 100 crappy knives.” So buy wisely – get the ONE item you're dying to have from the Anniversary Sale that will last you months and months instead of spending the exact same amount of money on 10 items from a lower quality store that you'll wear or use a couple times before it starts falling apart! The Nordstrom Anniversary Sale is THE very best sale of the year when it comes to getting extreme quality and major sale prices, and I'm so thankful to have you here to shop it with me!

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Can’t wait, either! Your searching & researching has really helped my work wardrobe! (Thank you😁🙌🙌)


YAY I’m so happy to hear that!!

Ann Nelson:

So bummed, went to enroll in the Nordstrom debit card like your post mentioned and they said they no longer offer it, only Nordstrom credit cards which you have to apply for.


Oh NO I’m so sorry!! They must have just changed that this year. I will go back and update the post. Really so sorry about this 🙁

Colbie Burton:

Hi! Question… if i apply for the card now can i save the $40 note for the sale or do you have to spend the $40 the day you sign up for the card? The website confused me a bit!


Corrine’s not 100% sure on when you will get your $40 Nordstrom note, but if you call Nordstrom they will be able to give you a for sure answer 🙂


I can’t even wait!!! Thankfully we have you to guide us. Really hoping for a winter jacket for myself and my daughter.


Yay! There will definitely be jackets!! 🙂 -Kourtney

Jennifer Brown:

So how fast do things sell out? I am a card holder, but should I be on my computer at midnight the day of? I just want some Jean’s, maybe sweaters, and girls shoes? Also, do they have a anni ersary sale page where everything will be located?


If there are specific items you want, it would be smart to get on as soon as you can! If not, you should be fine to wait 🙂 As far as where the sale is located, it will be easy to spot on Nordstrom’s home page once it goes live! Hope that helps! 🙂 -Kourtney

Gail Elizabeth:

What’s the scoop with the online access starting at 12:30 PM EST on July 12? Why start the online sale mid-day? I can’t seem to find an answer for this anywhere.

Thank you!


Hi Elizabeth,
I think this year they delayed the start and spread out who had access to avoid a site crash like they’ve had the past several years. So far it seems to be working out really well! 🙂


Love your “one good knife” tip. I live by that still! I’d rather have one good quality pair of jeans than 5 that never fit just right. Same with shoes. And a purse!
Thanks to you and your AMAZING team for working so hard to point us in the right direction. Love Mint Arrow <3


Aw Mama thanks for this sweet message. Love you and grateful for all you taught me!!

Breea Laugalis:

For the catalog restocks – does that happen when the sale opens to the public or on a variety of dates?


Restocks in general will happen randomly throughout the sale, but we’ll most likely see the MOST restocks happen on Friday when the sale opens to the public!

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