Hot tips on how to prep for the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale

YOU GUYS! We're exactly ONE MONTH away from the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale and I'm already stocking up on endless supplies of Diet Coke to make sure I'm ready to equip you guys with THE BEST guides to show you all the best buys for yourself this year, your kids, your husband, your house, all the things that you can ONLY get on sale this glorious time of the year known as the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale.

This is my SIXTH year blogging about the best of the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale so at this point I guess I've deemed myself an expert! Which is why today I'll be sharing my BEST tips and tricks for getting the most out of the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale, which days the best deals are available, how to make sure you get what you really really want from the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale before the good stuff gets picked over!!

Every pro-shopper knows you can't go into a sale without a good game plan. So I have a few little tips, tricks and hints to maximizing your Nordstrom Anniversary Sale experience. They have a few new goodies up their sleeves this year. And we wouldn't be besties if I didn't make sure you had alllllllll the details!!!

Marking your calendar is the first step, so here are a few Nordstrom Anniversary Sale dates to keep in mind over the next few weeks:

July 12th – Early access begins!
July 19th – LAST day of early access!
July 20th – Public access begins – HAPPY SHOPPING!
August 5th – Sale ends!

If you've shopped the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale in the past, you know that whole saying in life about the early bird getting the worm is totally true!

My biggest recommendation is to be totally prepared to shop the sale RIGHT when it opens to early access, and the only way to do this is with a Nordstrom card. As you can see in the timeline above, the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale opens early to Nordstrom Card holders 8 days before it opens to the public!  If you apply and are approved, Nordstrom will give you a $40 Nordstrom Note toward your first purchase at the sale! This is DOUBLE what they offered last year ($20 Nordstrom Note) so this is a huge deal!!

The first three years I blogged about the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale, almost everything that was available during the pre-sale was restocked completely when the sale opened to the public. HOWEVER, the past two years, I've noticed that many of the items that were available during the pre-sale are not restocked once the sale opens to the public. Everything in the catalog is guaranteed to restock, but anything else is a gamble on whether you'll see it again once the sale opens to the public.

So if you're DYING to have that Tory Burch bag or a really nice stroller or some beautiful riding boots for an incredible deal and they weren't featured in the catalog, your best bet is to grab them during early access!! Don't worry about not knowing whether it's worth it because I'm going to give you guys ALLLLLL the details in our blog posts about the very BEST buys during early access of the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale, plus we'll take you on an exclusive sneak peek behind-the-scenes of level 4 day that opens on July 11, the day before early access officially starts, so that you can see all the juicy deals that are coming out!

If the Nordstrom credit card isn't really your thing, let's talk about the Nordstrom Rewards program. Its's completely free to join and super easy to sign up, and you'll earn a $20 Nordstrom Note for every 2,000 points you accrue.

One of my favorite tips to share is that if you see one of those red-hot sell out items that makes your heart flutter like Jonathan Taylor Thomas did in the 1990s, stick it in your cart and buy it online immediately. Even if you plan to shop the sale in person, you can still just have it waiting for you at in-store pickup with zero risk that your size or favorite color is out of stock by the time you get there.

Get excited because we're going to have COMPLETE coverage of the sale in every category, live coverage on Level 4 day on Facebook live so you can see exactly what's there (even the stuff that wasn't featured in the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale catalog) and tons of helpful shopping guides and personal recommendations on our favorite Nordstrom Anniversary picks from handbags to shoes to dresses to everything in between!

If you're dying and cannot wait for a month, get a little taste of what we've covered in the past:

Best Baby Deals of the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale 2017
DENIM GUIDE for the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale 2017 (I tried on all the jeans!)
Best Women's Shoes of the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale 2017
Best Beauty Deals of the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale 2017

To get a few more tips on sales shopping in the past, skip on back to another year's prep post!

Can't WAIT to crush it with you guys this year at the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale!!!

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Can’t wait, either! Your searching & researching has really helped my work wardrobe! (Thank you😁🙌🙌)


YAY I’m so happy to hear that!!

Ann Nelson:

So bummed, went to enroll in the Nordstrom debit card like your post mentioned and they said they no longer offer it, only Nordstrom credit cards which you have to apply for.


Oh NO I’m so sorry!! They must have just changed that this year. I will go back and update the post. Really so sorry about this 🙁

Colbie Burton:

Hi! Question… if i apply for the card now can i save the $40 note for the sale or do you have to spend the $40 the day you sign up for the card? The website confused me a bit!


Corrine’s not 100% sure on when you will get your $40 Nordstrom note, but if you call Nordstrom they will be able to give you a for sure answer 🙂


I can’t even wait!!! Thankfully we have you to guide us. Really hoping for a winter jacket for myself and my daughter.


Yay! There will definitely be jackets!! 🙂 -Kourtney

Jennifer Brown:

So how fast do things sell out? I am a card holder, but should I be on my computer at midnight the day of? I just want some Jean’s, maybe sweaters, and girls shoes? Also, do they have a anni ersary sale page where everything will be located?


If there are specific items you want, it would be smart to get on as soon as you can! If not, you should be fine to wait 🙂 As far as where the sale is located, it will be easy to spot on Nordstrom’s home page once it goes live! Hope that helps! 🙂 -Kourtney

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