Nordstrom Anniversary Sale beauty top picks!

July 12, 2019

The Nordstrom Anniversary Sale is one of the very best beauty sales of the whole entire year! Some of my tried and true beauty secret weapons (and new favorites) are only on sale ONCE A YEAR and that time is NOW!! I've rounded up TWENTY of my beauty faves-the products and tools that I absolutely live for-so that you can stock up NOW! Honestly, the Anniversary Sale beauty selection this year is the best I've EVER SEEN!!! And it's a really super smart way to save on beauty products that you'll use ALL year long!!

#1: NARS Hot Tropic Lip Gloss Set

NARS Hot Tropic Lip Gloss Set. FOUR FULL SIZED LIPGLOSSES FOR $39. Need I say more??A $96 value, these nourishing lip glosses come in the BEST colors so you can give them away as gifts or keep them all for yourself (we won't tell)!

#2: Oribe Magic Styling Set

Oribe Full Size Magic Styling Set. I mentioned Oribe never goes on sale, right? Ever. If you're a fan of not washing your hair (*raises hand) you need this set! The dry shampoo smells amazing, works super well, and doesn't  create build up. It is literally magic. This set comes with a texturizing spray and the dry shampoo (FULL SIZED) for only $61 (a $92 value)!!

#3: Anastasia Brow Duo

Anastasia Brow Duo. This duo includes my FAVE brow gel and my FAVE brow filler!  The gel is so so good for keeping unruly brows in place and I recommend this brow filler to anyone and everyone! You will not regret this purchase and it's a steal at $28 ($43 value)!! I use the color Taupe and it's super universal! I feel like it looks good on almost everyone from a super light blond to someone with really dark hair. It fills your brows in and still looks totally natural without getting too harsh!

#4: Beauty Blender All That Glitters Makeup Sponge Set

Beauty Blender Blend All That Glitters Makeup Sponge Set. If you haven’t applied your makeup with the beauty blender yet, you are missing out on airbrushed smoothed perfection!!! This tool will change your life and this kit comes with two blenders PLUS the most darling glitter case that you ever did see. It's $35 for the set ($54 value)!!

#5: Oribe Gold Lust Set

Oribe Gold Lust Set. Dying over this set. DY-ING. Oribe never disappoints and we are head over heels for ALL these products. The travel sized shampoo, conditioner and texturizing spray are a one-stop-shop for your travel needs this summer! AND it's only $38 for a $57 value! I've had this same since last summer and have taken it on several trips!

#6: MAC Lip Kit

MAC Up Close and Personal Lip Kit. Dying over how great the price is of this mini MAC lip set ($36.50!!)! These neutral hues give me all the feels, and you KNOW MAC's lipglass is the shiniest in the biz!

#7: Slip Pillowcase Duo

Slip for beauty sleep Queen Pillowcase Duo. This dermatologist, hairstylist AND plastic surgeon recommended pillowcase duo is like a nightly beauty treatment! The pure mulberry silk won't absorb your expensive beauty creams or create friction which can cause early aging. A luxury item for sure, but also a great gift for yourself or bestie! And I LOVE that it helps prevent my bedhead that can seriously get out of control.

#8: Drybar The Four Pack Set

Drybar The Four Pack: this set includes four of Drybar's exclusive products in travel sizes! It includes my favorite dry shampoo, a heat protectant spray, a texturizer AND a hairspray! Pro tip: I love to spray “Triple Sec” in my roots RIGHT after I shower and like “Detox Dry Shampoo” to keep my hair fresh for days!! It's $39 for $52 of product and you might want to buy them just for the ridiculously cute pastel packaging to carry in your travel bag.

#9: Nars Face Palette

Nars Face Palette. I was STOKED when I saw this in the sale! These colors are cult favorites and I am thrilled that they created this palette for a one-stop-shop! Really, they are making it too easy on us! Sometimes a 3 in 1 combo isn't just right in all categories but they NAILED IT with this one. I'm wearing all 3 in these pics and the blush, highlighter and bronzer are all perfection in my book.

#10: Urban Decay All Day All Night Sponge + Spray Set

Urban Decay All Day All Night Sponge + Spray Set. The All Nighter is the professional makeup artist's setting spray of choice, so it's a no brainer for us to follow suit! This set comes with a full sized AND travel sized All Nighter spray which provides a 16 HOUR wear for your makeup! PLUS, a makeup sponge that can be dampened with the setting spray to apply your makeup with! Double whammy of makeup longevity for $48!

#11: Living Proof Full Hair Heroes

Living Proof Heroes Full Sized (!!) Set. If you're looking to pump up the volume, this set is for you! If you haven't tried dry volume blast yet, you are in for a TREAT. That stuff is hair volumizing magic. And these paraben free, color-safe products are guaranteed to give you the hair height you deserve! After all, the bigger the hair, the closer to heaven, amiright?!

#12: Charlotte Tilbury Supermodel Body XL Shimmer Shape, Hydrate & Glow

Charlotte Tilbury Supermodel Body XL Shimmer Shape, Hydrate & Glow. Can a product possibly live up to this title?! Yes. Yes, it can. Charlotte Tilbury has been the go-to name in beauty for decades and her namesake beauty line is nothing short of revolutionary. This fan-favorite product is Charlotte's answer to a sun kissed and leaner looking body, plus it has the active ingredients to back up the claims! Snag it for $85 (a $217 value)!!

#13: Stila Eyeliner & Liquid Eyeshadow Set

Stila Eyeliner & Liquid Eyeliner Set. I've professed my love for these Glitter & Glow shadows before and I'll do it again! The sparkle is unmatched, and the waterproof eyeliner goes on so smoothly you'll forget to be afraid of liquid liner! I DO like the 3 pack but this one is less expensive, and I like the one liquid eyeshadow in this duo better than all 3 in this pack. AND it'll only cost ya $20 for the liquid eyeshadow AND an eyeliner that's so long-lasting, when I tried it on my hand it didn't come off until I used eye makeup remover!

#14: Two Faced Pretty Rich Makeup Set

Too Faced Pretty Rich Makeup Set. This $49 set is equipped with a SIXTEEN eyeshadow palette, a full sized lipgloss AND a full sized Better Than Sex mascara! This is probably one of the BEST bangs for your buck at the Anniversary Sale. These colors are so sparkly and the color pay off is so.good. Add to that, a beautifully flattering lipgloss and one of the BEST mascaras of all time and you've got yourself a WINNER!!

#15: Beachwaver Pro

Beachwaver Pro. SO THRILLED to see the Beachwaver in the sale again this year!!! Nothing curls my hair as fast as this tool!  This is probably the best deal we’ll see all year on the Pro. On sale for $133 ($199 after sale)-an even better deal than previous years!

#16: Simplehuman Makeup Mirror

Smplehuman Makeup Mirror. We're stoked about the return of this game changer makeup mirror. It magnifies without distorting, and it helps you see exactly what you’ll look like out in the sunlight! Not to mention it syncs with your phone for optimum lighting and has a motion detector! I use this LITERALLY every day. Worth every penny and during the Anniversary Sale you save $100!

#17: PMD Clean Facial Cleansing Device

PMD Clean: You guys know I LOVE the PMD Clean, with its ultra-hygienic medical grade silicone and 7,000 vibrations per minute so you can cleanse while lifting AND toning! You guys know I offer THE BEST deal during Mother's Day and Black Friday, but if you're dying to get one in between, this is the best deal you'll see till BF!

#18: PMD Personal Microderm

PMD Personal Microderm. THE best skin tool I have ever used, period. If you've been around for a bit we've had lots of chats about how this tool exfoliates, helps the skin regenerate, helps get rid of wrinkles, fine lines, sun spots, blemishes, basically any skin imperfection. This is the best deal you'll find IN BETWEEN our Mother's Day and Black Friday exclusive half off deals!!

#19: Kate Somerville ExfoliKATE

Kate Somerville ExfoliKATE. This stuff is totally amazing! Otherwise known as the Hollywood 2 minute facial. It gives you the glowiest, smoothest, prettiest skin thanks to the dynamic duo of fruit enzymes and lactic acid. AND it's only $120 during the Sale for a GINORMOUS tube (a $213 value!)

#20: Luxie The Classic Face Set

Luxie the Classic Face Set. This is the CUTEST baby pink face brush set! You'll love the variety of brushes (powder, blush, under eye AND highlight!) The full sized set gets nearly perfect reviews on Nordstrom's site and it's a GREAT value at $35 ($76 value)!!

Top Beauty Picks from the Sale

We put together a clickable roundup below of our top beauty picks from the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale just for you. Everything except #20 is something I've personally used, LOVE and highly recommend.


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