The BEST fake plants, ALL on Amazon!

Anyone else living their best Prime life right now? Anything and everything I can get online sounds even better than it did before. Plus all this time at home has me changing, arranging, organizing, and decorating all.the.things. My favorite way to breathe new life into a space? A fake plant! Stay tuned for my favorites, all ready to be shipped right to your doorstep.

fake plant amazon
Planter pot

Why fake plants?

Plants can bring such a feeling of coziness to a space. I also love that it can be your pop of color in an otherwise neutral room! No need to worry about perfect lighting, watering on a schedule, or whether your child or dog is going to destroy your plant. Seriously, fake plants are the WAY TO GO!

best fake plants

Our faux favorites

  1. Artificial Monstera: I love the idea of putting this plant in a fun pot or basket for an earthy vibe!
  2. Artificial Succulents (set of 3): These are such an inexpensive way to style a shelf with a little touch of green.
  3. Sansevieria: This plant is just cool. The upward movement draws the eye to the ceiling, making any room appear larger!
  4. Paradise Palm: Have a big space to fill? Try a more spread-out plant like this one to take up empty space!
  5. Fiddle Leaf Fig: If there was a way for a plant to be “on-trend,” the Fiddle Leaf has found it! I've killed more than one in my day, so I love that you can try this trend risk-free with a fake plant. This one also comes in two sizes!
  6. Cactus: The concrete pot is a perfectly modern vessel for a faux cactus.
  7. Aloe Plant: The brighter green of this Aloe plant brings such a fun pop of color to any space.
  8. UV Resistant Fiddle Leaf Tree: This plant is perfect for indoor or outdoor use because it is UV resistant! Try pairing it with super sleek outdoor furniture.
  9. String of Pearl: This feminine plant has more of a shabby-chic vibe, perfect for your bathroom or a little girl's room!
  10. Palm Tree Leaves: Put these in a tall vase as an amazing centerpiece with height!

All the plants, none of the work

The best part about fake plants (besides the no maintenance, no commitment, guilt-free nature of it?) is that they bring a little green into your home without taking on an actual extra child. Now, choose a space, pick a plant, and go to town!

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