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Summer is still officially over a month away, but we're ready to party like it's June 21st right now! Summer means long beach days, all you can eat watermelon and a bronzy glow that just won't quit. We love that summer tan so much that we want it all year long-which is why self tanner is basically our BFF. So I've rounded up all my very favorite self-tanners to help you jumpstart your summer right NOW!

The self tanner I told you about last summer still blows almost every other self tanner I've tried out of the water! It literally looks like two weeks in Hawaii and comes in a $40 bottle! It works super quick and comes out the most perfectly natural, bronzed color. Did I mention that comes with a mitt for flawless application and has ZERO scent? That means nobody will know it’s a faux tan except you! I love that I can use this on my face and body.

St. Tropez Self Tan Express Bronzing Mousse: Love that this one allows you to customize the level of your tan, from sun kissed glow to a deep dark bronze. The mousse is easy to apply and goes on super smooth. I've used this on face and body too with great results.

St. Tropez Pro Light: I actually have a spray tan gun that we bought from the girl that was coming to my house to do my spray tans. It was getting expensive so I finally bought my own and Neil does it for me! HA! The gun I bought is commercial, but I have read RAVE reviews about this! Professional quality and super easy to use.

Rodial Brazilian Tan Airbrush: Obsessed with the super easy, airbrush application. Love that the effect is instant, but also gets better over time. I've only used this on face but it's perfect if you need a little color boost before you do your makeup! I find that when I get a spray tan or do any type of self tanner, it fades fastest on my face since I'm washing makeup off so much and using moisturizers etc so this is perfect for in-between self tanning sessions.

Tanwise Dark Bronzing Sunless Mousse: A super similar, but less expensive alternative to the St. Tropez mousse. I've recommended and loved this stuff for YEARS. Not orange at all but a really pretty bronzey color. I only use this on body and use the next product for face!

Tanwise Self-Tanning Face Gel: Sometimes it can be scary to apply self tanner to your face. I love this gel that is face specific and SUPER easy to use.

Application Mitt: Don't question it. Get the mitt. Makes the application so easy and your tan looks flawless!

I love all these products SO much and really think you will too! If you end up trying any of them please come back and let me know what you think!!

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St. Tropez Self Tan Express Bronzing Mousse is by far the best tanner I’ve ever used. And yes, get the mitt!!! It’s so easy to apply and no bad smell. Gives me a realistic looking tan, not orange at all! I highly recommend it as well.


Hi! What solution do you use for your spray tans?


Hey there! I buy it directly from a girl here in orange county who sells her own solution, it’s not something sold in stores or a salon or anything … sorry that’s not more helpful!

Lori Ferro:

I’ve never applied self tanner on my own, but would love to give it a try. What do you find is the most resistant to sweat/workouts? And what products do you use to keep it from fading? If I recall, I had to ditch my normal face wash and body wash for something else to maintain the spray tan from a salon…


So with ANY of these products, you want to apply after your workout so that you’re not sweating it off while it’s setting into your skin. I usually apply right before bed! And funny enough, one of the best products I’ve found that doesn’t make my spray tans come off (because it doesn’t have any oils) is just washing with a dove beauty bar!

Jenna Gray:

I bought the Tarte sunless tanner based on the no streaking and smell claims. The color really did show and I feel def. bronzer and there was no streaming! However, after applying the tanner. I could barely sleep because it smelled. Super bummed!


I’m so sorry to hear this Jenna! I think it has little to no smell, and the other girls on my team agreed. BUT, I know smell is a really personal thing and I’m totally sensitive to smells while I’m pregnant especially, so I understand that this could’ve been different for you and I’m really sorry you had a bad experience!


Does it come off on clothes? Does it need to set and if yes, for how long?


Which tanner are you referring to? The Tarte Braziliance does NOT come off on clothes! 🙂 Corrine said she put that white shirt on about 5 minutes after she put the tanner on and it didn’t come off at all. Hope that helps! -Kourtney

Janae Rindy:

Does the Tarte Braziliance rub off on clothes or sheets?


No, it doesn’t! 🙂 -Kourtney


Any suggestions for a self-tanner that is a natural looking color for very fair skin? I noticed the Tarte tanner didn’t have different shade options.


The tarte tanner is buildable so it works even for fair skinned girls! 🙂 Corrine’s last assistant had very fair skin and loved it! -Kourtney

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