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Do you ever get stuck in a makeup routine and realize you haven’t tried a new product in forever?! I know I have…I’ve been meaning to try Shine Cosmetics for years. So many of my friends are OBSESSED with them. So I decided it was time to give it a real go.

I realized I'd tried a few of their lippies over the years, but recently I decided to buy ALL of their top selling products and really see how I like them – and they didn’t disappoint! Today I’m so excited to talk about my takeaways from these products because I think you’ll love them, too.

shine cosmetics

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Why Shine Cosmetics?

Shine has a really great message to get behind; they create products that go against the popular sexualization of women by the beauty industry and instead, highlight successful, confident, and beautiful women.

I LOVE how they use wholesome names for their products. One of their founders, Darcey, shared how she was embarrassed to say some of the makeup product names to her daughter when she was helping her get ready for a dance competition, and that's what inspired Shine.

It’s sooo true…some of the over-sexualized names people use on makeup products is an awkward conversation with your little girl who also doesn’t need to think that’s the definition of beauty! Shine is an amazing brand if you have a daughter interested in makeup because it’s easy to get started with the basics like concealer, blush, and lips all in one place.

Let’s get into these amazing products that stand for something great and have payoff. And if you decide you want to try any or all of this too, you can use my CODE: MINTARROW for 10% off and get free shipping on orders over $35!

Long-wearing Shine Cosmetics BB Cream

This BB Cream looks so good on the skin and has beautiful, breathable coverage. I was so happy to see it last all day long and didn’t rub off on anyone or anything I touched throughout the day! Yay for SPF 15 and protection from harsh UV rays…major win.

I would say it's a pretty good dupe of the IT Cosmetics CC cream, but it doesn't go on as thick!

There’s so many great reviews of this product and its light application is perfect for a teen who wants to get into makeup for the first time.

Free color-matching make it easy to try

Shine makes color matching online SO easy! You can text them or use the live chat feature on their site to get the perfect shade for your skin. Their team can help you color match, provide recommendations, or answer any questions! I did this to talk with their team and find the perfect shade of makeup that matches my skin.

It also helps if you have the exact shade of a product you already love! For example, I told them I wear 3W1 Tawny by Estée Lauder and Shine found my PERFECT match with them which is the shade indestructible.

Concealer that feels light and bright

I was matched to the shade brilliant for Shine’s concealer that has a pink undertone and it’s amazing! I loved that this concealer didn’t feel heavy or cakey, it has the perfect light application. This concealer works great for all skin types and is super blendable.

I LOVE this reviewer who said: “I had never tried Shine concealer and I decided to give it a shot when it was on sale. Okaaaayyy, I have tried literally every concealer on the planet and this one is the winner! It actually covers my dark circles and fills in the wrinkles under my eyes AND it doesn’t crease. What could be better?! I am sold, and now I’m stocking up!”

When I was a teen I was so insecure about my breakouts – this concealer would be perfect for a young girl looking for a little bit of coverage!

shine cosmetics review

New favorite blush stick (best NARS dupe!)

One of my very favorite things is being able to say I FINALLY found a dupe for Nars orgasm, what used to be my favorite blushes (with legit the worst name). Instead, I’ve been loving Shine’s blush stick in the color cherished.

This color is super close to my old favorite and it’s a cream blush that actually lasts all day! If you also love the NARS blush but hate the name, make the switch to cherished by Shine!

This blush stick is super easy to use and blend – it’s great for your eyes, lips, and cheeks.

Sun-kissed highlighter and bronzer

I love Shine’s bronzer in the shade fierce. I like that the bronzer has a little bit of shimmer to it, especially headed into the summer months!

It’s amazing that this product is super pigmented but still gives a clean and natural glow. I like to use it for a natural shimmer, but it’s buildable to use for contour or even eyeshadow!

During this sale TODAY ONLY get this bronzer for only $24.99 (reg $28.99)- 14% OFF

Most unique lip velvet product EVER

No one has done this as good as Shine’s LipVelvet in Miracle! Ahhh I’m in love. The color is so pretty; it has a mauve to it with a tiny touch of purple that makes a beautiful pink and I love it more than words can express!

This product is unlike ANY I’ve tried in the beauty industry and the name totally helps – miracle is one of my favorite words! I paired it with their lip liner in the shade lovely and these are another recommendation I’d totally make for a young girl getting started in makeup.

Shine’s LipVelvet is a perfect basic for a beginner – they’re super fun and allow her to start playing with some color.

shine cosmetics lip velvet

How to get fluffy brows – perfect dupe for high end

Shine has ANOTHER crazy good dupe for a pricey brow pencil by IT Cosmetics for UNDER $20. This brow wand is perfect with a fluffy spoolie for styling and buildable product that won’t leave you with dark, blocky brows.

I’ve been loving the laminated, light and fluffy look lately for my brows and I’ve found that it’s super achievable with this wand from Shine! It gives natural hair-like brush strokes with the universal end that’s also buildable depending on your desired level of darkness.

shine cosmetics brow wand

Makeup dupe deals at Shine Cosmetics

I really love every top seller of Shine’s – it's such a great makeup brand to get young girls started with, and I seriously love everything for my basic, everyday makeup routine. Don’t forget to use CODE: MINTARROW for 10% off and get free shipping on orders over $35!

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