Miracles Happen sweatshirt launch!

Several years ago I walked into a big board room in LA with a deck of slides to pitch a dream I had to launch a line of clothing with positive messaging printed on each piece. For years we kept trying to make this dream come alive, and the time has finally come. TODAY we're launching our first piece in the Mint Arrow Messages merch collection, our Miracles Happen sweatshirt. And today only, we're offering free shipping, too!

miracles happen sweatshirt

I love graphic tees and graphic sweatshirts, but usually what I saw hanging on the racks in my favorite stores were messages that were funny but salty, sarcastic, or silly. Those were so fun and I've bought so many of them over the years!

But one day I thought to myself, “what if we could create a line of sweatshirts and tees and accessories that were cute like these, but made people feel GOOD inside? What if we could create a merchandise line that inspired others to be happy and confident and find the best out of life?” That was something I could get behind and wanted to put time and energy into creating. And that's where the Mint Arrow Messages merch line all started.

For our first product, I knew right away which message I wanted to print, promote and have around my family and as many others as possible.


miracles happen sweatshirt

The story behind Miracles Happen

When I was a teenager growing up in Bountiful, Utah, there was a crisis in our local community. A beloved doctor, father, husband and friend named Lamont Ericson received a diagnosis of stage-4 pancreatic cancer, with very little time to live.

Lamont's wife, Debbie, stopped at the gift shop in the Huntsman Cancer Institute one day and was drawn to a wooden sign that said, “MIRACLES HAPPEN.” She said, “I felt strongly that needed to be our family theme moving forward. We had this plaque affixed to our door throughout Lamont's illness. We wanted everyone who entered to know WE BELIEVED, and they were welcome to enter if they would, too! [A family member] made up the bumper stickers for us, so that our church congregation, friends and families could add their faith and strength to the mantra.”

For the next decade or so, through my teenage years and well beyond, I saw these bumper stickers on the cars in my community and on my own mom's car, reminding me all the time that miracles happen, and it's up to us to see and recognize them. I also believe the more we recognize them, call them out, and share them with others, the more we receive them. The more faith we have, the more these miracles occur.

Lamont's life was extended well beyond what they were initially told to expect, and he was able to spend many extra months of precious time teaching and mentoring his children, and the children and teenagers in our community.

The mantra “miracles happen” doesn't mean that every good thing we wish for comes true. It means that God sends us the miracles we need, big and small, to help us through all that He needs us to endure in this life. Sometimes they're monumental. Sometimes they're the tiniest tender mercy. But seeing them, recognizing them, helps them to be the true gift God intended them to be.
I wanted to honor this legacy that helped strengthen my faith that God is a God of miracles, and I knew this needed to be our very first product in the Mint Arrow Messages line.

This is a text that my mom received when she sent this over to Lamont's wife, Debbie, to ask for permission to share their story and make sure we got all the details right.

“Corrine's wording was so stirring and perfect. Lamont was told he’d have 3-6 months to live, and he ended up living 15 months. That was of course a tremendous blessing to us, because our kids were only 6 months and 2 years old at the time of diagnosis.

Lamont researched his illness, tried several pharmaceutical studies, and remained hopeful and faithful – I think all those things extended his life. It gave us extra months to spend lots of time together and make many home videos, which are the main source of my children’s memories of him.

As a side note – he actually sold his medical practice right after his diagnosis, so that he would be free to spend every remaining moment with his family and friends. I have vivid memories of going to the zoo together and he’d get so tired that he’d lay on the benches to rest between exhibits, because he didn’t want to stay home and miss even a minute.

As his last act as a physician, he sent a goodbye letter out to all his patients, expressing his love and appreciation for their trust. He told them about his illness, and how he was praying for a miracle. He explained though, that if the miracle didn’t go his way – that he’d be forever grateful for what he believes about family and other treasured relationships. He encouraged his patients to set their personal finances in order in their lives, and tell their families how loved they are, so that they can be at peace with any eventuality in their lives. Over 14 years later, I still receive correspondence from a few of those patients, who tell me how much that letter meant to them.

Thanks for the chance you’ve provided me to re-walk through this journey today.”

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miracles happen sweatshirt

My story

Now on a personal note.

The timing of this sweatshirt launch has been so interesting, and I really believe a quote I read over and over once in a book by David A. Bednar, “I believe that in the work of the Lord there is no such thing as a coincidence.”

At the beginning of November, we found out we were pregnant with our fifth baby! After a series of super strong impressions and feelings, in our home and in our weekly visits to the temple, we felt like God wanted us to make room for one more. It was our fastest pregnancy of all of our children (the others took 6-8 months, this one worked on the first try). We felt like God really wanted this baby here.

A couple of weeks later, I thought I was miscarrying. Bloodwork showed my HCG levels weren't rising appropriately, and the first ultrasound showed a gestational sac that looked like I would soon miscarry. Repeated ultrasounds and bloodwork led my doctor to believe I would for sure miscarry and I was encouraged to take medication to end the pregnancy.

We felt strongly we should wait though, and a week later, in an appointment where we expected to be told the same things about a miscarriage coming, we saw a miracle.

A tiny, but strong 120 BPM heartbeat on our 6 week old baby was beating on the ultrasound screen. I literally wept tears of joy and gratitude and along with some shock and surprise.

All during this time, our product launch we'd worked at for months finally started coming together. We received samples of the sweatshirt! It seemed like it was all divinely inspired – the little miracle God granted us and the Miracles Happen sweatshirt arriving at my doorstep all in the same timeframe.

But a week following, the heartbeat showed a much slower rate, and we were told once again that we would lose the baby.

And then Satan did what he does. He tried to make me feel foolish, like “who are you to think this was a miracle? This wasn't miraculous – science pointed toward a miscarriage this whole time.”

We lost the baby three days ago, on Sunday 12/12.

But I am telling you with all the conviction in my heart, that while I experienced that miscarriage, I also experienced an abundance of peace. I felt God's love wrapping around me like a blanket. I felt like He was aware of me, knew me, and wanted me to still honor our little baby's miracle heartbeat. I also found this quotation the next day that brought even more peace to my heart:

“Peace amidst confusion or sorrow is a miracle.” – Ronald A. Rasband.

I believe that there are no coincidences. I believe that God wanted me to go through this rollercoaster, and that my faith would be tested and tried, and come out stronger. I believe He wanted me to feel the joy of that tiny miracle heartbeat in our baby, and then still see it as a miracle even when the final outcome wasn't what we had hoped.

Back to Lamont and his story and legacy and the impact it has had on me for decades now.

That bumper sticker that was given out to all of Lamont's friends and family is still on my mom's car to this day. And every time I see it, I feel a little glow and glimmer of hope inside my heart.

Each purchase of these Miracles Happen sweatshirts will include a MIRACLES HAPPEN bumper sticker, too, for you to put on a mug or a notebook or your car or wherever you want to see that reminder.

I hope every time you see this, and when others see it, too, they'll remember that miracles happen.

miracles happen sweatshirt
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Sweatshirt FAQ

Where can I purchase the sweatshirt? It will be available HERE starting at noon pacific time, December 15.

Is this the only piece in the Mint Arrow Messages merch line? For now, yes. But this is only the beginning! Many more to come.

Does the sweatshirt fit TTS? It's a women's fitted sweatshirt. So for a more fitted look, buy your normal size. For a roomy fit, go up a size! I'm wearing my normal size (medium) in the picture above.

What will the size range be? Small – XXL

What will the price be? $60

Are there any discounts? YES! Today only, you can use code LAUNCHDAY for free shipping on 12/15/21 only.

Will these ship in time for Christmas? YES! Any orders placed today, 12/15, will ship to the US in time for Christmas.

Do I have to request a bumper sticker? Nope – every order will receive a bumper sticker as a free gift from me 🙂

miracles happen sweatshirt
miracles happen sweatshirt mint arrow messages

Miracles Happen

Let me know if you have any other questions, and thank you for your love and support and excitement! I can't wait for us to fill the world with more meaningful messages like Miracles Happen.

Corrine Stokoe

Corrine Stokoe is a blogger, podcaster and content creator behind the brand Mint Arrow. She and her husband Neil live in South Orange County with their 5 kids, she runs her blog and business with 7 team members, where they find the best daily deals and share favorite finds in fashion and beauty. They also run a podcast called Mint Arrow Messages. Mint Arrow has been featured in Forbes, Women's Wear Daily, Business Insider, The Wall Street Journal, AdWeek and Allure. Corrine is passionate about sharing the gospel of Jesus Christ as often as she can and teaching others to use social media for good.

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