Episode 149: Miracles Happen

Has the day of miracles ceased? This is a question posed in my favorite book, the Book of Mormon by the prophet Mormon himself. We've had a couple of miracles ourselves lately that we're going to share in today’s episode, along with the story behind where this mantra came from in my life. I actually finished recording this episode with Neil and was texting back and forth with my mom about the man I mention in this episode, Lamont Ericson. She sent me this text from his wife Debbie, with some of the even more beautiful details about the miracles and impact of Lamont’s life before he passed that I'd like to share with you.

“Lamont was told he’d have 3-6 months to live, and he ended up living 15 months. That was of course a tremendous blessing to us, because our kids were only 6 months and 2 years old at the time of diagnosis. Lamont researched his illness, tried several pharmaceutical studies, and remained hopeful and faithful – I think all those things extended his life. It gave us extra months to spend lots of time together and make many home videos, which are the main source of my children’s memories of him.

As a side note, he actually sold his medical practice right after his diagnosis so that he would be free to spend every remaining moment with his family and friends. I have vivid memories of going to the zoo together, and he’d get so tired that he’d lay on the benches to rest between exhibits because he didn’t want to stay home and miss even a minute.

As his last act as a physician, he sent a goodbye letter out to all his patients, expressing his love and appreciation for their trust. He told them about his illness and how he was praying for a miracle. He explained, though, that if the miracle didn’t go his way that he’d be forever grateful for what he believes about family and other treasured relationships. He encouraged his patients to set their personal finances in order in their lives and tell their families how loved they are, so that they can be at peace with any eventuality in their lives. Over 14 years later, I still receive correspondence from a few of those patients who tell me how much that letter meant to them.

Thanks for the chance you’ve provided me to re-walk through this journey today.”


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Time Stamps:

[02:12] – Corrine and Neil share news of their pregnancy journey and talk about the rollercoaster ride of the journey so far.

[05:05] – Corrine kept experiencing a sensation of feeling like someone was missing.

[08:05] – Corrine and Neil describe what brought them to a conclusion of making room for another child.

[11:05] – Why did Corrine need to suddenly go see the doctors? Was there a miscarriage?

[13:55] – This call from the doctor confirmed whether or not Corrine was experiencing the miscarriage.

[16:40] – Corrine says she felt off about prematurely speeding up the miscarriage.

[18:23] – What did Corrine and Neil’s bishop advise?

[20:48] – What did a doctor say that could be seen as practical yet discouraging?

[23:30] – Corrine talks about starting a product line in alignment with Mint Arrow Messages.

[26:53] – Corrine reminisces about a cancer journey story she knew of during her teen years. This was the origin of “Miracles Happen” for her.

[28:54] – What did Corrine learn from the man, Lamont, who shined through his cancer journey? What is the definition of a miracle?

[31:11] – Neil recalls a story of a similar cancer story he heard in a talk. What miracle happened in that journey?

[33:08] – Neil explains the realization he learned in the talk of the cancer story he heard.

[36:03] – Sometimes obvious miracles don’t happen and sometimes they do. Corrine talks about a time the desired miracles did happen.

[38:48] – Corrine continues with the story of her pregnancy journey. Is there another miracle on the way?

[40:52] – Corrine says she spoke with a friend who also experienced a miscarriage. How did her friend’s words impact her view of what a miscarriage could mean?

[43:26] – Why are trials important? Earthly experiences help us develop.

[45:52] – Corrine recalls the miracles she saw over the summer in her own family. Who was sick?

[48:51] – Neil encourages everyone to hold on in their own journey, despite things not looking the way they expect.


Supporting Resources:

“Is There No Balm in Gilead?” Talk by Brent H. Nielsen

“Behold I Am a God of Miracles” Talk by Elder Ronald A. Rasband


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