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Greatest Hits: My 10 most asked about home pieces

February 21, 2019

Be our guest, be our guest! Today I'm sharing the 10 things in our house that generate the most DMs and comments and questions when they appear in a post! They're also some of MY personal favorites, too. Hope you enjoy this little peek around our home.

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  1. Kitchen faucet: I loved this faucet in our last house so so much, that we bought it again when we moved and updated this kitchen!! The #1 thing I love (besides that sleek matte black finish!) is the touch feature! Being able to turn it on and off by tapping it with my wrist or forearm is SO NICE when I'm cooking and have a mess on my hands!

2. Living Room Chandelier: This chandelier is one of my verrrrry favorite things in our home! Every time I post this room I get a MILLION questions about it, but I promise if you put this in your house you'll love it just as much as I do! I waited for ​months to buy this chandelier till it was on sale and GUESS WHAT, this chandelier is on sale again right now for $489 (orig. $699)! That's even less than I paid.

Woven Coffee Table

3. Coffee Table: Why are good coffee tables so darn hard to find?! It feels like winning the lottery when you find the one that's exactly right for your space! And THIS one, this dang coffee table I swear I've gotten more questions on than anything else in our whole house ha! Every time it sneaks into my insta stories people go nuts over it and, after having it in our last two homes for the past 4 years, I have to say I'm still ​really happy with it! Not only does it fit this room like a dream, but it's super kid-friendly since it's all round edges – which is hard to find. Win!

4. Circle bathroom mirror : I really love the dimension a circle mirror adds to a bathroom, and this one is an instant classic at an amazing price point! This is one of those pieces that I could see working in SO MANY different rooms, too. It's not available to ship right now, but you can do free in-store pickup!

5. Clothing rack: This pipe clothing rack is one of my favorite things to use when I'm planning outfits! I love the industrial feel and the little shelf on the bottom for shoes is just so helpful. It would be great for any room where you're running out of closet space or where you like to just put outfits together to see what's going to match or which items will look cute next to each other.

6. White sofa: The first thing I hear when it comes to this sofa is “White? With kids?! You're brave!” Hear me out–the removable slipcovers on this sofa make it SO EASY to clean, bleach, or even swap out if needed. Genius right?! I've had this sofa for 7 years and it's survived 3 moves and I'm still so happy with it! I've swapped out the slipcover once for a whopping $150 and it made the whole thing look brand new.

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7. Full-length mirror: A great full-length mirror is a MUST! You just have to see your outfit from head to toe before you walk out the door. I really like that this one stands on it's own, so no need for hanging it with heavy hardware or anything. Anytime and everytime I take a selfie in this mirror people beg me to link to it so, here's the link!

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8. Bar stools: I get so many questions about these bar stools when they show up in a post, and I feel like people are shocked that I found them at Target! I love the instantly comfy and conversational feel that counter-height bar stools give to a kitchen. They just invite your friends and family to sit, chat, and stay awhile!

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9. Front porch swing: I basically live on this front porch swing during the Spring, Summer and Fall!!! It is the most perfect, peaceful place to sit with Millie and watch my family play in the yard. It's also super easy to swap the pillows for each season to make it a fun and colorful spot on the exterior of our house. This swing is currently on sale for $674.25(orig. $899), which is an AMAZING deal!!

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10. Living room rug: This gray printed rug in our living room is a favorite! It's held up really well, is easy to clean, and has such a cool varying color pattern that actually looks hand-dyed. This is another home favorite that could work well in so many different spaces! It's for SURE one of our most asked about items in our home.

Kitchen Faucet
White Coffee Table, Woven Coffee Table
Circle Mirror
Clothing Rack
White Couch
Rectangle Floor Mirror
Bar Stools
Front Porch Swing
Living Room Rug
Photos by Arielle Levy

Thank you for coming on a little tour of our home favorites! I'm always interested to see which pieces you guys love when I redo a space, and you make it so fun to share this home we love so much! Make sure you tag me if you end up using any of these favorites in your own house…I love seeing how they work in all different spaces!!

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Amanda C.:

Can you share the source for your bathroom pedestal sink? The bathroom is lovely! Thank you!


Hi! Corrine’s not sure where the sink is from, it was there when they bought the house! So sorry!! -Kourtney

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