Top Amazon Prime Big Deal Days HOME & KITCHEN deals!

We don’t know about you, but we run on Diet Coke and a heavily utilized Amazon Prime memberships! Amazon is the first place we go when we’re looking for something we can get on our doorstep QUICK, that we know has been reviewed by lots of other buyers before we take the chance on buying it ourselves. We can get a little bit impatient when we want to spruce up a space in our home, so that two-day shipping (and sometimes even same day!!) is just our very best friend! And today for Prime Big Deal Days, we found some AMAZING Amazon home and kitchen items on MAJOR sale! Keep reading for all the details!

amazon prime home deals

Not an Amazon Prime Member?

If you haven’t joined myself and a bazillion other people who are addicted to Amazon Prime, you can try it FREE for 30 days here! If you’re a student, Prime Student is a discounted membership option for college students, with a six-month trial and just $7.49 a month after — half off! Qualify for government assistance? You can get a free 30-day trial here, plus a discounted membership option. Also, if you happen to be a business owner, you can get an Amazon business account here.

Favorite Amazon home items on sale today!

NordicTrack Treadmill

We’re so excited to see this NordicTrack T Series 7.5S Treadmill on sale today for 15% off! We love that this treadmill has an interactive touchscreen display that makes it so easy to customize your workouts + track your progress.

Corrine bought Neil a treadmill for Christmas and after HOURS of research and comparing price and space it would take up and reviews, the NordicTrack was the CLEAR winner. They’re just known as the gold-standard in the industry of treadmills. One of her best friends just ran her first marathon and she said she wouldn’t have been able to do it without her NordicTrack treadmill!

Normally $1,299 you can save $200 for Prime Big Deal Days!

Peloton Bike

Every single person that we know that owns a Peloton bike is OBSESSED. We have yet to meet a person who owns one and regrets it. Everyone loves them. It is definitely more of a splurge item but if you are serious about adding more exercise to your daily routine this is the perfect time to buy! This would be an AMAZING way to start your New Year’s goals a little early. Get the original Peloton bike here for 24% of during Prime Big Deal Days!

peloton bike
FROM: My honest review of the Peloton Bike

Dyson Vacuums

Starting out strong with the Dyson products on sale today! You know our love for Dyson runs deep, so anytime there’s a sale on one, we have to tell you so you can get your hands on one too! Here are the Dyson Vacuums you can save on today:

Having a cordless vacuum is a DREAM and we’ll never ever go back to a vacuum where we have to plug and unplug over and over again throughout the house. It makes chores so much easier (even littles like Lyla can help without it being too big or heavy for her to use!). It’s also the #1 thing Corrine’s mom said she missed from her house when she was living in Spain.

dyson vacuum deal amazon prime day

Dyson Air Purifier

It’s a fan. It’s an air purifier. It’s BOTH. But what this Dyson air purifier really is, is seriously so cool. It’s one of my favorite Dyson products and today you can get a REALLY good deal on two of them!

As a mom, my favorite feature on this air purifier has got to be that it’s BLADELESS. Super important when you have a lot of littles (and little hands!) in the house. The feature also makes the Dyson air purifier super easy to clean!

This Dyson fan and air purifier is also bananas quiet. Like totally silent on several of the lower settings and still barely audible on the very highest setting. I love the super slim modern profile that just fades into the background of any room while cooling and purifying the air. I’ve put this 2-in-1 to the test during pregnancy and postpartum when I’m hot ALL THE TIME, which has been a game-changer. Thanks, hormones.

The air purifier filter captures ultra fine particles in the air, including bacteria, pollen, and pet dander. This is such a great feature at a time when we’re all still trying a little more diligently to stay healthy and it’s especially great for somebody like me with asthma.

If you’re a little bit of a technology geek and lover of apps like I am, you’ll also love that you can control and monitor your air quality with the Dyson Link app and it’s Alexa compatible.

dyson air purifier 2-in-1 amazon prime day

Instant Pot Duo

Why use an Instant Pot instead of a crockpot? Besides it being even quicker and more convenient than a crockpot, it also keeps moisture in meat so much better, so you can cook with lower fat meats and still have them taste extremely tender without drying out at all. It cooks not only at high pressure, but high heat too, which is why it cooks so efficiently. This is perfect for your football parties, holiday get togethers, and just a simple weeknight dinner.

Get the 6 qt 7-in-1 Instant Pot Duo for just $69.99 during Prime Bid Deal Days. That’s 30% off! If you are looking for something a little bigger you can get the 8 qt Instant Pot Pro 10-in-1 for only $118.99 and 30% off here!

instant pot on sale

Ninja Air Fryer

I love this appliance all year long, especially when my kids are in school because it speeds up the cook time on so many things, and everything tastes better with some texture! WIN! If you’ve been thinking about getting an air fryer, you won’t regret it. Grab this one for UNDER $120 during Prime Big Deal Days.

If you are looking to cook two things at once with the air fryer you can get the Ninja Foodi 10 qt Dualzone air fryer for 13% off!

ninja air fryer
ninja foodie dualzone air fryer

5-Arm Chandelier

Okay, this chandelier is SO pretty! It’s the perfect size for a dining room or would even work great in a master bedroom. This light LOOKS high end but today only you can get it for 35% off making it just over $100! That’s a savings of $57! The gold finish and white shade combination are so classy and immediate elevate any room. If you are looking for a different finish this light also comes in black!

5-arm chandelier amazon prime day home lighting
5-arm chandelier amazon prime day home deals

Traeger Grill

If there’s ONE summer staple for Corrine’s family, it’s grilling and smoking on their Traeger. But just because they love grilling in the summer doesn’t mean they don’t use it ALL year round!! If you’re looking for KILLER, melt-in-your-mouth meals, you’ve gotta take advantage of this Traeger grill deal today. It’s worth every single penny, especially at 20% off!! These hardly EVER go on sale so this is a big deal.

traeger prime day deal

Vegetable Chopper

My brother got me this veggie chopper for my birthday a while back and every time I show it I get a million DMs about it! It’s absolutely amazing and I’m totally obsessed with it. It’s weirdly satisfying to be able to chop things INSTANTLY and it’s ONLY $23.95 (reg $39.99)!

best veggie chopper

Retro Smart Toaster

This one-of-a-kind Revolution Cooking smart toaster gets it perfect every. time! It’s actually the world’s ONLY high-speed smart toaster, which is pretty dang cool.

But what really makes it so special? It seriously heats up your bread, waffles, bagels, you name it, in seconds, and the touchscreen is an amazing feature that lets you control exactly how toasted you want your food – let’s toast to that!! No more waiting around to make sure your bread doesn’t burn – you can do your other errands around the kitchen assured that your toast is going to be exactly to your liking.

And your littles who can’t even read yet? They can toast to perfection too, because this toaster comes with a picture touch screen. That makes for way more efficient frozen waffle and pastry toasting on busy school mornings!

There are a LOT of ways to use this device, and it even has a mode for paninis. (Catch us making fresh paninis alllll year long!)

During Prime Big Deal Days you can get this amazing toaster for 22% off making it $349.95 (reg $450)!

best toaster - amazon prime day
amazon prime day toaster
FROM: The BEST toaster ever & other kitchen items I’ve fallen for

Dash Egg Cooker

An UNDER $25 wonder. This little egg cooker is so cool and insanely easy to use. You literally just stick the eggs in there, add a little water, push one button and voila! Choose between hard-boiled, soft-boiled, or poached eggs to perfection. It also apparently has the ability to make an omelette which I’m DYING to try. We use a lot of eggs in salads or for a quick snack when we’re eating clean and this egg cooker makes that super quick and easy.

Get the larger version of the one pictured here for only $22.79 (reg $29.99)!

best egg cooker
FROM: 18 clean eating kitchen tools you never knew you always wanted

Coop Pillow

This Coop Pillow is the pillow that won my pillow test after I ordered and tried out the top 3 results suggested by the besties during bed rest while I was pregnant with Bobby and I’m 100% going to buy another since it’s on sale for 20% off!

best pillow on Amazon

iRobot Roomba Vacuum

We’re SUPER excited about this iRobot Roomba vacuum deal since it’s one of Corrine’s favorite home items that she uses over and over again. If you’ve been searching for a super good deal on a robot vac, THIS IS IT!

We absolutely love using robotic vacuums just to help keep our floors clean all the time! It is such a useful little household helper. You can schedule it to run each day, or just press CLEAN and it will automatically get to work!

This vacuum is especially great for a family with dogs, small babies who crawl around on the floor, or elderly family members who hate vacuuming – really, anyone!

Today during Amazon Prime Day, you can get this iRobot Roomba 692 Robot Vacuum-Wi-Fi Connectivity for 45% off! That means you’re getting it for only $164.99 (reg $299.99)! This vacuum is super hard to find on sale, so this is a killer deal!

Here are some other AMAZING Roomba deals happening right now:

Roomba Vacuum Prime Day Deal
FROM: The BEST vacuums for every lifestyle + how to save hundreds!

Ninja Blenders

We’re mega obsessed with this Ninja blender, especially for clean eating. If you love making protein shakes, the ninja is the key to ease. We LOVE that you can measure out the ingredients right on the side of it and that the top and bottom are dishwasher safe! This one is mighty powerful, and it also comes with a food processor bowl AND a to-go cup for your protein shakes. This is such an amazing Prime Big Deal Days deal at 40% OFF!

This Ninja Nutri blender is small, but MIGHTY. If you’re looking for a multi-functional blender for a great price, this one will knock your socks off! This thing breaks down WHOLE fruits and vegetables and also comes with a 16 or 20 oz cup to blend right into! This is perfect if you are a shake or smoothie lover like us. This would also make the perfect gift for anyone! 25% off right now and only $59.99!

ninja nutri blender

BISSELL Carpet + Upholstery Cleaner

Okay, this little Bissell Carpet + Upholstery cleaner deserves an award! Stains/dirt/everyday wear is kind of inevitable eventually on your carpet + furniture, especially if you have kids or pets. This cleaner is VERY easy to use, and it’s super easy to put away after, too. It also truly is portable and light to carry around! The suction is really good, and it dries super fast.

SO excited that you can get this carpet/upholstery cleaner for only $89 today – it’s regularly $123.59! That’s 28% OFF.

amazon prime day home deals

Sparkling Water Maker

Right now you can get a SodaStream Sparkling Water Maker and Bundle with bubbly drops for 37% off!!

If you’re a sparkling water fan, this will save you SO much money in the long run – all you do is add water, and voila! Bubbly goodness WHENEVER you want it. This exact sparkling water bundle is currently on sale for 37% off making it only $99.99 (reg $159.95)!!

soda stream

Over the Sink Colander

Corrine has another colander in my kitchen that she really likes, but it’s a lot more expensive and this one is WAY cuter. It comes in few different colors – we love the pink, but we also love the white and grey colors and think they’re great neutral options. It shrinks down, so it’s easy to store, but it’s also pretty enough that you can leave it out and use it in your kitchen all the time! Unlike other colanders, this is easy to clean and is dishwasher safe (hallelujah!) Get this for only $15 (reg $19.99)!

over the sink colander
Photo by Arielle Levy

Best Budget Friendly Sheets

One of our most FAQ is about our favorite sheets. Corrine’s #1 is Cariloha. They are her very favorite sheets of all time ever, however, we know those are out of some people’s budget.
These $29-36 sheets (depending on size) are absolutely the next best thing. They have over 340,000 reviews on Amazon and 73% of those are 5-STAR!! These are totally amazing, totally soft sheets and we love them. Get them now for up to 37% off during Prime Day!

best budget sheets
FROM: The LOVE list: February Amazon faves
Photos by Arielle Levy

Top Amazon home deals for Prime Day

These are some of the very best Amazon HOME deals for Prime Big Deal Days. If you are wanting to spruce up your home for the holidays right around the corner, now is the perfect time! We grabbed a bit of everything – bedding, lighting, kitchen tools, cleaning appliances – to make your Prime Day browsing a piece of cake.

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