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September 6, 2019

You know I love something when I keep talking about it over and ove rand OVER. And Clean Simple Eats is one of those things. I know I kind of sound like a broken record on stories sometimes when I'm professing my love for them, but it's just SO REAL!!! We've been eating from Clean Simple Eats meal plans since January and I don't plan on quitting, basically ever. The food tastes incredible, it takes all the planning and guesswork out of eating healthy and feeding my whole family, and still LOVING what I'm eating while losing weight. Win win win win WIN right?

I've just gotten so many questions over the past year about this that I figured with a brand new challenge and meal plan coming out, it was finally time to answer all my FAQ about CSE in a blog post. Keep reading for all the reasons I'm in love PLUS an exclusive discount code, just for you guys!!

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One of the hardest things about getting older is how much your metabolism changes. Can I get an AMEN?! It's just not like those college days of drive thrus, late night snacking and somehow not feeling it in my pant size. After every baby (and every birthday!) it's become more and more difficult to maintain the body weight that feels like “me!” And I'm not even talking about a number on the scale. The BIGGEST thing for me is being able to fit into my clothes.

Even though I worked out more during my pregnancy with Millie than my others losing the weight was WAY harder this time! There's a reason they say “abs are made in the kitchen” and discovering Clean Simple Eats proved that! Once I started CSE it was amazing to see how quickly I shed some of that lingering post-baby fat and I just FELT LIKE myself! So much happier, so much healthier. More energy. Better sleep. Seriously, it was a game changer, for Neil and for me!!!

What Is Clean Simple Eats?

In case you've missed me fan girl-ing over Clean Simple Eats on Instagram, here's the skinny on CSE. It's a macros based meal plan that allows you to eat tacos and pizza and dessert and still lose weight! No joke. Every recipe is balanced with just the right amount of protein, fat and carbs to keep your body fueled and satisfied AND still burn unwanted fat! All the food is super clean and super yummy.

It literally doesn't feel like a diet, because it really isn't!! It's amazing recipes and meal plans that take all the stress of figuring out what you're gonna feed your family and what you need to get from the grocery store, out of your life, and instead gives you DELICIOUS (seriously they're SO YUM) meals that take less than 30 minutes to make (sometimes even just 10 mins) that my whole family will eat.

We made these banana mac nut pancakes for Neil on Father's day and let's just say he wasn't the only one to gobble them up!

When I Started

I started with their Winter Meal Plan in January and after 8 months I’m still OBSESSED. There are things from that meal plan that I still eat on the regular. Ummm…hello Peanut Cup Oatmeal! In the Winter I ate that every single morning for breakfast! New meal plans come out 4 times a year: Fall, Winter, Spring and Summer. So since I started in January, I’ve done the Spring and Summer plans too. This is the grilled bruschetta pizza from the summer meal plan that I whipped up for lunch more times than I can count! See, you can have your cake (or pizza) and eat it too.

We just cracked into the Fall plan this week and I. AM. PUMPED! Because seriously is there anything better in this whole entire world than Fall food? I think not 😉  Below is everything we used to make the taco soup earlier this week, that BOTH my big girls asked for seconds of!!

Why I love Clean Simple Eats

The Food

The food is delicious. I’m not talking delicious for being “diet food,” I’m talking straight up DELICIOUS. Everything tastes amazing. My whole life I’ve been under the impression that healthy food that’s going to fill you up just isn’t going to taste good. Clean Simple Eats is a total game changer. I have not made one single thing since we stated that I don’t absolutely love. Bonus: Neil and my kids love everything too! 

I never felt good about doing a diet that would require me to make food for myself and then turn around a make a separate (maybe less healthy) meal for my kids. So I LOVE that when I take the time to make the Clean Simple Eats food that I’m feeding the WHOLE family! For example, my family loved the chicken tacos I made from CSE here. But they've asked me to repeat several Clean Simple Eats meals over and over!! Hello = MOM WIN.

Millie at this exact same lunch with us from the Fall meal plan this week (minus the spinach and pecans) and it was SO EASY. I just cut up the chicken, eggs and roasted butternut squash really small and she devoured it!

The Grocery Lists

I’m in love with the grocery lists. They make it super easy to get everything I need for the week in a snap. These lists also include instructions for the meal prep which is amazing. With Clean Simple Eats you only meal prep twice a week. Could you die? Nothing is that low maintenance! Additionally, every single meal takes 30 minutes or less to prepare! That’s pretty much heaven for any busy person and if there's anything I've learned as an adult it's that we're ALL BUSY! It seriously does not get much more doable to eat healthy than this. 

The Eating Out Guide

As somebody that LOVES food and is on the go a lot, it’s just not realistic for me to never be able to eat out! The guide is SUPER comprehensive and it lists tons of popular restaurants, the best macro-friendly options you should order from each place, even instructions on what to sub or omit. But even if I’m not at a restaurant that’s listed I can still find a restaurant that’s similar and get some ideas!

I’m Never Hungry

Really and truly, I was worried when I started Clean Simple Eats that I was always going to be hungry and I’m NEVER hungry!! If I’m good about sticking to the plan and eat my breakfast, lunch, dinner and a snack or two I’m full all day. The protein balls are AH-mazing! Honestly, I always feel super full and not like I’m starving myself, EVER. 

Cream blouse

The Workouts

I mainly use the workouts when I’m traveling or I’m not able to make it to a class and I still want to do a work out. Some people I know use these workouts exclusively. It’s super nice that the workout is already all written up for you and a total no brainer! 

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What About the Grocery Bills?

The cheapest way to do Clean Simple Eats is with Trader Joe’s. I can typically get out of Trader Joe’s usually for UNDER $150 with all of our Clean Simple Eats food for the WEEK! The first week of the Fall meal plan cost me $120 at TJ's.

Trader Joe’s always has all the random, weird ingredients that you might need so you’re not making a million grocery stops. The longer you do Clean Simple Eats the cheaper it becomes because there are less of these random ingredients to buy! It was a little bit of an investment in the beginning, but in the long run it’s easier to keep up with. 

Do You Have To Buy The Clean Simple Eats Proteins?

You totally do not. When we started out we were using other proteins. You can really use any vanilla or chocolate proteins to make the required foods. But…I DO think their protein powder tastes better than any other protein powder I’ve ever tried. 

Below is evidence of my summer obsession – the CSE acai bowl that I had seriously almost every day from May to August. Every time I ate this I felt like I was having dessert for breakfast. I'm getting hungry just thinking about it!!!

The CSE Challenges

Every season when Clean Simple Eats releases a new meal plan they also start a community based health and fitness challenge. At the end of the challenge they choose one male grand prize winner and one female grand prize winner for the biggest overall transformation. The 7-week Fall Challenge starts on September 9th and the grand prize winners get a vacation to Kauai, Hawaii!! Yes, please!! They also do weekly Instagram challenges to help you stay motivated and have the opportunity to win prizes along the way. So fun, right? It's kind of like having a buddy to do the whole thing with you, except like thousands of buddies who are eating the same things, buying the same groceries, cooking the same food, giving each other tips and tricks along the way and motivating each other. I absolutely love being part of their community!!!

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Macros Makes It Easy

Macros is a fun puzzle that allows me to eat other yummy off-plan foods so I never feel like I’m sacrificing anything! I put these foods into my macros and just figure out where I need to cut back to stay within daily allotment. Since I can really eat what I want it doesn’t feel restrictive AT ALL, it just makes me accountable!

Clean Simple Eats has really helped me to understand my diet. Where protein is coming from. Where extra calories that I don’t want are coming from. And how to make smarter choices about food choices that are going to be low carb, but still fill me up! 

Dessert FOREVER!

Dessert is my favorite thing of life! You can have dessert EVERY single night and this is HUGE for me! I love that with Clean Simple Eats I don’t have to sacrifice that. I can make myself one of their amazing milkshakes to treat myself and still lose weight. There's a Speckled Frosty in their Summer meal plan that I can’t get enough of! It’s so super yum-you would never guess it has cottage cheese in it! And these German Pancakes below from the Summer plan were so crazy delicious that I kept asking myself, “how is this healthy?!” They're like heaven.

Does Clean Simple Eats Work?

I lost weight right away, Neil lost weight right away, and MOST OF ALL, I feel so much better when I’m doing Clean Simple Eats. My clothes fit, I know exactly what food to order at the beginning of every week, I never have to guess what to make for any meal, my whole family is eating healthy and so happy about it!

Clean Simple Eats solved my problem of trying to figure out how to eat healthy and still have things taste good, stick with a “diet” that was actually sustainable in the long run, not stress at dinner time about what to make each night, not eat junk at lunch time because I was stressed and hangry, not walk around aimlessly at a grocery store trying to think of recipes off the top of my head, and most of all, how to fit back into my skinny jeans and feel GREAT about life because I'm eating yummy food and feeling my best!

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Have you tried Clean Simple Eats yet? If you haven’t, or if you need to buy one of their meal plans you don't have yet, use code MINTARROW to get $15 off any of their meal plans! If you’re already a member of the CSE Tribe, tell me what your favorite thing to eat is!

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This sounds SO GOOD. How many people does each recipe feed? We have 4 kiddos (ages 6-12); seems like most meal plans are based on 2-4 servings. And what if macro needs differ between my hubs and me?


Corrine says she usually doubles up on all the recipes and it feeds their whole family for that night, and Neil and Corrine can have leftovers the next day for lunch! But if you use the CSE app it allows you to calculate exactly what your macros and calories should be, and then you can figure out how many servings you need to make 🙂 Hope that helps!-Kourtney

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