Sam’s Club vs. Costco: a deep dive into which is BEST (we have both!)

Quick Version: We have memberships to both Costco and Sam's Club, and after shopping both for YEARS we're sharing the reasons why we think Sam's Club is the overall winner!

One thing we've learned recently from our Instagram besties is that people take their grocery memberships VERY seriously! And since we do too, we thought we'd stop gatekeeping why Sam's Club has way more to offer, plus the hidden gems you haven't tried yet! From their game-changing Scan & Go feature that lets you skip the checkout lines (because who has the time, right?) to the incredible variety of Member’s Mark products that keep both our pantry and wallet happy, Sam’s Club knows what it takes to streamline our busy days. So, grab your shopping list (and maybe a diet coke), and keep reading to find out our Sam's Club faves, a limited-time membership deal + so much more!

sams club
sams club

Deal Details

Sam's Club has extended their AMAZING deal on memberships! Right now if you join by the end of July – the Club Membership is normally $50 but right now you can get it for 50% OFF making it only $25 for the whole year! Sign up HERE!

This is way more affordable than the membership at Costco which starts at $60 and goes up to $120!

Crowd-sourced Sam's Club faves


  1. Toilet paper
  2. Fairlife protein shakes
  3. Rotisserie chicken
  4. Fruit
  5. Pasture-raised eggs


  1. Birthday cakes (custom designs)
  2. Better snacks at Sam's Club
  3. Large bags of Boulder Canyon olive oil kettle chips
  4. Organic produce
  5. Men's clothing
  6. Coconut rollers
  7. Large selection of paper products
  8. Cleaning supplies
  9. Flash-frozen, fresh, not farm-raised salmon packs
  10. Unscented baby wipes
  11. Daisy sour cream
  12. Cheaper and great quality meats
  13. 3 meats pizza and veggie pizza
  14. New York Style Cheesecake
  15. Superior bakery items (breads and rolls)
  16. Large bags of pet food
  17. Goldfish snack packs
  18. Fresh cilantro salsa
  19. Avocado cups
  20. Pampers diapers
  21. Beach towels praised for size and quality
  22. Honey vanilla greek yogurt
  23. Clothing for kids and adults
  24. Shrimp
  25. Raspberry crumble cookies
  26. Smoked pulled pork
  27. Cliff Kids Z bars
  28. Variety of cheeses
  29. Durable luggage sets
  30. High-quality nuts and dried fruits
  31. Extensive selection of frozen foods
  32. Electronics and appliances at competitive prices
  33. Seasonal items like garden furniture and holiday decorations
  34. Sports and fitness equipment
  35. Optical center for eye exams and glasses
  36. Carb balance tortillas
  37. Granola clusters
  38. Chick-fil-A style waffle fries
baby clothes
fairlife shakes
dots pretzels

Happy savings!

With their convenient Scan & Go app, quality Member’s Mark products, and sweet membership perks, it’s clear why so many are choosing Sam’s Club. Next time you’re gearing up for your shopping run, pull up this post for new items to try out! Have a fave we didn't mention? Comment below and tell us!!

Don't forget to sign up for a Sam's Club membership while they are 50% OFF thru the end of July!

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