Top Valentine’s Day gifts for kids, 2023 update!

Quick version: these are the BEST Valentine's Day gifts for kids in 2023 – for both girls and boys!

Valentine's Day isn't just for lovers – it's for EVERYBODY! Spouses, galentines, our very best pups, and our littlest loves! Candy hearts, chocolates, and cookies are easy to find, but this is a roundup of the very BEST Valentine's Day gifts for kids – our tiniest sweethearts. Fourteen perfect V-Day gifts for girls, and fourteen perfect gifts for boys!

valentine's day gifts for kids
V-Day gifts for girls

Darling V-Day gifts for girls

  1. Stacking toy: If you have a newborn-one year old, this is a perfect gift they can grow into! Tons of great ratings on this 7-piece stacking toy. It comes in a bunch of colors, but we love the muted rainbow tones that give a fun and neutral take on this toy. This under $15 deal will help your little one develop and is super safe since it’s made out of silicone.  
  2. Nails pouch: Obsessed with this glittery zip pouch that she can use for all her favorite nail polish and accessories! The clear top helps easily remember what’s stored in this cute travel bag. This is such a great gift for the super girly girl who loves all the bold colors and hearts, and it’s UNDER $25! Make it a kit and add some fun Valentine nail polish colors to the bag for the perfect gift.
  3. Gold earrings: These heart studs are the sweetest earrings and work for any age! They’re made with a super high quality stainless steel that'll help them last a long time, and you won't have any infected ears. Take 10% OFF this already amazing price of $16.99 with the code MINTARROW!  
  4. Pajamas: A “Valentine's Day edition” of some of our favorite kids pajamas! These festive PJ’s are on sale right now for 20% off. Get all the snuggles in these organic cotton long john pajamas that are super soft and cozy.
  5. Heart hair clips: A great accessory for her to wear in her hair for school on V-Day, and after, too! These mini barrettes come in a pack of 10 for just $7 today at checkout. Perfect set if you have a few little girls to gift to, or if she wants to give a matching friendship gift to a few of her classmates.
  6. Hunter boots: Sooo many great ratings on these boots that are amazing for adults and kids! Obsessed with this new rough pink color that’s a soft, neutral pink. These will last a super long time (we're talking hand-me-downs) and are great quality for any puddle or mess that your little might come across!
  7. Book: Teach your little all about love and friendship with this ‘L is for Love’ book for less than $10! This totally sweet book takes alphabet practice and applies it to all the ways we show love to others.
  8. Heart sweatshirt: One of the best Valentine's Day gifts for kids is something for them to wear on the big day. This sweatshirt would be so cute on V-Day, or on a special date with mom + dad! This mock-neck sweater is made with a comfy cozy fleece and has a cute, distressed heart that she’ll love to wear all year round. Get this for only $20.99 at checkout today, 30% off!!
  9. Lip Smacker: The perfect subtle lip gloss shine for the older elementary schooler! This cute gift idea is UNDER $10 and has literally thousands of high ratings. This is a great idea if she loves getting into mom's makeup!
  10. Stuffed animal: This pink unicorn stuffed animal will become a fast favorite, and will look super cute on a shelf in her room, too! Get ready for this adorable unicorn to come with your little one everywhere because ‘Petals the pink unicorn’ is super soft giving her comfort and even has weighted feet so it can sit on its own. It's like you're giving a cozy hug when you give this gift!
  11. Stanley cup: This Stanley in the color grapefruit makes the cutest V-Day gift and you already know it’s our very most favorite cup to keep your drinks super cold (or hot) when you’re on the go or at home! This version with a lid and straw makes it perfect for the little ones who might spill and it’s only $26.
  12. Ring set: If she’s always in your jewelry box, she’ll love this heart-shaped set of her very own! This set comes with 36 play rings in cute and fun designs that little girls will love. Grab this gift with almost 2,200 great ratings for under $15 right now!
  13. Bows: Adorable hair accessories for church or school! These perfectly rated headband bows are super soft and come in sets of 3 with lots of designs to choose from.
  14. Slippers: These slippers in vibrant colors are all smiles and are super popular right now! These have a great soul and are fuzzy enough to keep her little feet warm.
Valentine's Day gifts for kids

Valentine's Day gift ideas for boys that give us heart eyes

  1. Pajamas: Pajamas are one of the best Valentine's Day gifts for kids! This is a GREAT deal on these perfectly rated PJs for little boys that still gives the fun V-Day vibes. These are super soft and have great quality where the color doesn’t fade with lots of washes.
  2. Monogrammed hat: This red and white hat is a fun way to be festive for V-Day in a subtle way and you can make it personalized for your little one! These sizes work for ages 2-6 and are just $26.99. This is something he can wear all year round, too!
  3. Baby boy/toddler outfit: Perfect ootd for the mama wanting her little one to stay her lover boy forever! This toddler set is so cute and under $10 for a breathable and cozy crewneck and sweatpants.
  4. Fidget cube: This vibrant fidget cube will be a fun toy that keeps him busy for hours. This infinity cube is heavier and sturdier than other versions and is only $15.95!
  5. Stanley cup: Grab this Stanley for 16% OFF at just $21! Stanley is our very most favorite cup to keep your drinks super cold (or hot) when you’re on the go or at home and this version with a lid and straw make it perfect for the little ones who might spill.
  6. Socks: Super affordable deal on these cute, red and white crew socks! This 4-pack is currently only $9 with stackable discount codes.
  7. Baseballs: Under $10 deal on these 3 official league baseballs, perfect for older kids or the sports obsessed boy! These have thousands of great ratings and will be a home run gift. 
  8. Welly bandaids: Even the toughest boys get boo boos. He’ll love these flexible band aids that are dinosaur-themed in hopes to make him feel super brave and strong!
  9. Coloring book: A mess-free coloring book is one of the best Valentine's Day gifts for kids! This one's full of activities and games for him to solve, plus it’s a Paw Patrol fan’s dream gift. Grab this super highly rated and affordable coloring book for just $5.99!
  10. Book: You might have heard this viral dinosaurs in love song on the internet, and now you can read (sing) along to this hilarious and sweet book by a 3-year-old internet sensation all about two dinosaurs who fell in love.
  11. Belt bag: This red checkered Vans belt bag is the perfect Valentine's Day gift for a teen or tween! There are tons of great ratings because it’s high quality for anytime of the year, but this makes for a fun V-Day-themed day.
  12. Fire truck: This toy has a perfect rating with tons of reviews because it’s one of the best gifts for young children! He’ll definitely be racing around the house with this red fire truck and letting his imagination unfold.
  13. Puzzle: This super cute, farm-themed puzzle is perfect for kids from 2-4! This has a perfect rating and features adorable artwork of farm animals.
  14. V-Day t-shirt: Amazing deal on this cute tic tac toe shirt for school! He’ll feel festive and comfy in this soft jersey fabric that’s just $6.

Best Valentine's gift ideas for your little sweethearts

We seriously think that kids might be the MOST fun to spoil on Valentine's Day. Whether you're putting a couple things out for your own littles, or assembling a fun surprise for nieces and nephews, we hope this gift guide of Valentine's Day gifts for kids gives you some great ideas for February 14th! It's the perfect time to buy, too, while everything's still in stock. Happy LOVE day!

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