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Twelve Valentine’s Day gift hints to send to your significant other!

January 7, 2019

Can you believe we're a little over a month away before Valentine's Day?! This post has two main purposes: to help your significant other out with what to get you that you'll really love, and if you don't know WHAT you would like, to give you some ideas of things you might want to “hint” about for Valentine's Day gifts!

Bow print silk pajamas(sold out), similar
Photos by Arielle Levy

Funny story: for a couple years, I was getting the most random (or so I thought!) gifts from Neil. Turns out he was really listening when I explained to him that Pinterest was a great place to find out what someone's likes were since it's a place where people pin things they like. So he would go to my pinterest and if I had pinned something, that was his inspiration for a gift. So smart! But sometimes I just pinned something because it was a pretty picture, not because I actually wanted that pair of shoes haha. SO, I learned that he is the type of guy who really, really likes hints!

If that's your guy too, here's a list of some gifts I think ANY of my friends would absolutely love. And if you need some ideas yourself, hopefully this helps you think of a couple, too!

  1. Apple Watch: If you don't already have an Apple Watch, this is such a good gift! It's the best way to stay motivated with your workout goals while staying in sync with your phone (you can even make calls and send texts from it!). This one has so many features, it's perfect for everyone!
  2. Moonlight Pajamas: Luxurious pajamas are ALWAYS a good idea in my book. These ones are so soft you'll never want to take them off, and I love the stripes.
  3. Makeup Mirror: Once you've used this mirror to put your makeup on in the morning, you'll never go back! It's cordless so you can take it anywhere in the house, and it gives you this amazing (adjustable!) true light that helps you get your makeup totally flawless.
  4. Kate Spade Tote: Kate Spade is always a classic choice! This is a versatile tote that would carry anything from laptop and books to diapers and sippy cups. Neil just knows that if it's Kate Spade I'm probably gonna like it 🙂
  5. Cozy Chic Robe: Probably THE coziest robe I own, and I own a lot! This is a great one for winter when it's chilly outside but not too heavy because I can wear it in the summer too. Such a good gift for a woman in any stage of life.
  6. Lauren Clutch: The best wallet in the history of ever!! Pockets for DAYS and enough card slots that you'll never be digging for anything.
  7. Tory Burch Miller Flip Flop: Truly my favorite flop flop of all time!! I own these in two colors (black and nude), and the gold is so fun for dressing up or down!
  8. Slip Silk Pillowcase: I am a firm believer in this silky pillowcase! I got one for Christmas one year, and it is so great for your hair AND skin. I sleep on one every single night.
  9. Playa Aviator Sunglasses: These sunnies are perfect for an every day look, and are only $60! These are a great price for super highly rated sunnies.
  10. Ice Maker: I cannot say enough about how obsessed everyone in my house is with this ice maker! It gives you that perfect crunchy, crumbly ice that takes your fave drinks to the next level.
  11. Quilted Shoulder Bag: Is there anything better than leather + quilting + gorgeous hardware? Every detail on this little shoulder bag is just perfect.
  12. Day Planner: If staying organized is your love language, then a gorgeous planner is totally essential. Every single page on this one is adorable, and it comes with colorful stickers and cute sayings to keep your planning super cheerful.

Do you have some good ideas yet?! I hope you're feeling ready to be spoiled this Valentine's Day! You can find all of these ideas using the links below, so sending ideas to your love will be a breeze and they can shop stress-free knowing you'll love their pick.

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