Revealed: What’s on my nightstand?

I always find it weirdly interesting to find out what people have on their nightstand! Like, what do you reach for at 10pm, 2am or right when you wake up? Just like what people keep in their purse, the nightstand is personal yet universal, and it's always fun to see what you can't fall asleep without!

hydroflask on nightstand


I'm sure I'm not alone when I say that having water by my bedside is a MUST. Especially while prego, I never know when sudden deadly thirst will hit and my laziness and residual fear of the dark from childhood really put me into a pickle if I get parched in teh middle of the night. Whether it's my Hydroflask or a bottle of water, having water at the ready is a necessity!


Apple TV Remote

The Apple TV remote is the best because it's super slim and controls everything I need! I always have this at the ready in case I'm craving some Netflix or I need to catch up on the latest episode of New Amsterdam.

apple tv remote

Photo Love

This sweet picture of my three girls will have to be changed soon to include our little guy! This is a beautiful sight to fall asleep and wake up to.

Jewelry Dish

I love having this pretty dish for my jewelry! Not only do I love how it looks on my nightstand, but I don't have to get out of bed to take off my accessories AND I always know where they are! Bonus: nothing is rolling off the dish and getting lost in the under-bed abyss.

This exact jewelry dish was a homemade gift, but I found a really similar option here.

jewelry dish
jewelry dish

Essential Oils

Whether I'm diffusing essential oils or putting them directly onto my skin, my three must-haves are Lavender, Vetiver, and Cedarwood! These work individually or blended together for a calming, relaxing aroma that helps me calm my body and mind! Vetiver especially is a great sleep-time oil. It's a little thicker than most oils, but seriously every time I smell it I instantly feel more relaxed and ready for bed!

You can diffuse these oils or put them on the bottom of your feet for a soothing start to your bedtime routine!

essential oil diffuser
essential oil on nightstand

Oil Diffuser

I LOVE diffusing oils! If I'm feeling a little more wound up or I'm wanting to treat myself to a little simple luxury, I'll put a few of my favorite essential oils in my oil diffuser and it helps me sleep so well!

I've had this particular diffuser for a while now, and I love how it looks on my nightstand! It's so aesthetically pleasing and takes up very little space! I also love this more affordable option that runs for 8 hours and works super well.

oil diffuser

Turn out the lights!

One of my very favorite things in my whole room (not just on my nightstand) is my light dimmer! At under $13, this little gadget allows for the tiniest amount of light to be turned on so that you don't have to wake your partner!

I love this most when I have a newborn and need to see to nurse or change a diaper but don't want to turn the overhead light on. I also use it to read with if I can't sleep in the middle of the night! It's SO easy to use, you simply plug your regular lamp into the dimmer instead of the wall and VOILA! A dimmable light for all your lighting needs.

light dimmer
light dimmer

Lip Mask

Not only does this lip mask feel great when I put it on, it makes my lips look and feel even better in the morning! This Biossance Squalane + Rose Lip Balm really is my FAVORITE lip mask, and it is chalk-full of amazing ingredients that will give you the perfect pout by morning.

laneige lip sleeping mask

A Good Book

Reading is such a huge part of my life, and having a book on my nightstand is just a no brainer. At the beginning of each year, I like to reread Essentialism by Greg McKeown because it's such a great reset! It talks about the important things in life and how to declutter your mind and heart by focusing on the essential. It has taught me such good habits and how to eliminate things that don't bring joy!

essential oils on nightstand
essentialism book

I've always loved to read, but sometimes it's hard to find the time to read for fun. It's been a while since I've treated myself to light and easy novel, but the last time I did it was Edenbrooke by Julianne Donaldson. It's such a darling regency love story that I enjoyed so much!!

Cord Clip

The last thing I love for my nightstand is something that actually sticks to it! This little contraption keeps all of my cords organized and reachable so that I'm not on my hands and knees trying to find them! It's the simple things in life, amiright?!

what's in my nightstand

The nightstand

The size of our bedroom necessitated larger nightstands for proper proportions, so we actually use these small dressers for nightstands! I love how much storage they allot for our room. I try to keep the top of my nightstand pretty minimal, but in the drawers are more books, journals and scriptures!

moonlight pajamas nordstrom

Apple TV Remote
Cord Clips
Phone Case (use code mintarrow for 10% off)
Ring Dish, similar
Light Dimmer
Essentialism by Greg McKeown
Edenbrooke by Julianne Donaldson
Lip Sleeping Mask
Diffuser, similar for less
Essential Oils
Photos by Arielle Levy

Sleep Tight!

I think most of what I keep within arms reach of my bed is fairly standard, but it's the extra special touches that make my room feel cozy and personal! What are your must haves for your bedside?!

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