The BEST prenatal vitamins I have EVER tried

It took eight years and four pregnancies, but I did it! I finally found the BEST prenatal vitamin I have ever tried. Period. End of Story. Cross my heart. I have tried so many prenatal vitamins and never tried one that I love as much as I love Ritual Essential Prenatal. Now more than ever I feel like it's super duper important to do everything we can to help support our body's health!

Ritual created the next generation of prenatal vitamins. Today I am spilling the top 4 reasons I love their Essential Prenatal. So good that I tried it myself, reached out to them, and asked if we could work together, that's how much I loved them!!!

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They taste amazing

Prepare to meet your prenatal vitamin main squeeze, because these smell and taste like lemon! A large percentage of prenatal vitamins (and vitamins in general) that I have tried have a funky taste or smell that is low key revolting. Ritual prenatal vitamins have neither, in my opinion. They taste and smell amazing. I genuinely look forward to taking my prenatals and haven't missed a day because they're so yummy!

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Delayed-Release design

You can take these prenatal vitamins on an empty stomach — mind. blown. The capsule was specifically designed to be gentle on your stomach. I struggle a lot with nausea in my pregnancies, so this was HUGE for me.

Consequently, I wasn't nearly as good about taking my prenatals because I didn't want to ingest something that was going to make me feel even more sick. Ritual's delayed-release, no-nausea capsule design is a total game changer.

This prenatal vitamin is designed to be gentle on an empty stomach and the delayed release means these prenatals dissolve later in absorptive areas of the stomach. *

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It takes two

You take two of these small prenatal vitamins once a day and you're DONE. No nonsense, no BS, simple as that. Past prenatals I have tried have been ginormous pills or had completely ridiculous (and confusing) dosing schedules where you end up taking 4-6 pills a day. That is way too much for me!

Two pills once a day formulated with 12 key nutrients for your before and during pregnancy. The ingredients are super duper clean with nutrient forms that work in your body.*

Surprisingly affordable + a discount code

The winning combo of super clean ingredients, magical design, and wonderful taste sounds expensive but IT'S NOT! You can get Ritual's Essential Prenatal for $35 a month. (The other prenatal vitamins I've taken in the past cost more than double that!) Click HERE to sign up for Ritual today!

Even more goodness

All Ritual multivitamins are non-GMO, vegan-friendly, gluten and major allergy-free, and are formulated without artificial colorants or synthetic fillers. These prenatal vitamins are scientist and nutritionist developed and seriously, honestly great!

ritual prenatal vitamins

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Ritual Prenatal Vitamins

The Best I have EVER tried

This is legit the very best prenatal I have ever tried. Honestly the best I have ever used and I am absolutely in love with Ritual prenatals. The Essential Prenatal is the best I have ever tried and I have tried so so many. These are leaps and bounds beyond any other prenatal vitamin I have tried and I actually look forward to taking them. Seriously if you've struggled to want to take your prenatal vitamins in the past, ORDER THESE. You will not be disappointed.

Join me in incorporating Ritual into your daily routine by signing up HERE!

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