I don’t say this often, but this pot is literally PERFECT

What would you say if I told you I can help your kitchen sink have less dirty dishes, and I can make dinnertime easier…sound too good to be true? I don’t have a magic wand, but I DO have a discount code for Our Place’s Perfect Pot, and that’s basically the same thing!

Before using the Perfect Pot, I was already a big fan of Our Place. I love their beautiful dishes and glassware so much that I even purchased extra to display in our kitchen remodel. Do you remember me talking about The Always Pan? I've LOVED mine, so I bought one for my sister’s birthday, and another for my mom for Mother’s Day!

I'm thrilled to share the Perfect Pot with you today, AND a discount if you're ready to try it or gift it. It's another piece that will forever change your cooking life!

family friendly dinner
our place perfect pot
always pan and perfect pot

Deal Details

I anticipate the Perfect Pot to be as much of a hot item as the Always Pan, so grab yours before it sells out by using my 10% off code MINTARROW10 at checkout! It retails for $165, but with the code it’s only $148.50!

This discount code is good for everything from Our Place, except gift cards and traditionware. One use per customer.

clean simple eats recipe in perfect pot

Why the Perfect Pot is magic

Our Place believes that the power of home cooking should bring people together. I agree: families SHOULD be together around the table…all of us. No soul left behind in the kitchen with a sink full of dishes.

The Perfect Pot is multifunctional and takes place of several pots. Boiling? Baking? Crisping? Steaming? This is your go-to for all of the above! The Always Pan and Perfect Pot combined replace an entire 16-piece cookware set!

Mic drop.

our place
multifunction pot
our place discount code
our place discount code

How I use my Perfect Pot

Not only is the Perfect Pot non-stick (and they mean it), the coating is also nontoxic, free of Teflon, PTFEs and PFA.

Factor in its large size, and it's 110% the perfect choice for cooking – whether it's just for your family, or for a larger gathering! We love our pasta (don’t underestimate Harry’s appetite), and the Perfect Pot ensures we get a full meal in literally one pot. I can even drain the pasta without a colander!

self drain pot
best pot for cooking

Also, JUST LIKE the Always Pan, the Perfect Pot comes with a spoon that fits right onto the pot as a spoon rest! They. think. of. everything.

clean simple eats
our place discount code

I’ve talked about my obsession with Clean Simple Eats, and the Perfect Pot makes it SO EASY to prepare their multiple-step meals. One of my family's favorite and most-requested is their cheddar, ranch, chicken and potatoes (see all my fave CSE recipes here), and I can make it all in one pot. I boil, drain, make the sauce, mix it… and then toss it in the oven!

Did you catch how many dishes I used? ONE. Just the Perfect Pot!

The Perfect Pot worked for:
Boiling potatoes (stock pot)
Draining potatoes (strainer)
Cooking the sauce (saute pan)
Combining the rest of the ingredients to bake (mixing bowl)
Baking the dish (9×13 pan)
Serving to my family (serving dish)

ONE DISH, instead of the 6 different dishes listed that I would have made dirty if I had prepared this the way I used to!

always pan and perfect pot
the perfect pot discount code
multi purpose pot
non stick pan
one pot recipe
cheddar ranch chicken and potatoes
oven safe pot
discount code our place

Here’s the cherry on top: the Perfect Pot also has visual appeal. If you know my family, you know we appreciate a nice table presentation.

Growing up, my mom had the most beautiful dinner table prepared. Particularly on Sundays, she made sure everything from cloth napkins to the jam scooped into a pretty dish was on par with her delicious food… so trust me when I tell you that the Perfect Pot can hold its own on a beautiful table. Not only is it more aesthetically pleasing than an average kitchen pot, but it’s also much lighter than traditional cast iron. It’s so much more manageable to transfer to a table!

clean simple eats recipe
clean simple eats dinner
cheddar ranch chicken and potatoes

Side note: I love that Our Place makes the most beautiful dishes and glasses to serve your family's dinner in! I fell in love with it SO MUCH that I bought enough to display on our open shelves when we did our mini kitchen remodel over the summer. They look so pretty I wanted to see them on the open shelves ever day! And they're perfect for big family dinners too.

family friendly dinner
matching cookware
family friendly dinner
our place
our place discount
discount code our place
our place bowls
The Perfect Pot
Dinnerware & glassware
Shirt sold out in pink, nearly sold out in grey; similar option here
Photos by Arielle Levy

Don't forget the discount code!

You'll thank yourself for snagging this deal today to prepare for all the holiday cooking coming up! I know it's only September, but let's be real – the holidays roll in QUICK and it's so nice to have everything before the hustle and bustle of the season. Definitely considered self-care, right?

Don't forget to use code MINTARROW10 for 10% off, making the Perfect Pot only $148.50!

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