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If you're anything like me, you're probably deep into spring cleaning mode! A couple of years ago I organized my way through my house and created a home back-stock. If you’re just as obsessed as I am with the show “Get Organized with The Home Edit,” you know how important a back-stock is. (See the post here!) But with 5 kids and a very busy schedule it has been awhile since I gave my pantry a nice overhaul.

I absolutely love The Home Edit and this season they have some new, beautiful, affordable items that I'm totally obsessed with. Their beautiful and perfectly sized bins made organizing a lot more fun this time around. With summer just around the corner, and the kids still in school for a few more weeks, I thought it was the perfect time to refresh and organize the pantry with The Home Edit (Walmart edition!).

the home edit at walmart

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Pantry refresh: The Home Edit way

If you have been following Mint Arrow for awhile now, you've probably seen my past pantry refresh. We have loved the clear bins from The Home Edit but when I saw this bamboo collection I couldn't resist! And seriously, they did not disappoint.

I've had my whole pantry pretty well organized for a couple years now (or so I thought), but things were getting messy, cluttered, expired, and needed some help – especially the kids’ snacks. I never realized how much stuff we had accumulated over the past few years! With The Home Edit line from Walmart I was able to not only organize my pantry but also make it look so pretty! Win-win. Keep reading for a list of everything I used.

Clear containers

The first thing that I have used over and over that has helped our pantry stay organized are the clear containers and bins pictured below. I LOVE storing our dry goods in these. I can see exactly how much of each item we have left before I need to buy more, and I feel like we actually EAT the things in the pantry when we can see them… not to mention it just looks pretty!

Walmart has these sealed-top containers that look just like the ones I was using in this space before and they are such a good price – like INSANELY less expensive than the ones I originally bought a couple of years back. So I’m super excited that they fit in seamlessly with what I already had going on and that this 4-pack is less than a single container I previously bought!

This 17 piece pantry edit was perfect for organizing all of our snacks (with 5 kids there's A LOT of snacks). I decided this time I was going to put all of the kids' snacks down low so they can reach without climbing on the shelves and it has majorly lowered my anxiety levels about them climbing on these shelves to get to the snacks previously stored up top!

clear pantry storage
the home edit organization

Bamboo crates

These open front bamboo crates are what really caught my eye when I was trying to decide what to use for my pantry organization. Not only are they beautiful but they are also practical with the open front and handles. And you can get them in a small or medium size!

We also used these bamboo storage bins in both the small and medium sizes to organize things like our back stock. The Home Edit also has the prettiest clear pantry labels that come already labeled so you don't have to worry about messing them up!


If you have a pantry like us you have those corners that are super hard to get to which means you end up with a lot of junk that you forget about. These clear turntables are a perfect solution!

For all of our back stock condiments, sauces, etc. we decided to tie everything together with these bamboo turntables. I LOVE that they have the high sides to keep everything in without having to worry about anything tipping over when it spins!

the home edit at walmart


Something super important in our pantry is to make sure we can see everything we have so that nothing goes to waste! These risers are so nice because they make it easy to organize your cans without them feeling like a jumbled mess. The Home Edit has this bamboo version and also this clear version and you can't go wrong with either! The quality of both is SO good.

the home edit pantry
pantry organization

Before and after

I won't even say anything about this. I will let the pictures speak for themselves!

pantry organization
the home edit
the home edit at walmart
pantry organizers

Fill, stack, repeat!

Whether you’re ready to tackle the closet, pantry, laundry room, or playroom, The Home Edit has come to the rescue with their simple, reliable bins. And if they hadn’t made organizing easy enough, now you can buy their collections from Walmart! I don’t know about you, but I see a LOT more cleaning and organizing in my future.

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