The ultimate Mother’s Day GIVEAWAY – $2,750 value!!

Today we have a HUGE surprise for you!! In honor of Mother's Day, we've teamed up with some of our very favorite brands to majorly spoil one lucky lady. Enter below or click HERE and keep reading to see why we love these brands and are so excited to be giving away something with each of them!!

Mother's Day Giveaway details & timeline

  • Giveaway runs Wednesday, May 1st at 10 am PST – Friday, May 10th at 10 am PST
  • Open to U.S. residents only, 18+
  • Enter HERE
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Giveaway prizes!

Get Away Today – $1,000

We’re absolutely ecstatic to include Getaway Today in our Mother’s Day giveaway, especially since they're giving away a $1,000 towards a trip of your choice! Getaway Today is known for making dream vacations affordable and stress-free, with fantastic customer service and exclusive deals. This generous gift is the perfect opportunity for moms to unwind, create new memories, and simply enjoy a well-deserved escape. Whether she dreams of sunny beaches, enchanting theme parks, or serene retreats, Getaway Today makes it possible. We are so excited that they are giving one lucky winner $1,000 towards a trip of their choice!

getaway today vacation

Cariloha – $500

Corrine has been sleeping with Cariloha sheets on her bed for YEARS now and she has tried soooo many (and seriously we mean SO. MANY.) other good sheets out there, but none compare to the amazingness of Cariloha. We're talking silky, soft, slide into bed and feel like you’re straight up IN HEAVEN bamboo sheet PERFECTION.

And did you know they sell mattresses? Cariloha's Resort mattress is the perfect amount of really plush (like, “you can’t wait to climb into bed every night and it becomes your happy place” plush), but it’s not so soft that it ruins your back.

We are also head over heels for their adjustable bed frame. This has been an absolute game changer! We love that we can elevate our feet with this bed and it doesn't hurt that it also comes with massage features!
We are so excited that Cariloha is giving away a $500 shop credit!

cariloha mattress
adjustable bed frame
FROM: Limited time: 30% OFF sitewide at Cariloha + $100 OFF Resort Sheets with our codes!

Beddy's – $250

Beddy’s beds are the most genius bedding sets of all time EVER because they combine your sheets and your comforter into ONE, and they do it with a zipper that makes it easy enough for a 2 year old to make their bed. If they can zip, they can make their bed!

In addition to being totally genius, Beddy’s beds are also CRAZY COMFY! They come in minky (where the top is like a soft blanky) or all cotton (just a sheet feeling) but Corrine's girls are OBSESSED with the minky. They both love crawling into bed at the end of the day! We're so excited that they're giving away a $250 shop credit!

beddys bedding
zipper bedding
FROM: Beddy’s bedding EXCLUSIVE 25% OFF code + free shipping!!

Geometry House – $250

We are so excited to include Geometry House in our Mother's Day giveaway this year! Their vibrant, beautifully designed tea towels and home goods not only brighten up any kitchen or living space but also add a splash of joy to daily routines. With their focus on quality and stunning designs, Geometry House products are pretty much perfect for any kitchen decor and personal style.

They are by far the best kitchen towels we've ever used in our entire lives, and they're always coming out with really cute new styles. But they last FOREVER and we're SUPER excited they're giving away a $250 shop credit!

kitchen towels
best beach towel
FROM: Geometry towels 20% OFF discount code!

Mint Arrow Merch – $250

This line is a passion project that we intentionally set out to design meaningful necklaces and sweatshirts that are cute and stylish AND that make you feel good inside. We hope this positive merch inspires confidence, happiness, and an intentional life. We can't wait to have someone win a $250 credit to our shop!

gold necklaces
mint arrow merch
FROM: 30% OFF site wide – Mint Arrow Messages Merch!

Perk – $250

We're absolutely thrilled to include Perk in our Mother's Day giveaway! Perk products are a game-changer for any busy mom, providing that essential boost of energy OR calming relaxation with a focus on wholesome ingredients. Their delicious flavors make each sip a treat, turning your daily fix into a moment of indulgence. Their Energy line is the perfect pick-me-up to keep moms feeling energized all day long, and their Chill line deepens relaxation and recovery in the evening. We can’t wait for you to fall in love with Perk just as we have, we're so excited that you have a chance to win a $250 credit towards anything in their shop!

perk chill
FROM: What to buy when you find out you’re pregnant

Saranoni – $250

To say we love Saranoni might be the biggest understatement yet. We truly don’t know if we could live without Saranoni’s products now that we've had them for so long.

These are hands down, BY FAR, the most magical, SOFTEST, most luxurious blankets of ALL TIME EVER. And trust us when we say we've tried them ALL. All of the luxury blankets on the market. Every one sold by Nordstrom, every luxury blanket considered a competitor – and no one else’s compares.

Any other luxury brand blanket we’ve bought ends up losing its softness after several washes. We’ve had our Saranoni blankets for YEARS and they’re still so very soft. The brand new blankets are (of course!) the softest, but we're telling you they DO NOT get rough or old feeling over the years. They stay soft and cozy and perfect for all your cuddling, baby, toddler, big kid, and adult blanket needs.

Needless to say, we're so, so excited that you have a chance to win $250 towards Saranoni when you enter this Mother's Day giveaway!

saranoni blankets
best blankets
FROM: The Saranoni 40% off grab bag sale is HERE – this is your guide!

Good Luck!!

Okay now that you know why we love all of these brands, are you ready to enter?!? Good luck and we'll be praying (sincerely!) that someone who really will appreciate this will win. Enter above or click HERE to enter!

Lots of love,

Corrine + Team Mint Arrow

Team Mint Arrow

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