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Have you ever had those moments when you love a product and brand SO much that you want all of your friends and family to be equally obsessed?! That’s kind of how I am when it comes to Our Place, and why I created this kitchen gift guide for the upcoming Christmas season! I’ve loved using their cookware because it's such high-quality and they somehow keep raising the bar with new products.

Anytime I’ve gifted Our Place cookware to a friend or family member it’s been a total slam dunk – best kitchen gifts ever. I’ve given pieces to the people who genuinely love to cook in my life, and even those who just approach the kitchen functionally, and it’s always an adored gift.

I’ve gifted the Always Pan to my mom and sister (absolute foodies + some of the most talented cooks I know) and they loved it so much that they bought them as gifts for other family, too! Today I’m breaking down how each of these kitchen gift ideas will be a game changer while also letting you know who in your life will benefit from each item the most.

our place mini always pan
our place always pan

In a hurry? Shop our picks below:

Kitchen gift guide recs depending on the kind of chef

  1. Always Pan: The Always Pan is a perfect gift for anyone this holiday season because it’s super easy to use, a best seller, and does the job of 8 pieces of cookware. There are soooo many fun color options to complement a friend or family members’ personality. This is an ideal gift for someone who doesn’t have this yet (because everyone needs one) or would help newly weds or someone who just moved get started. Our Place thought about every convenient feature on this pan (like the spoon holder ON the pan!) and the quality shines through. Its durable, nonstick ceramic coating makes it super easy to clean and I love how Our Place values nontoxic products! You can read our post on how much we love use the always pan here.
  2. Mini Always Pan: This is a brand new product! We just got ours and already see how it’s going to be dare I say, even better for more everyday use in our home. This comes in handy for smaller dishes like when just one or two of my kids want eggs. The Always Pan is so big that the mini version is amazing for individual portions – it also doesn’t hurt that the clean up is quicker! We actually did a little tutorial over on IG today on how to get the perfect scrambled eggs, and one of the key tips is to make sure your eggs are being gently cooked and folded in a pan small enough to be JUST the right size! Or in other words, don't use a really big pan to cook just a couple eggs. The Mini Always Pan is the perfect size for 3-4 eggs, and then the regular size always pan is great if I'm making eggs for our whole family (just double or triple the recipe and tips I shared on IG!) The Mini Always Pan is great for someone who has the Always Pan and loves it, someone who lives alone, or for those who aren’t cooking for a crowd. This product is super convenient and has all the great nonstick features as the Always Pan. It braises, sears, steams veggies, strains, sautes, fries, and SO much more like a pro!
  3. Cast Iron Always Pan: This would be a great gift for the person who lovessss a steak and wants to cook one indoors during the winter. It’s also great for those doing a lot of dutch oven style cooking. What makes the Cast Iron Always Pan revolutionary is that it’s not only cast iron, but it has a slippery nonstick coat! That’s super rare to find in a cast iron. The Cast Iron Always Pan is made from heirloom-quality materials that not only make it easy to care for, but it’s so beautiful you’ll want to move it right from the stove or oven to the dinner table to serve. It’s amazing at handling high temperatures and can be used in the oven or on the stove top.
  4. Tiny Cast Iron Always Pan: The TINY Cast Iron Pan is a tiny version of the Cast Iron Always Pan, and it's literally the MOST perfect size for a pizookie – a little pizza like cookie that you bake in the oven and top with a scoop of ice cream. YUM. The Tiny Cast Iron Always Pan makes the perfect size for two to share, or one very hungry husband. It's also ideal for a personal size frittata (since it's oven-safe!) or toasting a small serving of nuts or baking any personal-sized dish or dessert. Definitely a gift that “the chef who has everything” likely doesn't have THIS yet!
  5. The Perfect Pot: THE pot that every big family needs – and one of my faves in this kitchen gift guide! For me it's a must-have now. I love this pot because it’s the easiest way I’ve ever drained grease in my life thanks to the lid with a built-in strainer dispenser. This magical lid also saves you from dirtying extra dishes and strainers. Any family will love the nonstick finish on the inside, pretty color options, and simplicity when it comes to cooking for a crowd. You can literally replace EIGHT bulky kitchen tools with this one pot! It’s great for so many types of dishes and has tons of great reviews. Read our post on how much we love use the perfect pot here!
  6. Ovenware Set: This is the best gift for the bakers in your life! Think about the friend always offering to bring treats or sharing all the yummy baking recipes online…they need this five piece kit! It includes an oven pan and mat as well as 3 different baking dishes. They’ll fall in love with this pretty set that’s multi-functional OR it'll be a game changer for someone who doesn’t have a griddle in their kitchen. Take the cookie sheet to the stove as it functions as a griddle for all the fun dishes like pancakes, quesadillas, and so much more!
our place always pan
how to make the perfect scrambled eggs
mini always pan
perfect scrambled eggs tips
pizookie cast iron pan
mini cast iron pan
tiny cast iron pan
our place ovenware set

BONUS kitchen gift guide ideas from Our Place!

I had to add these bonus ideas to the kitchen gift guide because they're THAT good!

We love using our Full Plates for dinners. They’re hand-glazed and come in the prettiest neutral colors! The small lip of the plate helps keep things clean(ish) with the kids, and there’s even a scratch resistant coating.

This 4-piece set stacks perfectly on one another which is great for storage and there’s nothing better than knowing you’re using nontoxic products. Our Place sources ethically so their products are good for you and the environment. (PS – you can grab this set in the Midi Plate size which is a medium width dish! These plates can double as lids for the Midi and Gather Bowls, too.)

best cookware

Still unsure about which cookware to get?

Make it a package deal

Shopping some of Our Place’s gift sets make a great present for someone near and dear! The Home Cook Duo set features their best sellers: the Perfect Pot and Always Pan. These typically retail for $310 but are only $250 for the set! If you purchase these for someone who doesn’t have anything from the collection, you’re setting them up perfectly to only need 2 essential pieces.

You can also shop the Always Pan Duo set featuring both sizes of the Always Pan for $50 OFF! Or, take advantage of the $55 in savings on the It Takes Two Set which will land you the Always Pan plus the Cast Iron Always Pan.

The gift that keeps on giving

Our Place has disrupted the way we view cooking in the best possible way. They're all about making cooking more inclusive for the whole family, while keeping it fun and functional so that you can maximize the time spent with others and not stress over the perfect meal!

These best selling products are meant to celebrate the joys of cooking and coming together with loved ones, and I know your family will cherish them for years to come. Everything in this kitchen gift guide will quickly become kitchen essentials, and you’ll feel good gifting them knowing that Our Place is a trusted brand that empowers women, is mindful of its impact, and centers its mission around doing good.

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