The LOVE list: February Amazon faves

The LONGEST month of the year is finally over and in celebration of February's arrival I feel like it's the perfect time to share all my current FAVE FINDS on Amazon! That one-click ordering just has my whole heart. And seeing a package with those blue check marks waiting on my porch is like sending a Valentine to myself!

So if you're ready to send YOURSELF a Valentine or two too, you need to read up on all my most recent amazon faves below.

amazon favorites

Shop all my Amazon faves in one spot

So many of my very very favorite things are Amazon finds! Did you know I have a page where you can shop them ALL? I have found EVERYTHING-from my girl's favorite toys to my ice machine to the Lululemon legging dupes I get asked about on the regular in the DMs-on Amazon, and they're all collected in one easy-to-shop page!

Foaming Bath + Bath Salts

I featured both these items in my 2nd trimester tips post, but I am so obsessed they deserved another shoutout. Prior to discovering this dreamy combo I was in a very serious (and very expensive) relationship with LUSH bath bombs.

While I still love the indulgence of a bath bomb, I almost like this foaming bath combined with bath salts even more! It feels amazing on your skin and even more amazing on your budget! You can get a huge 3LB bag of bath salts for UNDER $5 and a huge bottle of foaming bath for UNDER $5. That's like the equivalent cost of ONE bath bomb and you're getting way more baths!

bath salts amazon
bath salts
foaming bath soap

Triple Moisture Body Creme

This is a super tried and true old school favorite. I love having a spray tan (or any type of tan really!) and this OG body lotion will help prolong your tan and prevent dry skin. Order the large bottle and have it Prime delivered to your house for just over $12! This is currently not available to ship until Feb 12, so if you want it ASAP you can get this 2-pack for $25!

hampz lotion amazon
hempz lotion from amazon

MAC Clear Caps

If you're a MAC lipstick lover like me, these clear caps are going to change. your. life. It drives me totally nuts that all the MAC lipsticks are black making it impossible to tell what color it is without opening it or checking the bottom.

It was taking me like a year to sort through if I was just looking for my Russian Red or Creme Cup! With these clear tops, you can see everything and pick so much faster! I got 24 caps for $13.99 which is like $0.60 a cap! That's so cheap for being such a massive timesaver!

clear lipstick caps
clear lipstick caps

Striped Kimono

I love a kimono when I'm pregnant. I think they are one of the most flattering things you can wear while pregnant, but I also love them not pregnant! Kimonos are great for the beach or the pool and this black and white one is just $22 on Amazon!

amazon kimono

Organic Self Tanner

I am obsessed with this translucent organic self tanner. OBSESSED. It has 5000+ amazing reviews and is priced just right around $30. It's all organic, super clean ingredients, and it smells amazing! It's a more mild self-tanner and took me two applications to achieve the color I wanted, but I actually liked that. The second application gave me the opportunity to even things out if I had missed a spot or gone a little heavy in a certain spot the first time.

This organic self tanner comes out of the bottle white and rubs in clear. It has NO COLOR to it which means it doesn't transfer to your sheets or towels which is INCREDIBLE! You just put it on, go to sleep, and wake up with a really pretty tan!

organic self tanner
beauty by earth self tanner
beauty by earth self tanner amazon

Exfoliating Facial Scrub

This has been my go-to pre-tan exfoliating scrub for a few months now. It's super gentle but it works. It smells absolutely amazing and it's UNDER $10.

exfoliating face scrub
cocoa butter exfoliating scrub

Travel Makeup Case

TOTAL. Game changer. It's big enough to fit all your makeup in it without being too big. Unlike a makeup bag, this makeup case allows you to open it up and just see everything-no digging required! It is the perfect size to put in my little travel suitcase so I always have my makeup with me-even if my big suitcase gets lost. Currently under $20!

makeup case
makeup case amazon

Butter Gloss

This gloss has been featured in my BEST drugstore makeup roundup and I talked about it on my Insta Stories this week because it's currently UNDER $2.89 on Amazon! Creme Brulee is my favorite and I feel like every girl should have this cheap little treat.

NYX lipgloss amazon

Makeup Brushes

If you're a more is more (but for less!) kind of girl like me you need this set of 20 makeup brushes that I featured in this post yesterday! This gorgeous brush set has over 600 perfect reviews and is just $13.99. That's less than $1 a brush! If you're looking for fewer options when it comes to your makeup brushes this 14 piece set is UNDER $10 and has over 13K perfect reviews.

makeup brush set amazon
makeup brushes

Tongue Scraper

If you haven't used a tongue scraper before, buckle up because I'm about to change your life! We've included these on gift guides before. This has over 2500 incredible reviews on Amazon and will help you have really good breath. If you're not cleaning off your tongue, you should be. You can get 2 for $10 and it comes with a little travel case which I LOVE.

tongue scraper
tongue scraper amazon faves

Gel Heel Sleeves

These look totally weird but I promise they are amazing! If you have cracked heels in the winter time these $10 heel sleeves are the business! I love to put these on before bed with some really good lotion and wake up with baby soft heels!

gel heel socks
socks for cracked heels

Acrylic Makeup Organizers

If you're trying to Marie Kondo your house in 2020 these little organizers are really, really nice. You really should go through your makeup at least once a year and throw out old stuff. I'm totally guilty of NOT doing that but getting these organizers off Amazon helped motivate me to get it done!

makeup organizers amazon
gold and glass makeup holder

Gold + Glass Makeup Brush Holder

This totally gorgeous $25 organizer holds A LOT!! It fits the entire 20-piece brush set I mentioned above, PLUS all my higher-end one-off brushes. Unless you're a professional makeup artist, this organizer should hold all your brushes and look really nice on your bathroom counter. Similar products at Anthropologie or Urban Outfitters can be twice the price!

Vegetable Chopper

My brother got me this veggie chopper for my birthday and every time I show it I get a million DMs about it! It is absolutely amazing and I'm totally obsessed with it. It is weirdly satisfying to be able to chop things INSTANTLY and it's UNDER $20!

vegetable chopper amazon
amazon chopper
veggie chopper

Best Budget Friendly Sheets

One of my most FAQ is about my favorite sheets. My #1 is Cariloha. Those are my very favorite sheets of all time ever, however, I know those are out of some people's budget.

These $24-32 sheets (depending on size) are absolutely the next best thing. They have 78,000+ reviews on Amazon and 73% of those are 5-STAR!! These are totally amazing, totally soft sheets and we love them.

soft bed sheets

Foaming Bath
Epsom Salt Soaking Solution
Clear Lipstick Caps for MAC
Striped Kimono
Self Tanner
Body Creme
Exfoliating Facial Scrub
Travel Makeup Case
Butter Gloss
20 pcs Makeup Brushes
14 pcs Makeup Brushes
Tongue Scraper
Gel Heel Sleeves
Acrylic Makeup Organizer
Lipstick Organizer
Gold + Glass Makeup Brush Holder
Mellanni Bed Sheet Set
Vegetable Chopper
Photos by Arielle Levy

See ALL my Amazon faves

I've found some very cute and very useful things on Amazon over the years and you can see ALL of them in my Amazon store right now! You can always go to to see categorized pages of all my favorite Amazon finds. Happy Prime Shopping friends and happy weekend!!

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