The very best running shoes in the whole entire world

It's happened to most of us. Someone starts talking about something they just discovered and how they literally can't imagine living without this thing anymore. It could be new toothpaste. It could be a new shade of blush. Or, it could be a life changing pair of running shoes. Literally the best in the world. The kind you want to wear every single day, you can conquer the world in, walk 55 miles at a theme park in, travel the world in, chase your kids in, and not just look good while you're basking in your insane comfort but while you wear THE cutest running shoes you have ever seen. These, my friends, are the Nike Free RN Flyknit.

Nike Free running shoe

Love at first sight

I first heard about the Nike Flyknit Frees from the same source I get more than half of my best recommendations: my mom. She literally sold me in the first 90 seconds she started talking about these magical running shoes. “Do you have these yet? Oh, OH, gosh, you need some. They are SO COMFORTABLE. It's almost like you're wearing nothing. But they're so supportive. And so comfy.” And while this is going on in my head I'm looking at this mystical shoe of hers thinking “oh wow AND it's super cute.”

It was love at first sight.

best running shoes

So versatile

These shoes have been all over the world with me, literally! I'm not afraid to wear running shoes in the airport with a cute outfit, and neither are celebrities if you ever look at magazines or pictures of their travel style.

Plus they really ARE so perfect to run or work out in! I feel like the rounded, anatomical heel makes running in these so effortless and yet my feet still feel solid in support.

Nike running shoes

Extremely flexible

The flexibility of the Flyknit fabric is impeccable, the design is umatched and the cushioning and support really make you feel like you're walking on air. They actually took FOUR YEARS to perfect this shoe, engineering it around the idea that Stanford athletes were trained barefoot, designing the Flyknit to mimic this type of training.

Nike Free Flyknit
Nike Free

I'm honestly not sure I could ever comprehensively give you an idea of just how unbelievable this shoe is.

Running shoes
Nike running shoes

Get ready to fall in love

Mark my words: once you get these babies on your feet, you'll never want to live a day without them.

I'm also in love with all of Nike Women's running category apparel. Just like the Flyknits, their clothing is impeccably lightweight, breathable and super flattering. This Nike Breathe tank is so lightweight it's like wearing nothing! I love that their sports bras offer REAL support and this Nike Pro Classic sports bra is perfection.

Nike sports bra

Nike Running Jacket & Socks

This Nike City Bomber running jacket is ideal for the thinnest layer when you just want to warm up or be a tiny bit more covered up at the beginning of your workout. And these Elite no show socks are flawless. FLAWLESS. They actually stay on even through the most intense workouts.

running shoes

Crop Leggings

I couldn't decide on the crop or full length running tights but these are for sure the most popular women's running tights, so you really can't go wrong with either length. These Nike Power Epic Lux Cool running crops are so great for hard workouts because they have mesh inserts that are not only cute but totally functional and breathable!

running clothes

Nike Free RN Flyknit running shoe
Crop Leggings
Running Tank
Sports Bra
Jacket sold out, similar
No-Show Socks

I've picked out for you some of my very favorite Nike gear including (of course) these insanely amazing running shoes. And seriously, I truly believe, THE very best running shoe in all the land. I give it 11 out of 10 stars. I want them in every color and I want them on every day of my life.

Shop my favorites below

Shop my personal faves from Nike's women's running line and their Nike Flyknit Frees below!


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  1. Cute outfit! I love my nikes for gym workouts but I’m an Asics girl for distance running 🙂

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