These are the best high chairs, period!

One minute you're bringing your sweet newborn home from the hospital…aaaand the next they're ready to start eating solids?! It's crazy how fast our babies grow up, but one thing that makes it all easier is being prepared as much as possible for their next step. When it comes to high chairs, I know from experience it can be super overwhelming deciding on the best one when there are TONS of choices out there. But take it from somebody who has tried multiple high chairs over the years – I have the high chair for YOU!

Yep – you'll find three recommendations below, and I know that one of them will be the right choice for your family's needs and lifestyle. Keep reading to be paired with the perfect high chair!

1. The Boon Flair – a long-time fave

If you've been here for a while, you know I have sung the Boon Flair high chair's praises for years and years. It was one of the first things I was SO excited to purchase when I was pregnant with my first baby, Anabelle. We used that high chair to death through both Ani and Lyla.

I'm going to list all the reasons why I love this high chair – but make sure to keep reading through #2 to get a full review on what's changed over the years about my opinion and recommendations with this chair! It truly depends on your wants and needs and lifestyle. I'm still recommending this chair because it has been AMAZING for us, but I always want to give you a thorough and honest review of every product I write about, which means I include the pros AND cons (if there are any!).


  • This high chair has wheels, so it can roll wherever you need it to be for mealtime which is such. a. lifesaver.
  • It has a pneumatic lift (like a barber chair) for changing the height super easily so you can keep it higher or lower it eventually to use it more like a seat at a table.
  • The tray is removable and the cover is dishwasher safe. It is pretty darn near perfect.

You may already know this, but the Boon Flair high chair is no longer on the market. HOWEVER, you can sometimes find it if you're lucky on Facebook Marketplace or OfferUp. My only advice is to make sure you're getting a good deal if you find one! A few years ago, this high chair retailed for about $280 – so anything under $200 was a fair deal back when they were still on the market. But now-a-days, if you find a used one that is still in good shape for $100-$120, jump on it because that's a great price!

I was actually lucky enough to find another Boon Flair for $80 and we snagged it super quick. We knew that we would have two babies in high chairs in this house for quite a while, so we wanted to make sure we had one again! If you're up for the search, the Boon Flair is an AMAZING high chair option.

boon flair high chair

2. Lalo The Chair – my TOP favorite high chair on the market right now!

I LOVE this Lalo high chair (pictured at the very top!), and it checks some boxes that the Boon Flair doesn't.

The three things I didn't love about the Boon:

  1. The tray was pretty hard to remove. Unless you had done it a hundred times, it wasn't intuitively easy for grandma or babysitter to figure out – which means it could easily be broken on accident.
  2. It claimed to be cracks and crevice free, but there was a section underneath the tray where there were some cracks which could totally grow mold if you weren't careful about making sure it was fully dry (and that's a really hard place to make sure is dry!) when you were done washing. I didn't know that for years, but I've now since realized.
  3. The Boon Flair is pretty large and kind of an eye sore in your kitchen. Most of the features are incredible, but it's definitely not a designer chair!

But the Lalo. This chair TRULY has zero cracks or crevices. Even in the removable tray, there is no where that any mold could hide. The tray is super easy to remove and replace, too, which is just easier on everyone! And last but not least, this chair is PRETTY. Like, keep out in your dining area 24/7 pretty.


  • It comes with a comfy, padded seat for baby – which is especially great in those first few months of eating solids when baby still needs some sitting support.
  • I LOVE that the padding comes unbuttoned super easily and that it washes up perfectly. Sometimes padded high chairs get really yucky, but the Lalo makes it so easy for you to have the best of both worlds – clean and comfy!
  • The rest of the high chair is a cinch to wipe down, sanitize, and clean
  • Like I said above, it's PRETTY! The Lalo is sleek, modern, minimal, and truly pretty enough you can leave it out in your kitchen without it ruining your home's style.
  • Millie (2.5) and Harry both love this high chair! WIN.
  • It comes with shorter legs, so you can actually convert it into a shorter chair once they're done with the high chair.

3. IKEA Antilop Highchair – the BEST budget buy

This high chair is $20. $20!! I will always say that this high chair is perfect to store at grandma's, an Airbnb, or anywhere else you need to have an extra high chair easily at hand. It's super easy to wipe down and keep clean, and it has a very basic, minimal design.

I definitely wouldn't say it's the best high chair overall for a couple of reasons:

  1. It has pretty big gaps for food to drop into when kids are learning to feed themselves, and for them to wiggle out of. (There is a pad you can buy to help with that, but there are still some gaps you can't quite fill).
  2. There is no foot support, which some pediatricians say is essential in a high chair. Foot support gives your baby the control they need to be seated comfortably while eating – which in turn allows them to more easily learn fine motor skills and chew more effectively. If you do purchase this high chair, I would suggest buying this foot rest add-on for those reasons!

I wouldn't say this IKEA high chair is as cute as the Lalo, but it does have a nice, minimal design! If you are looking for a budget buy, this is the best option by far – but I will say, if you decide to invest in a more expensive high chair, you will get what you pay for! If you are planning to have more than one kid, a good quality high chair is worth the investment in my opinion. But, depending on your needs and wants and lifestyle, you have to always go with the best decision for YOU and your family!

ikea antilop highchair

What high chair NOT to buy – the #1 rated on Amazon

To give a full review, I feel like I need to tell you about the high chair to avoid, too – right?

I really wanted to try the #1 rated high chair on Amazon and I'll tell you right now – Neil and I both hated it – NOT Mint Arrow approved! Such a bummer.

It had pretty good reviews so I had high hopes, but it was not durable at all. Our kids broke it after hardly any time owning it, and we actually ended up throwing it away. So take it from our experience and avoid this high chair at all costs. It was too bad – but I have been super, super happy with the Lalo, so no complaints that we ended up there!

But gosh baby Millie – I miss her at this stage already!

amazon high chair
baby gear
FROM: Why I love buybuy BABY + my baby registry must-haves
Wooden High Chair – NOT recommended
Photos by Arielle Levy

I swear by these high chairs!

Of all the high chairs I could recommend, these are my top three! Even with my honest reviews of each, there are so many great things about all of the chairs I recommended. You really can't go wrong once you pick the one that aligns most with your family's needs and wants! Let me know which high chair you'll be getting once you decide. I'd be super interested in knowing what ended up being YOUR favorite!

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