The perfect cologne to gift for Father’s Day

May 24, 2019

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Any guess which of your five senses is the strongest when it comes to memory?! You're probably not surprised to find out it's SCENT! I don't know about you, but some smells totally take me RIGHT BACK to a certain place or time or person. It's like MAGIC. And today I'm sharing one that's light, fresh and zaps me right back into early dating days with Neil.

The smell of this Versace Eau Fraiche takes me right back to when Neil and I very first started dating. It's a light, clean scent that isn't overpowering at all! It's subtle, but memorable, which in my opinion is just right for a men's scent.

why we love this cologne

One of my favorite things about Neil is how good he always smells! He makes smelling good part of his every day routine, so he's a man that will always appreciate good cologne as a gift. I feel like it can be tricky to find a men's scent you BOTH love, but the Versace Eau Fraiche is one that gets a stamp of approval from both of us!!

I love that our daughters will always remember their dad smelling nice and will totally have those memory associations with him too, which makes this cologne a really sweet Father's Day gift!!

If you're struggling with what to get for Father's Day, I totally get it. Men are so SO hard to buy for. WHY?!!!!

I feel like so many men I know already have everything they need! Gifting a fragrance is a really thoughtful way to add something special to their routine that will make them think of you when they use it. And then you'll think of them when you smell it!

How AMAZING is this packaging? It's even better in real life and just makes such a great gift! Wrap this cologne up with his favorite candy and you're totally good to go for an awesome Father's Day gift!

Versace Eau Fraiche Gift Set

This gift set comes with a shower gel too, which is great for a subtle scent even when he doesn't spray on cologne. Right now you can get this SET for the SAME PRICE you'd usually pay for just the fragrance, so it's kind of like you're gifting a little something extra basically for FREE!

Versace Eau de Toilette Spray
Versace Eau de Toilette Spray Gift Set
Slim Fit Dress Shirt
Photos by Arielle Levy 

Obviously no matter what you buy for the dads in your life, the most important thing is that he knows how much you love and appreciate him!

Here are some other really solid Father's Day gifts that we feel like dads of any age would love, whether you're shopping for cologne or something else classic and guaranteed to get used and loved.

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