My Christmas entertaining secret that you can use ALL year!

When it comes to entertaining during the holidays, I think all my fellow mamas out there can agree when I say it can be soooo overwhelming! Like forget a naughty and nice checklist Santa, can you help a girl out with her entertaining checklist?! Haha.

There are tons of options and sometimes I don’t really know where to start but I recently discovered the prettiest dinnerware that’s perfect for not only your parties this holiday season, but also works so well on a daily basis or anytime throughout the year that you entertain guests: Villeroy & Boch!!!

 I love the idea of pretty Christmasware with trees or fun holiday designs on the plates, but it always makes me so sad to put them away after one or two uses during Christmas and then they don’t see the light of day again until next year. But everything from Villeroy & Boch fills BOTH those purposes. And you KNOW how I love that whole killing two birds with one stone thing!

  I think my favorite part about these plates and dishes is that they are so clean looking! Which not only is super great for all-year around use, but also makes it really easy to dress up your table however you want for your holiday party without things looking too busy or cluttered. Whether it’s just a simple bouquet of flowers to leave more room for the treats (which is really what I’m all about haha) or if you want to add more decor to your settings, these are so amazing! These dishes also totally dishwasher safe and really durable, so you also don’t have to feel like you need to say a silent prayer everytime you go to carry them anywhere, and it’s also key with KIDS in the house!

I literally opened up the box with this flatware in it and the first thing I said, out loud was “these are so nice!” The quality of this flatware is something you notice right off the bat. And not only that, but they’re functional for everyday use! And in reading the reviews online, the only regret people really seem to have is that they didn’t find these sooner in their lives!! That’s the type of purchase I’m really down with.

   Is it just me or when you’re trying to fit everything on the table do you guys feel like it’s a really bad game of Tetris? Like if you had to play Tetris with all circles! Amiright?! That’s why I was immediately drawn to these oval serving dishes! You can fit PLENTY on the table … and they make everything look good!

    We checked out current shipping times on their website, and it looks like if you’re wanting a little Villeroy & Boch in your life for Christmas, you’ll want to make sure to order before December 13th!

60-Piece Flatware Set in Gift Box
Artesano Original Dinner Plate 10 1/2 in
Artesano Original Salad Plate 8 1/2 in
Artesano Original Oval Fruit Bowl 21 1/2 in
Artesano Original Breadstick Dish 17 1/4 in
Artesano Original Olive Bowl 11 x 3 in
Artesano Original Oval Fish Plate 17 in
Artesano Original Pizza/Buffet Plate 12 1/2 in
Artesano Original Acacia Salad Server Set
Purismo Bar Tall Tumbler (12 1/2 oz) : Set of 2 5.25 in
Photos by Arielle Levy

Thanks Villeroy & Boch and Shopstyle for sponsoring this post!

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