NEW Our Place Cast Iron Always Pan Just Launched! (+Promo Code)

One thing I love about summer is making recipes in a dutch oven or cast iron pan – it’s something my family always did growing up, and I love doing it now in the brand new Our Place Cast Iron Always Pan! I was so thrilled to try out this pan from one of my favorite brands, Our Place. It's been the BEST cast iron I've ever used with the easiest clean up – I’ve never seen a cast iron like this before!

The way the Our Place Cast Iron Always Pan cooks food is amazing and I’m so excited to use it all year long. They’ve combined all the advantages of cooking with a cast iron in this pan to sear, braise, bake, fry, roast, and even make sauces ​​while being super low maintenance and durable.

Today I’m super excited to share more about this beautiful pan (that you’re going to love trying ALLLL the recipes in), plus I have a 10% off promo code for you! (And keep reading to see what yummy dessert I baked in mine!)

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This is the FIRST multifunctional Our Place cast iron pan and they seriously made it so well, it’s no surprise it sold out in 18 minutes last time it was in stock, and there was a 30,000 person waitlist! Our Place not only puts out incredible products, but supporting a company that ​​uses recycled and sustainable materials, biodegradable and compostable packaging, and is immigrant and woman-of-color-owned, make it an incredible brand to support! 

Our Place is going to elevate your at-home cooking experience so much and I’m thrilled to share my code MINT10 for 10% OFF your order.

I can’t recommend Our Place enough – so many family traditions are central to food and I love that Our Place honors that with their Traditionware collections. They believe sharing a home-cooked meal is foundational to connection and you’re going to be making tons of memories over warm meals in this pan. 

The 8-in-1 Our Place Cast Iron Always Pan

Designed for easy use, bold style

This is the best size cast iron at 10 inches in diameter and just under 7lbs. It makes it super easy to transfer this pan around the kitchen from stove to oven with one hand.

I love that you can get one of Our Place’s signature glossy colors on the exterior, but still have that classic matte black interior of the cast iron. The interior is designed not only to look good, but cook SO well. Even if you don’t use seasoning on something, the Our Place Cast Iron Always Pan is going to brown your food to perfection.

Seamless clean up, multiple uses 

The thing that makes me stop using a cast iron as often as I’d like is how bad food sticks to it – it’s not always easy to use (or clean)! It shouldn’t be a shocker, but I was SO glad that the Our Place Cast Iron Always Pan had the easiest cast iron clean up of my LIFE. 

This is going to work with literally all stovetops, even induction! So whether you’re cooking indoors or outdoors this summer, you’ll get so much use out of this pan – it'll condense all your pans into one. I love so many of the intentional design points on their products like the spoon rest to keep your spatula clean while cooking, high-visibility glass to release steam and see the food, and the silicone Hot Grip potholders that come with it! 

Durable quality cute enough to serve in 

The Our Place Cast Iron Always Pan is made from heirloom-quality materials that not only make it easy to care for, but it’s so beautiful you’ll want to move it right from the stove or oven to the dinner table to serve! It’s amazing at handling high temperatures and will change your cooking game with the BEST experience.  

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Berry crisp recipe 

In the spirit of breaking in my Cast Iron Always Pan, I decided to bake a berry crisp which is a super easy (and delicious) dessert! Here’s how I bake mine:

While your oven is warming to 350 degrees, start off with browning your butter in your cast iron. Once the butter is golden brown, take it off the heat and add in a blend of your favorite berries (or other fruit)! 

Make sure you’re stirring well while adding in cherries, berries, cornstarch, brown sugar, and vanilla all into the cast iron. One of the yummiest parts about this is the crumble topping. This is made from oats, flour, cinnamon, cardamom, brown sugar, salt, and butter.

Once mixed, dust this crumble over the fruit and bake it in the oven for 45 minutes leaving you with the best summer treat! This dessert isn’t going to last long in your house, but make sure you serve it warm and if you’re like my family, you’ll top it with ice cream!

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best cast iron pan
cast iron always pan
summer dessert recipe
berry crisp cast iron recipe
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Bring family meals to life with the 8-in-1 Cast Iron Always Pan

I’m so excited for you to get your hands on one of these incredible pans! It’s going to make such a huge change in your cooking experience and it’s an amazing investment and quality product. I love the meaning behind Our Place and am thrilled to give you 10% OFF on this unbelievable pan. Don’t forget to use my code MINT10 and tag me when you try making a berry crisp

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  1. I’m trying to decide if it’s you’d recommend this over their always pan? Or do you even need the cast iron and original. Or maybe this takes the place over the original nonstick…

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