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mint arrow baby announcement

last night i posted these pictures to my social media but i wanted to post here too, for anyone who's a reader but maybe not a social media follower: we are expecting! it's a girl and we couldn't be more excited to give anabelle a baby sister.

mint arrow baby announcement

before i get into some q&a i wanted to give a gigantic shout out to our photographer tiffany of eliza j photography. she managed to get these beautiful images out of a dizzy one-legged pregnant chick and a super grumpy, molar-teething two year old. thank you tiffany for making these happen out of even the most challenging circumstances! i was holding my breath that we'd get even ONE good photo but she pulled out her magic wand and literally made magic happen.


now because i had tons and tons of questions on my IG last night and a lot of love and excitement – thank you for that!! – i wanted to answer as many questions as possible in one post 😉


where is your dress from?
i found my cream maxi dress here! i wanted something super soft and comfy and long and this one was just perfect. my velvet hair bow headband was only $1.80 (yes!), my belt is no longer available but my earrings are here and my flats that perfectly match the maxi are here. anabelle's bow dress is from my amazing friend jessica at dream catcher baby.


did you get a new ring?
this is so sad, i LOST my wedding ring about a month ago! i'm still hoping it turns up somewhere in our house but i got sick of not having a ring so i ordered this fake ring and i was pleasantly surprised with how real it looks!! i highly recommend it if you need something for when you're on vacation or whatever. just be warned it's pretty gigantic though haha.

how far along are you? and how are you feeling?
i'm about 14 weeks! finally feeling a little better lately. i tried suffering through morning sickness for weeks and after spending 3 days in a row not moving from the couch, i finally got some zofran and then wondered why i waited so long! seriously, maker of zofran – whoever you are – i owe you BIG TIME.

were you pregnant when you broke your foot?
yep! ha. not exactly the best idea to break a bone when you are pregnant because that = no pain meds, and no surgery if you need it, which i did! since i broke my foot falling down the stairs, my doctor did an ultrasound the next day just to be safe and luckily baby was just fine.

are you going to have another c-section or try for a VBAC?
i got this question several times yesterday, because many of my readers know from anabelle's birth story that i had a scheduled c-section with her since she was breech. for now, i'm planning on another c-section. before i was even pregnant with this baby i consulted with my OB in utah and i've also (obviously) consulted with my OB here in CA, and they both told me either one is totally fine and that it was completely up to me. because i had such a positive experience with my first c-section, which i really attribute to it being a scheduled c-section, not an emergency c-section, i feel really good about having another scheduled c-section. plus i'm such a serious wimp you guys and i already know what i'm getting into with a scheduled c-section, but all the “what ifs” of a vbac scare the pants off me so i'm pretty motivated to stay in my comfort zone. if you want a literal play-by-play of how that was for me, you can read it in my scheduled c-section birth story.

are you going to be posting more baby deals?
i'm sure i'll have my eyes out a little more than normal for baby deals, but this blog has always been a place where i post deals on high-end baby gear and talk baby faves, like my best baby registry list ever. so for long time readers it shouldn't feel too different! it's not going to become overly saturated with just baby deals, but i'm sure it will give me the opportunity to give the baby deal fans some special deals which i'm always excited about!

i hope that answers all the questions! if you have any others for me please feel free to comment and i'll try to leave a response!

thanks so much for your love and support and excitement for my little growing family! i mean it when i say this blog would be NOTHING without you guys so it means the world to have your support! XOXO



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  1. How did you find out what you’re having so early? I’m 18 weeks now and have to wait another few weeks.

    Last time, I think we were able to find out around 17 weeks, but 14 weeks seems early. But….each doctor is different!

    Congratulations and I hope your morning sickness and everything else passes quickly. I know that a girlfriend of mine is suffering really bad from morning sickness and has found that the doTERRA Peppermint Oil I gave her being placed behind her ears and end of her nose is really keeping it at bay.

    1. hey randi! there’s a place in costa mesa CA where you can go as early as 13 weeks and find out early! there’s also a similar place that i went to in utah to find out what i was having with my first pregnancy. anyway thanks for your sweet message and i hope youre feeling well too!

  2. Lovely news- congrats to you and your family!! Hope it’s a happy & healthy journey through the rest of the process for you & your new little miracle!

  3. congrats on being a babe and having a new babe and just being a family of babes 🙂 love your style and can’t wait to read more!

    xoxo, kiely

  4. Congratulations!!!! I’m pregnant with our second as well! 17 weeks :). Please share more clothes that can double as maternity and non-maternity clothes!

  5. I love love LOVED my scheduled C-section. (The only thing I would do differently is try and get my surgeon to use a C-SAFE during it if I ever have a second.) So glad you not only posted a positive story about yours but also enjoyed it so much you’re sticking with it!

  6. That is so wonderful!! I’m glad you posted on the blog too because I’m pregnant and can’t check Instagram right now because the scrolling screen makes me sick! Any-who, congratulations! You hid the pregnancy so well these last few weeks!

    1. ha ha i totally know what you mean about the scrolling! thanks so much and good luck to you in your pregnancy too!!

  7. Thank you so much for telling me where your dress came from! My friend is having a maternity shoot and descried to me exactly what she wanted, and it’s this dress! So I had to get it. Congrats on the pregnancy!

  8. Congrats on the coming of your baby girl! You have a darling family. I recently had an unplanned C-section. I’ll be curious how your 2nd one goes. My experience wasn’t too bad. I’m a HUGE labor/pain scaredie cat! I think C-sections are wonderful! Good luck! Love your blog ; )

    1. thank you kim! i am really hoping the 2nd time around is as good as the first was for me. i’m sure i’ll be writing all about it after ha 😉

  9. Congratulations! And I love your birth story! It’s so refreshing to hear people embrace c-sections with no apologies. I had my twins by csection because of preeclampsia and then because of people’s comments and pressure went two weeks overdue and through a heck of an ordeal trying to have a vbac but ended up in another csection. I wish I had just planned that route from the beginningbecause getting these beautiful baby girls here is all that matters. Sisters are amazing. I hope you feel like yourself again soon!

    1. oh allison that makes me feel so sad, i’m so sorry you went through that! i feel like that could easily happen to anyone (definitely myself included) and i’m hoping that no matter what others say i can just do what i feel good about and trust my instincts and that everything will go well!

  10. Congrats! Your maternity photos are beautiful! I wish I had thought to do something like that with my kids. I’m also a c section mama (not by choice sadly) and there’s absolutely no shame in it! However just make sure you speak with your doctor about the risk of Accreta if you might want future pregnancies after this one. I hope you are able to stay feeling better and look forward to following you through the coming months!! Best wishes!

  11. I just found your blog today and I’m excited that we’re pretty much expecting around the same time (I’m due April 26th)! So I’m hoping that means were looking at/for the same baby related gear at the same time and you help me find some amazing deals!

    1. hey saira, thanks for saying hi and congrats to you too!! i’ll definitely be posting great baby deals in the near future! 😀

  12. Such refreshing thoughts on c-sections. I recently had my second section back in August. This section was scheduled however my first ended up being breach and long story short after she was long over due and no sign of labor on the horizon after stress tests at the hospital and realizing she was breach – we weren’t allowed to leave due to liability issues we ultimately decided on the section. There is about 19 months between my two. The birth day of my second was so calm, we knew what to expect. To be honest there were a few complications but nothing crazy. I found myself a bit more nervous the second time around. It was different experience than our first but still positive overall. I had a few people make somewhat negative comments about going the section route the second time around but so many factors played into our decision. Both my son and daughter are completely healthy, we bonded perfectly fine. We achieved the desired outcome of having healthy babies and I made it through just fine as well and that’s all that matters. Best of luck with your family’s new adventure!

    1. thanks so much elese! i’m so happy to hear everything went well for you. i totally agree that healthy babies are the most important thing! 🙂

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